Kcee ojapiano lyrics

Kcee “Ojapiano” lyrics

Kcee Ojapiano lyrics

Here is Ojapiano lyrics by Kcee


Kcee Ojapiano lyrics

Kcee-e, Limpopo-o-o
Jaysynth (Bring out the fire)

{Instrumental Break}

{Verse 1}
E no easy to only wise oh
Na who dey lead be strong man oh
See as dem dey look oh
All eye on me like Tupac oh
I give them Balenciaga, Richard Mille
I too bad oh
I no dey for your chit chat oh
Carry your matter dey go TikTok oh
My gentle dey zongo o oh
I no dey look back oh

Kcee-e, Limpopo-o-o (Oja, oja)
Oja, oja


{Verse 2}
Nne you go see commando oh oh
When I land oh
Nne you go see commando oh oh
I don land oh
Nne you go see commando oh oh
When we land oh
Nne you go see commando oh oh
We don land oh
Agu, agu, agu

Kcee-e, Limpopo-o-o (Oja, oja)
Oja, oja

Nba ana ba ra Agu
Ochendo, ochendo
Nwaanayo Eze ona consider
Kelе rem E-money
Nwataanayo ezе

That’s Ojapiano lyrics by Kcee


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Kcee Ojapiano lyrics talks about how he is a calculative person and he finds it funny that people think they are the smart ones and they think others are slow. Kcee Ojapiano also explores how he puts things in order that he doesn’t want to face so many complications in life. Therefore, he Ojapianos his life.

Ojapiano lyrics by Kcee discusses how he need to view other people from our own perspective. If we are making moves, then other people are definitely making moves and we should stop believing that we are the smartest people in the room. This is what Kcee Ojapiano lyrics talks about. In fact, Kcee uses Ojapiano to point to the fact that he is indeed smarter than  other people and smarter than people think he is because not only does he know what he is doing, he is a calculative person.


Also, Kcee Ojapiano lyrics points to how he knows how to deal with himself and his career by making plans and having it figured out. To an extent, he finds that people thin he is a person that does thing randomly and he finds this funny. This then comes with various unsolicited advice that people give him because they think they are the wisest and therefore in the position to give out unsolicited wisdom.



Kcee is a song performer and feel his delivery on this song even though there is so much extra effort to make the song spectacular. The flutes on the amapiano beat is so traditional and sounds so much nostalgic. We can’t get enough of it and it is not surprising that the song is making waves already. It sounds so unique and it might even become a new sub-genre called “Igbo-piano” or as Kcee has called it “Ojapiano”

Ojapiano lyrics



Kcee’s Ojapiano is relatable because life is full of people who think they have that deep knowledge and wisdom that makes them better than other people. This is honestly really annoying sometimes because the fact that we don’t show off or showcase our won wisdom does not mean they are better than us. But then, they think they are wiser than us given that there are people that find their wisdom useful.

Kcee says they should separate him from those who want to control him because he just doesn’t go down like that


Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo, better known as Kcee, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. He was formerly in the Hip Hop duo group called Kc Presh.

He is from Amaputu in Uli in Ihiala local government area in Anambra State Nigeria. He currently has a record deal with Five Star Music. He worked with Del B, a record producer known for producing Kcee’s popular song “Limpopo”.

He is the elder brother to E-money.

Kcee and his longtime partner and friend Presh played as a duo for 12 years. They met in a church choir, were in the choir together till both entered for the Star Quest TV reality show together and won the show. Their work together as music partners gave them both a few recognition until 2011 when they split, both chasing their own careers quite separately. Kcee released “Sweet Mary J” which was his first single in 2020.

Kcee is the recipient of Two Headies award: Song of the year for his hit song “Limpopo” (2013) and Hip Hop Word Revelation in 2014

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