How to Audition for BB Naija Season 7 (2022)
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How to Audition for BB Naija Season 7 (2022)


Here is how to audition for BB Naija season 7

Everyone’s favorite reality TV show, Big Brother Naija aka BBN is finally back for a brand new season. With the organizers Africa magic and Multichoice announcing on their social media pages how to audition for BBNaija season 7.

As usual it became a trending topic as people of different ages and socio-economic classes jostle to make it into big brother’s house.

But as is common with this time of the year, many rumors fly around on how big brother picks its contestants with many swindlers trying to take advantage of the craze for the show and rip unknowing people of their hard earned money.

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It is because of this that we have compiled this list of how to audition for BB Naija season 7

how can I audition for bb naija season 7

However big brother has said that it only accepts people through auditions and released a video on how to aspiring contestant of the audition for BBNaija season 7. The video contains the right procedures and steps you should follow on how to audition for BB Naija season 7.


Here is how to audition or BB Naija season 7

  1. Log onto
  2. Upload a 3 minute video
  3. In the 3- minute video, you are to tell BB Naija who you are
  4. State what’s unique about you
  5. Mention your favorite things
  6. Describe how you grew up and how it has shaped you.
  7. Talk briefly about your likes, dislikes, close friends and family
  8. Note that the auditions are FREE and begins 15th of May and closes 30th of May. You must also be at least 21 years of age to apply.

These are the steps on how to audition for BB Naija season 7

how to audition bb Naija 2022

How to audition for BB Naija season 7 and get picked

Here is how to audition for BB Naija Season 7 and get picked

  1. Be authentic as much as possible
  2. Look your best in your video
  3. Present your achievements in a subtle manner
  4. Prove that you are an interesting person
  5. Try to input how you are going to be unique on the show 

Those are the steps on how to audition for BB Naija season 7 and get picked. However, input these steps along with the required questions and not separately as they won’t need the extra information you give apart from the ones they asked.

How much is BB Naija Season 7 Audition?

BB Naija Season 7 Audition is completely free

how to register for bb naija 2022

How much is BB Naija Season 7 form?

BB Naija Season 7 Form is only #4,000

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If you are new to the party and you don’t know what BB Naija is, then keep on reading.

BB Naija is a Nigerian reality competition television series based on the Big Brother television franchise which originally aired in the Netherlands.

It has gone on to become one of the biggest and most followed reality TV show in Nigeria and Africa since it first aired in 2006. Since then, there have been six seasons aired.

The show involves a number of contestants called ‘housemates’ chosen by big brother who live together in an large house that is isolated from the rest of the world for a duration that is usually between 70-100 days.

This is after they’ve auditioned for BB Naija. These housemates are cut off from their friends and family and their electronic gadgets.

Their activities are constantly monitored by cameras placed all over the big brother mansion and broadcast live to the audience.

They are not left to wander aimlessly though, a faceless male domineering voice whose name is big brother or simply ‘biggie’ guides the housemates through their activities and tasks for each day throughout the housemates stay in the house.

Once in the house, the housemates have to come up with different strategies on how to win the fans love and remain in the house for as long as possible.

Every Monday, there is a live nomination show where the housemates nominate one another for possible eviction. The housemates with the highest number of votes are put up for eviction and then the voting lines open for the fans to vote who’d they would like to see remain in the house.

The housemates with the least votes are then evicted from the big brother house during the live eviction show on Sundays. It should be noted that this nomination and eviction style varies depending on what the producers of the show have in mind.

The housemates spend most of the week completing tasks and arena games given to them by biggie. One of which is the weekly wager task; this is a task where the housemates bet a percentage of their wager- food, drinks, snacks and other things needed to survive in the house whilst trying to complete the task given to them by biggie.

If they complete the task successfully, then they win the percentage of the wager they bet, if not, they lose the percentage they bet.

Another is the head of house game, the housemates compete amongst themselves in game of chance and the winner gets proclaimed the head of house.

The HOH gets a separate room equipped with amenities not available to the rest of the house. Most times the head of house is usually safe from eviction for the duration of his/her reign.

He or She also acts as a direct link between the housemates and big brother.

Other tasks are also organized by brand sponsors in the course of the week. This is usually a good time for the housemates to win some cash for themselves.

And at least avoid going home empty handed.

The weekend usually leads up to fun and parties.

The Saturday night party is always looked forward to by the housemates as it serves as an avenue to de-stress after what might have been a tough week.

There’s a lot of booze available during the parties, and housemates take pleasure in whipping up different cocktails and turning up to the best of African songs being played by the DJ invited for the week.

Impeccable fashion is also always on display, as each week there is a different theme for the party and each housemate strive to look their best.

They also get sent fashion pieces from brands sponsoring the show.

The diary session is the time set aside for each housemate to have private conversations with biggie. He gets to ask them about their day and their activities in the house.

It’s also when in the diary room the housemates make nominations.

Sometimes celebrity guests are brought from outside the house to have chats with the housemates on topics such as how to handle fame, getting the right manager etc. although these visits have become limited in recent seasons due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Biggie’s house is always full of twists and turns, it’s the thrill of these that keep fans glued to their TV sets for days.

You can never really predict what biggie does next whether it be bringing in new housemates weeks after the original ones had entered the house or planting fake housemates in the house.

On the final day, the housemate with the highest votes emerges the winner and takes home the grand prize which was about 90 million naira worth of prizes last year. There’s no consolation prize for the runner up.



The thrill and excitement of being in big brother’s house appeals to many young people, many people just want to audition for BB Naija into the BB Naija house and have fun and meet new people, according to them if they end up winning the prize money, it’s just a plus.

A shot at fame and stardom

BB Naija has such a huge following that no matter how long you stay in the house, you are sure to become very famous, at least on social media.

To advance in career

Since big brother is not only watched by normal fans but by brands, entertainment companies etc. people who make it into big brother’s house use it as a platform to showcase their talents. Some of the biggest stars in the Nigerian entertainment industry came from big brother e.g. Bisola Aiyeola and Erica Nlewedim in the movie industry and Laycon in the music industry.


This is usually no 1 on everyone’s list. The Big Brother Naija prize money is very large and in a country like Nigeria where things aren’t so smooth, no wants to pass up on a chance to win a life changing sum of money.


Believe it or not people come into the Big Brother Naija house to find love, in every edition there have been really strong couples who went on to date outside the house and a pair of them actually got married and have kids now.

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