Nigerian students build Coronavirus care robot

Nigerian students build Coronavirus care robot

Students from the robotics team at the Glisten international academy in Abuja, Nigeria have created a Coronavirus care robot named ‘MAIROBOT’.

The robot would transport medicine for patients and allow medical workers communicate with them via a webcam and screen. It could also take temperature of patients by scanning their faces. In the future, it is hoped that it would help treat Covid-19 remotely.

In a report done by Abraham Achirga of Reuters, he stated that the robot is a remote controlled cabinet on wheels decked out with a vibrant floral pattern. The team working on the robot said they are currently working on the upgrade of ‘MAIROBOT’ .

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Currently, for ‘MAIROBOT’ to operate effectively, the hospital room doors have to be opened so the robot could come into it. It could also carry medications which would be self-administered by patients under the guidance of nurses.

Nabila Abbas, one of the major creators, said “I hope MAIROBOT can curb and reduce the risk that health personnel get- I want health workers to be safer’

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Check out the demonstration of the robot in the video below

Article source: Reuters


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  1. This is really nice, we hope so too. It’s saddening losing health personnel who did everything to save lifes to the same thing they are saving us from.

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