Khaid Jolie lyrics

Khaid “Jolie” Lyrics

Khaid Jolie Lyrics

Here is Jolie Lyrics by Khaid


🎤Artist: Khaid

🎶Song: Jolie

📀Genre: Afro R&B

Khaid Jolie Lyrics

Uh uh uh
Burst my head

Jolie Jolie
Baby we for dey relationship
I try convince
Baby tell me say no vacancy
I don notice say you wan dey do me wait and see
But God forbid
Baby contemplate my faji

She say over over
My body Wait for you for corner
Dey for my life
You no get asunder
Any man ponder, fire am thunder

Say over over
My body Wait for you for corner
Dey for my life
You no get asunder
Any man ponder, fire am thunder

Jolie Jolie
Jolie carry body ah
I call police
Say baby body sweet pass vanilla
I don notice


That’s Jolie Lyrics by Khaid


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Khaid Jolie lyrics are used to highlight how Khaid falls head over heels in love with a lady and she broke his heart. Khaid uses Jolie lyrics to show how he fell in love with another lady but now he has trust issues.

To some extent, Jolie lyrics by Khaid shows how guys can’t sometimes get over their heart getting broken and they just can’t trust anyone they find themselves in a relationship with even if the person is faithful.

Khaid Jolie lyrics point to this. There is the problem of trust because of past heartbreak experience and Jolie lyrics bring this out.

Khaid Jolie lyrics explains why he just can’t believe the lady no matter how hard he tries to. At this point, we can argue that Jolie lyrics by Khaid is used to explain how he is guarding his heart from any lady that wants to break it

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Before we start making judgments, it may seem that Khaid Jolie lyrics do expatiate something that really exists, and the lyrics make the song more reasonable.

So yes, Jolie lyrics by Khaid are highly suitable for the song.



Khaid delivers Jolie with an amount of passion coupled with experience.

Jolie lyrics by Khaid

It may really be that Khaid is singing this song with the experience of having his heart broken several times- this is what most singers do most of the time too. Like Burna Boy’s Last Last. In Khaid’s case, his issue is trust, and we can easily decipher that through Jolie lyrics.

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Khaid’s Jolie is as relatable as it can get. It is often said that women are usually more forgiving to guys that they are in a new relationship with even if their heart has been broken before. However, Khaid uses Jolie lyrics to show that the case is not the same with guys

They get to a point where they reach the peak and they don’t want to give their heart to anyone because they are trying hard not to fall in love with anybody else. It doesn’t get better, and Jolie lyrics prove this.

Jolie lyrics by Khaid

Khaid tries to explain with Jolie Lyrics that he is desperately trying to believe the lady and love her too, but he can’t bring himself to do it.


Replay Value

Jolie lyrics, as well as the delivery and Relatability all contribute to the replay value. Can we applaud Khaid Jolie lyrics once more? It really makes the song a vibe!

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It’s hard to find a flaw with this song. Jolie lyrics and the theme, is what makes it not just any other heartbreak and trust-issue song. It stands out. The fact that Khaid does not make the song about enjoying Jolie with his lover is what makes the song unique. Jolie lyrics, the delivery, everything seems to be on point.


Shekoni Suleimon Abiola also known as Khaid is a 17 year old musical artist from Ojo, Lagos state.

He is currently signed to Neville records owned by popular comedian and influencer Sydney talker.

He is an upcoming artist in Nigeria who was named ‘Khaid’ by Sydney Talker because he wanted something simple, different and catchy.

Khaid is the first ever artist signed to Neville records. Khaid was a former mechanic and he used to drop freestyles on social media before he got discovered by Sydney talker.

His hit track with you which topped charts everywhere was his first ever recorded song released which shows his immense talent.

Khaid wishes to go back to school soon to study Fine Arts. He wants to work with Made Kuti, Rema, Ruger and Blaqbonez.

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