boy spyce songs

Boy Spyce: Biography, Age, Songs

Boy Spyce: Biography, Age, Songs


Boy Spyce Biography, Age, Songs, News

Boy Spyce Biography 

Born Ugbekile David Osemeke but professionally known as Boy Spyce. Boy Spyce is a singer/songwriter signed to Mavins Records. Boy spyce was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Ugbekile from Benin, Edo State Nigeria. Although he was born and raised in Lagos State Nigeria.

Boy Spyce Age

He was born on May 10th, 2001. He is 21 years old. He is the last born of seven children. 

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Rise To Fame: How Boy Spyce became popular 

Boy Spyce’s love for music started when he was just nine years old and he used to watch his older stepbrother who was a musician compose and write songs with his band members.

boy spyce biography

Boy Spyce

This process of creating music captivated him and he fell in love with song writing. He started writing songs and showing them to his brother who encouraged him to continue. 

In secondary school, his friends pushed him to perform one day in front of the whole school with a capacity of about two thousand students.

Boy spyce says this was where the journey really began as he gained confidence and realized he wanted to do music as a career. 

After secondary school, he started dropping a lot of covers and freestyles of different super star artists in Nigeria on social media.

Kizz Daniel reposted one of this covers on his instagram stories and told people to check him out.

This was where Mavins records boss Don Jazzy first noticed him. Don Jazzy sent Boy Spyce a message on Christmas day hailing him for his work.

Boy spyce said he cried when he saw the message, he felt it was a special Christmas gift to him.  He linked up with Don Jazzy in January 2020 and proceeded to join the Mavins records academy.

The Mavins records academy is where Mavins trains their potential artists on how to handle the music industry, finding the right sound, building a personality, etc.

it’s basically where they nurture budding talents into global superstars as seen with Rema and Ayra Starr. Graduates are eventually signed to the record label. 

boy spyce songs

Boy spyce said the academy allowed him find his sound and taught him how to keep relationships with people and work with a team.

He also learned how to make beats and hopes to produce his own song one day.

Whilst in the academy, Boy spyce, due to inactiveness on social media for a long period of time decided to post a cover so that people would know he was still doing music.

He made a cover to Wizkid’s global smash hit ‘Essence’. The cover went viral and boosted his social media followings and people started to demand that he release his own music. This was how Boy Spyce became popular 

All this happened and people did not even know he was already in the Mavins academy.

On the 14th of April, 2022. Boy spyce graduated from the academy after two years and got unveiled as a Mavins artist.

He also released his debut project, a self-titled E.P containing 5 tracks with the lead single nobody. The Boy Spyce E.P would eventually climb to no 1 on the apple music charts in less than 12 hours of release. 



boy spyce biography

Boy Spyce/Nobody

Boy spyce spots a tinted low haircut but he is occasionally seen in durags too.

He is always seen in brightly coloured baggy clothes and he is definitely bold with his fashion choices, whether it be looking dapper in a dashing pink suit or slaying in short shorts.

Boy Spyce “Folake” Lyrics

He describes himself as a fashion model and makes it a point of his to slay every look.

Boy spyce has a pet rabbit whose name is unknown for now.

The rabbit is seen in some of his videos and pictures. It was also on the album cover for the ‘Boy Spyce E.P’.

He says he loves rabbits because they best describe his brand. His fans are also called ‘bunnies’. 

Boy spyce sees himself as determined young business man, he wants to use his music platform to achieve his other goals and dreams like acting, modelling and tech.

He wants to leave a legacy and wants to impact lives during his time. Boy spyce loves his personal space and says he has no time for fake love or fake friends.

He also pays no attention to haters and would rather acknowledge those who show him real love.



He has already had his first official collaboration with the Mavins all-star crew on a song called Overdose featuring Don Jazzy, Ayra Starr, Crayon, Ladipoe, Magixx and Boy Spyce.

The song which was released as part of the celebrations of Mavins 10th year anniversary has gone on to top charts everywhere and giving Boy Spyce his first no 1 single.

We should expect him to be on more songs featuring any of the Mavins artists as the long awaited Mavins album is due to drop this year.

It was announced that he would be on Falz’s fifth studio album ‘Bahd’.

There aren’t any other known collaborations with Boy Spyce known at this time.


boy spyce

He used to make covers and freestyles of popular songs by some of the biggest artists like Davido, Wizkid etc. and post them on social media.

Some of these went viral and for a while before his official unveiling he became ‘that guy that always posts dope freestyles on Instgram’.

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Boy Spyce Songs

1) Weather for two

2) Smile 

3) Dreams 

4) Bad things

5) Wayo 

6) Nobody 

7) Destiny 

8) Overdose 

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Here is a review of Boy Spyce EP

Boy Spyce EP contains songs that have thoughtful lyrics. It addresses contemporary issues in such a practical way. Even the love songs on Boy Spyce Ep have such unique lyrics that make them sound original. The passionate delivery with which Boy Spyce delivers the EP increases its replay value. It is obvious he doesn’t try to over impress. Indeed, Boy Spyce is the whole-package deal.

There are no bad songs on Boy Spyce Ep. The standout records are ‘Nobody”, “Dreams”, and “Bad things”.

Boy Spyce may be young, but the amount of wisdom and maturity he displayed with the lyrics on the songs of Boy Spyce Ep, shows that he is a true artist.

Age is not a barrier to being a good singer, and Boy Spyce is proof of that!


On dreams, Boy Spyce exemplifies that people have different dreams, and that no one should force anyone to be what they don’t want to.

There are some that education suits well and they know that the best way for them to make it in life is through education.

Boy Spyce makes an example with himself by saying he knows how to sing and write songs, and he is not overwhelmed by what other people are saying.

He didn’t go to university because he knows what he wants and he went after it.

Boy Spyce also show with dreams that people should support each other’s dreams. He shows this by asking his friend to call him when he gets to his destination.

“Hit me on the phone when you don reach Greece”


After Bad things, nobody has the highest replay value.

One may wonder why it came last.

But then, it was probably to make listeners listen to Boy Spyce EP again.

Nobody has the catchiest chorus ever and this makes it such an amazing song.

It’s the catchy chorus that Boy Spyce puts on Nobody that makes it a song that stands out on Boy Spyce Ep.

Nobody is a song that can be played at weddings.

It is the perfect song. It has the best lyrics.

Boy Spyce puts a lot into this track. He sounds so real on this track and the truth in his voice makes Nobody a track that listeners will listen to most on the Boy Spyce EP.

Imagine when he says:

“Love won’t work if your heart doesn’t beat”









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