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Naira Marley “Vawulence” lyrics

Naira Marley “Vawulence” lyrics

Naira Marley Vawulence lyrics

Here is Vawulence lyrics by Naira Marley

🎤Artist: Naira Marley

🎶Song: Vawulence

📀Genre: Talk Rap

Naira Marley Vawulence lyrics

This is crazy
Oh, yeah

{Verse 1: Naira Marley}
Turn a Q to a ounce (Ounce)
Turn a ounce to a nine (Nine)
And the nine turned to a box (Box)
And the box came with a strap (Strap)
Strap came in the box (Box)
The gun’s real, not props (Props)
Put your main man in a box (Box)
Fuck around, get got (Got)

{Chorus: Naira Marley}
We the kids your mama warned you about
(We’re violent)
What the fuck you really talking ’bout?
(Gangster move in silence)
OTR, you know I’m on the run
(Fuck the trident)
We the kids your mama warned you about
(Nigga, we’re violent)

{Verse 2: Naira Marley}
And I stay on my gang shit
Big dick energy, big dick bandit
When we pull up, that’s tragic
Caught three ones yеah, that’s a hat trick
Violate, get quick responsе (Yeah-yeah)
Dem no say Toys”R”Us (Uh-uh)
Dem no want war with us

If put the whistle on it,
you won’t hear no noise
All you hear is
You didn’t hear shit, right?
Get the job done right
Top striker, nuh miss and shoot with right

{Chorus: Naira Marley}
We the kids your mama warned you about
(We violent)
What the fuck you really talking about?
(Gangster move in silence)
OTR, you know I’m on the run
(Fuck the trident)
We the kids your mama warned you about,
(Nigga, I’m violent)

{Verse 3: Naira Marley}
Turn a mansion to a bando (Bando)
Turn amapiano to a gang song (Gang song)
I’m the nigga you can count on
AK, Tech, MAC, no laptop (Ah)
They try ride, dey crash, dey dash, I laugh
Who’s that? See a opp, reverse
Work rate mad, I should man of the match
How many man have I put underground?

Shoot in Amiri like kayflock
How many man have we sent to baba, God?
Ah, let’s mind the business that pay us
I’ll send Kickz to your door like ASOS
Let me explain why they hate us
Never mind, dem full of shit like anus, uh
L’s for London and Lagos
P’s for Peckham and F’s for famous

{Chorus: Naira Marley & BackRoad Gee}
We the kids your mama warned you about
What the fuck you really talking ’bout?
OTR you know I’m on the run (OTR, OTR, OTR)
We the kids your mama warned you about
(Tools up, tools up, tools up)

{Verse 4: BackRoad Gee}
When it’s war, separate the boys
from men (Skrrt)
Outside there’s no friends,
only brothers over here
Real steppas over here
Brick boys over here
Drug dealers over here

Boy, stay over there
I’ma slap him, attack him
On a Vandam ting, them kids can’t hack it
OTR, free the guys can’t play with us, why?
Cah shh got bun
More action, less chatting

Need more woosh for the splatterin’s
Like my boy said, “Cha pon dem”
Whaum to them?
Vroom-skrrt, we there in a sec
I’m the kid you’re mum warned you about
Outside ain’t safe, boy hold it down
King Brukutu, I’m live in the flesh
When **** got shot, I was there

This is crazy

That’s Vawulence lyrics by Naira Marley

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Song glibs

It is unclear what exactly most of the glibs in Nara Marley’s Vawulence talks about. But the one thing that is clear is that this is a diss track.

Naira Marley disses those that are trying to hold him down and those that are desperately trying to backbite him with every opportunity they get.

For Naira Marley, Vawulence will be the answer to that, and not the usual cool “forgive them” stuff that always happens. This may be the reason he recorded the Vawulence song.

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Naira Marley Vawulence lyrics speaks majorly on how he has a Vawulence because of faith in himself and how far he has come.

Examining Naira Marley Vawulence lyrics indicates that he says he doesn’t need to form a gangster because his name and his talent precedes him.

Vawulence lyrics

Also, Naira Marley Vawulence lyrics address the amount of confidence he has because he doesn’t believe the wrong things people say about him, and the fact that he has delivered a number of hits in his career has proven that.

To an extent, Naira Marley Vawulence lyrics makes the song all about confidence

It speaks on how much Naira Marley has made of himself and now, he has Vawulence because he has put in a lot and he is getting that same Energy back.

Naira Marley Vawulence lyrics are actually suitable for the song.


Vawulence Lyrics is what makes it relatable.

Naira Marley Vawulence really drives home the point of how being successful comes with an energy that radiates around you and causes you to be so confident about yourself. I mean, hear when Naira Marley says “Anywhere I sit, it’s already a throne”.

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Naira Marley Delivers Vawulence with a conviction that he has the power and respect to sing a song like this and not be laughed at.

I mean, Naira Marley has every right to sing this song. He’s had a considerable number of hits in his career.

His delivery also stems from the fact that he needed to sound really convincing to tell people that he really has that Vawulence .

Replay Value

If there’s something about this song, it’s its replay value. Vawulence lyrics make it have a good replay value.

Naira Marley Vawulence lyrics

The delivery is also on point and we appreciate that the song is TikTok worthy.

It has a very catchy hook and the rap is amazing. What really makes Vawulence replay able is the “Vawulence , Me I got Vawulence ”. That part really makes the song.

Stream Vawulence by Naira Marley on YouTube here

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