Davido Timeless Album Review

Davido “Timeless” Album Review: Hits and Misses

Davido “Timeless” Album Review: Hits and Misses

Timeless is obviously Davido’s best album yet. Despite having 17 tracks, the replay value of the whole body of work is astounding. It seems as though anytime you come back to listen to it, you hear something you haven’t heard before.



  • Songwriting
  • Soul-baring theme
  • Album Direction
  • Tracklisting


  • Forced amapiano influence
  • Unnecessary use of collaborations on two tracks
  •  Wrong track selection in 2 instances


Davido Timeless Album Review: Track by Track review

Over Dem is the best album opener for Davido’s Timeless Album. It is the best solo track on this album and the best track. It has king-vibes and reassures that Davido is a legend. It is a song of reassurance that will resonate with listeners a lot. Kudos to Davido for making such a well thought record.

Feel has a very good chorus that makes it have a good replay value to a good extent. The major problem is, the amapiano beat does not make the song any better at all. It was unnecessary.

In the Garden is the second best song on Davido’s Timeless album. Whoever Morravey is, she is about to take on the Nigerian music industry. Her vocals are so heavenly and she seems to have good songwriting skills.

She also places her delivery well on the song in such a way that this song has the highest replay value besides “Over Dem”. She bodied Davido on this song so hard. Kudos to her making her debut with this amazing song. The “I’ll change your status” repetition made the song wholesome

Godfather’ is a song that sounds like it would talk about Davido’s big status as a record owner and a legend in African music. But it ends up talking about girls and enjoyment- that is, the level at which Davido enjoys himself. Still, Godfather is a satisfying listen.

Timeless Album review

Official Tracklist

Davido Timeless Album Review indicates that Unavailable ft. Musa Keys has quite the hook and chorus that makes the song catchy. It could inspire a TikTok challenge, but it is not the top three songs on this album. Also, Musa Keys is either a producer or he/she didn’t do a standout job as a singer on this track.

Bop ft Dexta Daps seals Timeless album as one that has no skips so far. Dexta Daps makes this record a really incredible record. But Bop might likely get ignored on this album because it is not the soulful romantic delivery that people are used to on an upbeat for a Davido song.

One would think E pain me would be a song about Davido’s pain and disappointments in life. But no one can force him to do that. Still, E pain me has a really good chorus that complements the songwriting and deep imagery Davido infers on the song.

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Away is such a good song that complements E pain me because they share the same soul-baring theme and vibe. Although Away has a greater Amapiano influence and also has a dancehall beat. 

Davido Timeless Album Review assumes that Precision is Davido’s attempt to make a song like Asake’s “Organize” or Burna Boy’s “Cloak and Dagger”. It is clear either of these songs didn’t influence Precision song because it is so different in lyrics. It is a song of gratitude instead. Its simplicity is what makes it a good enough listen.

Kante ft Fave is easily one of the best tracks on this song. Fave’s verse is charged with a nostalgic sound that sounds Jamaican. At one point, we think it is Tems singing. She uses dexterity to balance the track because Davido’s verse is not as spectacular until he delivers his famous “Big Waist, fine face” line”

Davido Timeless Album Review indicates that Na Money is the most disappointing song on Davido’s Timeless album. The replay value is relatively low because, as authentic as it attempted to sound, it ended like any other track people make with The Cavemen because it was meant to sound traditional. Also, Angelique Kidjo is not given enough verse on the song.

On “U” (Juju), we wonder what is actually special about this song that makes it deserve a Skepta feature. U shouldn’t have made the album and is conveniently a skip track. Unlike “Competition” which is easily the third best track on the album.

Davido carefully selected Asake to be on a hit song like this and Asake delivered without allowing the influence of his patterned sound to fuse with the song but becoming dynamic to suit Davido’s style on the song.

Picasso might not be a song for everyone. It sounds like what would easily pass for a Wizkid song, especially Logos Olori’s verse. It has that classic R&B vibe.

Davido Timeless Album Review points to the fact that LCND is that track we’ve been waiting for because of its similarity with Precision and Over Dem. Hearing Davido sing songs other than the ones that talk about Romance and a woman’s body is so enthralling. LCND, which means “Legends can never die” is one of the top tracks of the album.

Wrong tracklisting here; Champion Sound shouldn’t have come after LCND. It should have been the other way around. Champion Sound doesn’t almost suit the album, while it still fits in, it is not Album closer material at all.


Ranking the songs on Davido’s Timeless Album

  1. Over Dem
  2. In the Garden ft Morravey
  3. No Competition ft Asake
  4. LCND
  5. Kante ft Fave
  6. Champion Sound ft Focalistic
  7. Precision
  8. Godfather
  9. E pain Me
  10. Unavailable ft Musa Keys
  11. Bop ft Dexta Daps
  12. Away
  13. Picasso ft Logos Olori
  14. For the Road
  15. Feel
  16.  U(Juju) ft Skepta
  17. Na Money ft (The Cavemen, Angelique Kidjo)


Davido Timeless Album Review

Timeless is obviously Davido’s best album yet. Despite having 17 tracks, the replay value of the whole body of work is astounding. It seems as though anytime you come back to listen to it, you hear something you haven’t heard before.

The next best thing is the fact that it sounds like an actual body of work- like how an album is supposed to sound. Not just a couple of songs strung together like “A better Time”- Davido’s previous album. Davido’s evolving artistry cannot be denied.

However, the use of amapiano on some of the tracks were absolutely unnecessary. The album didn’t need that genre of production at all because it has that different vibe in terms of theme. The amapiano influence is forced to a large extent.

Davido Timeless Album Review

Another flaw is that there are some tracks that shouldn’t have made the album at all. It is even quite surprising that Stand Strong was not the closing song for the album.



Delivery: 1.7/2

Lyricism: 1.5/2

Mixing and Production: 1.4/2

Relatability: 1.8/2

Replay Value: 1.9/2


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