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Official Lyrics Chart | Hot 10 Lyrics

Official Lyrics Chart | Hot 10 Lyrics

Official Lyrics Chart | Hot 10 Lyrics

Here are The Top ten most searched Lyrics which consist of The Official Lyrics Chart. The Official Lyrics Chart is updated every week.


Official Lyrics Chart: Week of January 23, 2023

The Most Searched Song Lyrics this week.
☆Points are search views
1Official Lyrics ChartSosoOmah Lay6,226 points2 Weeks at No 1
2Official Lyrics ChartWon Da Mo Mavin4,246 points4 Weeks ↔️
3Official Lyrics ChartPeopleLibianca 3,020 points 2 Weeks ⬆️ (☆)
4Official Lyrics ChartAsiwajuRuger2,022 points 4 Weeks ⬆️
5Official Lyrics ChartLast LastBurna Boy1,636 points4 Weeks ⬇️
6Official Lyrics ChartRushAyra Starr 1,632 Points4 Weeks ⬇️
7Official Lyrics ChartCalm Down RemixRema, Selena Gomez 1,375 points4 Weeks ⬇️
8Official Lyrics ChartAbracadabra Rexxie, Naira Marley, Skiibii1,134 PointsNew: (1 Week)
9Official Lyrics ChartOverdose Mavin1052 points3 Weeks ⬇️
10The Scoove Africa lyrics chartDaddy Wey Dey Pamper Moses Bliss 8134 Weeks ↔️


About The Official Lyrics Chart

Official Lyrics Chart is a chart board launched by The Scoove Africa on January 1, 2023, to rank the most searched song lyrics on the website. Song lyrics are ranked based on their search views. These “Search views” are referred to as ‘Points” on the official Lyrics Chart.

The song lyrics with the highest number of points tops the chart and is followed by the song lyrics with the next highest number of points.

Official Lyrics Chart

The Official Lyrics Chart is calculated based on the number of search views a song lyrics generates within a week of its tracking. This means a song lyrics cannot appear on the Official Lyrics Chart unless it has been tracked for a week on The Scoove Africa.


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