yemi alade my man video

“My Man” Video: Yemi Alade releases sizzling visuals

Yemi Alade releases sizzling visuals for My Man Video 

Yemi Alade My Man Video

Yemi Alade premiered the video for the visuals of her first single of the year “My Man” and it looks good!

Stream below:

Video Concept

Although Yemi Alade’s My Man was off to a slow start initially, it picked up when some sizzling scenes of Yemi Alade and a hot looking guy were serenading each other.

The Music Video for Yemi Alade’s My Man complements the song to an extent that it becomes impossible not to reconcile the theme of My Man with the video concept

my man video yemi alade

Mixing and Production

The mixing and Production of Yemi Alade’s my man fits the song perfectly and makes the song a pleasant listen, especially by allowing their voices to rise above the mix and be heard perfectly and not blend with the mix. It makes the song lyrics stand out.



Yemi Alade and Kranium’s delivery on My Man Video is amazing. They deliver the video well, although Kranium’s delivery on the song could have been better, Yemi Alade compliments his delivery with an even more passionate one.


Replay Value

Yemi Alade’s My Man video has an amount of replay value because of its catchy phrase of “My Man and the sizzling romantic scenes with the hot guy she featured in the video.

music video of my man by yemi alade

Flaw (s)

It would seem that the major flaw with this video is that there were some takes that could have been cut out.

There some scenes in Yemi Alade’s My Man video that were unnecessary and could have been complimented with better choreography.



Yemi Alade’s My Man video is relatable. We always want those we are in relationship with to take care of us in the best ways possible and Yemi Alade’s my man shows this. So yes, Yemi Alade’s My Man Video is relatable



The lyrics of Yemi Alade’s My Man sounds appropriate enough for the song and establish that she is truly invested in him because not only would she do everything for him, he would do the same thing for him.

In his lyrics for “My Man”, where Kranium bridges the theme of Yemi Alade’s My man to “My Woman”, he says she would eagerly do everything for him and he would too.

The lyrics of Yemi Alade’s My man is okay, but it could have been better in the sense that the lyrics sound simple to a point. It sounds like something you hear every day; about giving salary and doing everything for themselves.

It would have been better if more interesting lyrics had been added to Yemi Alade’s My Man. Meanwhile, the lyrics of Yemi Alade’s MY man still serves the song.

A kudos is the repeated catchphrase of “My Man”. It makes the song sound memorable and makes you remember that and repeat it anytime you want to remind the song.


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