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Chloe Bailey and Chris Brown Collaboration: Americans can be hypocrites

Chloe Bailey just announced the second piece to her upcoming album “In Pieces”, and Twitter has been slamming, cursing and berating her because it features someone they say they hate so much and is cancelled- Chris Brown.



But we all know something about the fake outrage, it doesn’t have anything to do with Chloe’s new song, rather, with the fact that their righteous display of anger would always be there. But we know what they do after their outrage on Twitter.


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Is Chris Brown Really Cancelled?

Let’s start with Spotify. Chris Brown has over 54 million monthly listeners on Spotify currently, which is more than Beyoncé’s Spotify monthly listeners. The question then goes: If Chris Brown is really cancelled, why does he have more monthly Spotify Listeners than Beyoncé, one of the world’s most loved singers who recently released an album in August 2022?

Who are those listening to his songs? Why does his 2022 sleeper hit “Under the influence”, have close to 70o million streams? Why does he still have over 130 Million followers on Instagram?
The answers to these are not far-fetched.

People only choose to cancel someone when they feel they should be canceled. They go back to their rooms to listen to Chris Brown, and hop on TikTok to jump on the #Undertheinfluence challenge.

Nothing speaks hypocrisy more. The outrage would have been fair if Chris Brown had been a loser over the years.

But no, he recently just made history when he surpassed Elvis to have the most Gold Singles in history. Also, his Under the Influence tour is sold out in every city. So, why are people pretending like they have the power they do on social media?

Just because you have a Twitter account and some followers doesn’t mean your opinion carries weight or matters to a celebrity. The real world doesn’t work like that.

The bottom of the matter is, Chris Brown was absolutely wrong to hit Rihanna. However, not only has he apologized and paid for his crimes, Rihanna also forgave him as they collaborated afterwards.

Following Chloe and Chris Brown’s song Collaboration announcement, Brown himself has been replying the haters by proving that the cancelling doesn’t apply to white people/artists, and fans have been rallying to his support.


Chloe Bailey and Chris Brown Collaboration: The Double Standard

Since the incident, Brown has worked with numerous male artists including Drake and Wikzid. No outrage was raised then. Nobody said anything about the songs he made with these male artists which topped the charts for months.

Where was the outrage then?

Now, with Chloe and Chris Brown song Collaboration, hell would have to “freeze” over because God forbid women have anything to do with Chris Brown anymore. Besides, it is just a song, it’s not like they are dating or anything, an even if they were, it is still nobody’s business.

Now to Chloe Bailey.

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The Chloe Bailey hate is uncalled for

Following Chloe and Chris Brown song Collaboration announcement, someone said on Twitter that

  • Some Black Americans are the worst people on Twitter ever”.

The reason for this is not race at all, it is the manner in which they bully and pull down their own people, especially the female singers.

Chloe Bailey and Chris Brown collaboration

Singers like Normani have been bullied by Black Twitter just because she hasn’t released an album, Halle Bailey was bullied recently because her man is reportedly cheating on her. However, with Chloe Bailey, Black Twitter say they hate her for no reason. Or maybe now, they have found a reason to.

When Chloe Bailey went solo, everyone wanted to offer their piece of advice on how she should dress, what she should sing, who she should work with. But since she was doing what she actually wanted to do, everyone was mad at her because she didn’t fit into the box they created for her.
Bailey has been nothing but consistent and hardworking since going solo, releasing singles and nabbing movie roles here and there.

But Black Twitter knows she has potential, and they want to micromanage her and tell her what to do with her life.

They are also obsessed with her. Because they never seem to stop talking bad about her or following her every move. If they are so mad at her, her engagements on Social media would have dropped. But no, the obsession is real.

Besides, it wasn’t like they supported most of her recent singles- especially “Pray it Away”- a core R&B song that would resonate with what people wanted from her. Not only did they not support the song, it didn’t chart and hasn’t even made 3 million streams on YouTube.

Following Chloe and Chris Brown song Collaboration announcement, Chloe’s tweet has had over 25 million impressions and 35 thousand Quote tweets- people who would have supported her earlier but now have a problem with her new song which they wouldn’t be talking about if Chris Brown wasn’t on it.

Did they pause to think that Chloe is collaborating with Brown because she actually wanted to have a song with him?


Chloe Bailey and Chris Brown Collaboration: Chloe’s Reaction

Bailey is growing. She has learnt that she is a celebrity and people are always going to talk bad about her.

Not only has she pretended like she didn’t know what’s going on Twitter, she has been posting pictures on there, while the haters are even more mad that they are not getting her attention- as if that’s what pays her bills and as if their opinions matter to her.



Black Twitter needs to stop bullying women in the music industry. It’s either you listen to the new song or not. Chloe Bailey is proving that she is in control of her own career and not the media. She wants to make songs with whom she wants, and she doesn’t want her choices to be approved by social media either.Chloe and Chris Brown song


Also, it appears these people live on Twitter to get her, maybe if they really had a life, they would know that she’s just trying to come into her own as a singer. Besides, the level of hypocrisy is astounding because these same people have never stopped listening to Chris Brown. The number don’t lie.

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