“E Don Cast” Meaning by Burna Boy {Explained}

“E Don Cast” Meaning by Burna Boy {Explained}

E Don Cast Meaning


E Don Cast Meaning 

E don cast is a Nigerian slang to refer to someone that has been exposed, let down or deceived

E Don Cast Meaning imply that it doesn’t matter that Burna Boy is a celebrity. Heartbreak happens to people all the time and he is no exemption. Na everyone go chop breakfast.




E Don Cast Meaning speaks on two themes. 


Disappointment with People

E Don Cast Meaning spell out what he faces when people want to undermine him. He uses the lyrics of last last to show that while he may not be taking insults from people, even he is not exempt from “chopping” breakfast at last. 

Everyone is served breakfast last last and the way he has been so disappointed outlines E Don Cast Meaning.

This has him feeling so complicated and he has mood swings. This makes him feel really disappointed, in people, and his relationship with them.

So yes, E Don Cast Meaning depicts his disappointment with people and how in fact, he is not exempt from what life and people may throw at him

However, Burna Boy still uses E don cast meaning to show that he puts in a lot in his work. He puts in the energy and the disappointment he faces is not deserving but expected. This is what E Don Cast Meaning imply.


Disappointment in relationships

On the other part of Last Last song, Burna Boy uses last-last lyrics to express his heartbreak in a relationship.

Maybe he had all the ideas in his head because he did everything humanly possible to keep her. But based on the lyrics meaning of Last last by Burna Boy- sometimes, it doesn’t matter, because everyone will face what he has faced; and are in fact, facing it.

Now, he has to cry because he lost the love of his life and he is not willing to really let her go. This is what E Don Cast Meaning is based on at this other part of the song.



On Last last , Burna Boy sounds humane- not manly as men are said to face break-ups. He claims he had an accident because of his break-up and he doesn’t even know this could happen to him.

It is very surprising, but he takes it all in. He then records a song to share to the world and this makes Burna Boy’s Last last extremely relatable.

E Don Cast Meaning

We can connect with every ounce of the song because it is what everyone goes through and Burna Boy has just admitted that he went through the same thing.



As Burna Boy delivers last last, we feel and hear the truth in his voice and it registers on us. He delivers Last last with passion and an amount of personal pain because it might have actually been a song about the real breakup he had.

Burna Boy’s delivery on Last last suggests that even if he- a big celebrity still gets served breakfast”, then it means everyone will get served. This can be depicted through the lyrics of Last Last by Burna boy.

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Replay Value

The hook, and intro of Burna Boy’s last last, as well as the Relatability of the song, all contribute the replay value of the song.

Even Burna Boy’s last last lyrics contribute to its replay value- especially the lyrics of last last by Burna Boy.

The huge amount of Relatability on this song makes us want to play it all over again. It is indeed a bop.



Burna boy last last e don cast Meaning
Burna Boy

The major flaw with Burna Boy’s last last appears to be the mixing and production.

It was good that the mixing and production of Burna Boy’s last last allows for Burna Boy’s voice to dominate the mix, but the mixing and production is not spectacular at all.

It is so simple that it contributes literally nothing to the song other than taking a backseat and letting Burna Boy do all the work.


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With his fusion of dancehall, reggae, Afrobeat, and pop, Burna Boy emerged in the early part of the 2010s as one of Nigeria’s fastest-rising stars.

The LeriQ-produced 2012 single “Like to Party” proved to be his breakout track and paved the way for his full-length debut, L.I.F.E, a year later. Over the next five years, Burna released two more albums and collaborated with a variety of artists, from J Hus and Skales to Fall Out Boy and Lilly Allen.

His international exposure widened with 2018’s Outside, which hit number three on the Billboard Reggae chart and won the Nigeria Entertainment Award for Album of the Year. 2019’s African Giant and 2020’s Twice as Tall were both widely acclaimed and charted in several countries.

After becoming the first Nigerian to headline a show at Madison Square Garden, he released his sixth album, Love, Damini, in 2022. Burna Boy was born Damini Ogulu in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, in 1991. He began making music at just ten years old when a fellow classmate at school gave him a copy of the production software FruityLoops.

Armed with these means, he began to create his own beats on an old computer. After he graduated, he moved to London to attend university, but he dropped out after two years and moved back to Nigeria. In 2010, the 19-year-old Ogulu traveled to Nigeria’s southern coast, where a mutual acquaintance, producer LeriQ, had some studio space.

This marked a period when he began to connect to the music of his native country, having spent most of his youth immersed in American acts like DMX. He delved into the dancehall and reggae music his father listened to and explored the Afro-beat music preferred by his grandfather (who had also been Fela Kuti’s first manager).

As a result of his new discoveries, Ogulu created a confluence of genres that would become his signature sound. With production by LeriQ, Burna Boy created “Like to Party,” which marked his rise to prominence and generated a local buzz along the way. 2013 saw the release of his debut studio album; featuring guest slots from Wizkid, Timaya, 2face, and M.I., L.I.F.E drew favorable reviews from the music press.

For his sophomore effort, 2015’s On a Spaceship, Burna parted ways with both his record company and LeriQ, and delivered a record even more diverse than his first. In 2017, he teamed up with producer Juls for the single “Rock Your Body.” A host of singles followed throughout the year, including “GBA,” “Streets of Africa,” “Koni Baje,” and “Sekkle Down,” featuring J Hus.

After releasing the Lily Allen-aided single “Heaven’s Gate” in early January 2018, Burna delivered his third album, Outside, later that month.

He returned a year later with the single “Killin Dem,” a collaboration with Zlatan. Along with additional singles like “Dangote” and “On the Low,” it was later included on his fourth album, African Giant, which saw release in July 2019. The LP was nominated in the Best World Music Album category of the 62nd Grammy Awards.

In August 2020, Burna issued the full-length Twice as Tall, which became his highest charting album to date, reaching number 54 on the Billboard 200 and faring even better in Europe and Canada.

It went on to win a Grammy Award for Best Global Music Album. Featured on the album were guest appearances by Youssou N’Dour, Naughty by Nature, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, and others.

“Rotate,” a collaboration with Becky G, arrived in 2021, as did the solo single “Kilometre.” Burna performed a sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden in April 2022, becoming the first Nigerian artist to headline a show at the famed New York venue.

Led by the Toni Braxton-sampling hit “Last Last,” his sixth album, Love, Damini, was released on July 2, his 31st birthday

Credits: Bekki Bemrose, Rovi

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