Rumours! Funke Akindele and JJC’s marriage is fine
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Rumours! Funke Akindele and JJC’s marriage is fine

Funke Akindele’s marriage is fine

Throughout the past week, news outlets have made it their sole duty to announce the supposed turbulence in Funke Akindele’s marriage to JJC Skillz. However, it appears every of those news are false

Here is why

Taking to his Instagram page, JJC Skilz put up a photo to announce that he was away from Lagos currently and that he missed his wife and twin kids badly.

He put up a lovely photo of his wife and twin kids with the most amazing caption ever.

Funke akindele and jjc skillz
Source: JJC/Instagram

This was JJC Skillz’s subtle way of proving that his marriage to Funke Akindele was very much intact.

In the hashtag above, he commented “Devil is a liar”, “Bellos 4 ever”

It is not surprising that news outlets have eagerly reported on Funke Akindele’s marriage by saying it was about to hit the rocks.

Apparently, a controversial blogger by the name of Cutie Juls had started the news about Funke Akindele’s marriage based on rumours he heard.

He said:

“According to sources in Nigeria and majority in London, Funke and JJC Skillz’ marriage is going tbrough some hardtimes to the extend that Funke reacting in anger verbally told JJC Skillz “Leave my house”

Sources present when the heated argument happened in their Amen Estate home quoted Funke saying “O ko owo mi je” when they tried calming her down.

Our source told us Funke Akindele has boldly  accused Abdul Bello of squandering money which she did not agree to as the largest owner of company.

We are not sure if this has anythinh to do with the apartment Abdul allegedly rented somewhere in Lagos.

Skillz since left Lagos for London maybe to cool down and also give his darling wife some space to calm dowm also.

Our london Sources close to Skillz have also said that Skillz sorted to plan B cuz Funke has been “controlling” which Abdul has been tolerating all these years but it keeps getting worse

Hmmm.. at this moment, all is not perfectly well between Baba Ibeji and Iya Ibeji.

funke akindele jjc skillz
Funke Akindele, JJS Skillz

This same way, was how popular Yoruba Nollywood actress- Yewande Adekoya, was said to have driven her husband out because of his bad habits.

The actress came out on Instagram to announce that her marriage was fine and that whatever matters she had with her husband was private.

She also said people should stop dragging her husband on social media platforms.

Likewise, the news about Funke Akindele’s marriage is so false because not only did she celebrate her husband for his birthday, JJC Skillz also posted a video of his son praying for him before he departed from Lagos.

This showed that their marriage was very much fine before JJC skillz left Lagos.

In fact, in the video, JJC Skillz praised his wife- Funke Akindele, for imparting the prayer culture into their lives, the lives of their kids and also their marriage.

It is very disappointing that news outlets and bloggers took to their platforms to eagerly feast on these rumours and feed them to the ever ready public who are also eager to see celebrity marriages crash.

funke akindele marriage to jjc skillz
Funke Akindele


Funke Akindele’s marriage appears to be intact, and not only has she not spoken about it, she has taken to her page to post her normal business affairs and celebrate other people’s birthday while ignoring people’s claims about her marriage.

Meanwhile, people have said a lot of mean things about Funke Akindele’s marriage.

A lot of users said the reason their marriage is hitting the rocks is that JJC Skillz moved into Funke’s home in Amen Estate.

Most of  the users commented that it was inappropriate for a man to move into a woma’s house no matter who she is or no matter how big she is.

This, they noted, is why she has more power than her husband and asked him to leave their house.

Apparently, several news outlets have also reported on Funke Akindele’s marriage by saying that her stepson said she was a horrific person who maltreated her husband and her family.

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This was also far from the truth because the said stepson was happily seen snapping pictures with Funke Akindele on his birthday.

Also, Funke Akindele has been seen several times hanging out with her husband’s kids- her step children on family occasions and on organised hangouts.

It is therefore far from the truth, that Funke Akindele’s marriage is crashing.

It is also false that she is a bad person who couldn’t harbour her husband’s children because she has a close relationship with these children.

All these proves that Funke Akindele’s marriage is fine and people have done their best to exploit the absence of her husband as an interpretation that her marriage is crashing.

Funke Akindele got married to JJC Skillz in 2016 and they have two kids together. She is also the maker of Omo Ghetto the Saga- the highest grossing nollywood film ever.

funke akindele marriage news
Funke Akindele Bello

According to a statement, broadcast by the Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN), in January 2021, the movie grossed N468,036,300 after maintaining its number one spot for 3 consecutive weeks

Funke Akindele plays the lead character in the ongoing hit TV show Jenifa’s Diary, alongside Fisayo Ajisola, Falz, Juliana Olayode, and Aderounmu Adejumoke.

The show is a spin-off from the movie Jenifa. The 2018 comedy film Moms at War stars Funke Akindele and Omoni Oboli. In July 2019, Akindele started a new web series, Aiyetoro Town, a spinoff from her popular TV series, Jenifa’s Diary.She is the CEO of Scene One Film Production.

She made her directorial debut in the 2019 political drama film,Your Excellency.

Funke Akindele runs a non-governmental organization known as the Jenifa Foundation, which aims at providing young people with vocational skills.

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