Dear Talented Person

Dear Talented Person, We’ve heard of your skills, how you are able to whip out that savvy ingenuity when it comes to that part you are gifted in. How you make the pen dance to your tune, the computers respond to your magical fingers, the seemingly hard tasks submit to the awesomeness of your brain.Continue Reading “Dear Talented Person”

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How to know if you are a Clout Chaser

How to know if you are a Clout Chaser The world as we know it changes every day .There are times when we gradually become the things we detest and we don’t even know it. We do some things that seem subtly good but in reality, that is just another phrase for bad. It isContinue Reading “How to know if you are a Clout Chaser”



Happy New Year! Congratulations for making it past the crazy year that was 2020. Well, 2021 is here. But guess what else is here too? REALITY. After all the celebrations and family hangouts, you realize that there are some things you must do this year as 2020 didn’t really permit a lot of doings. So,Continue Reading “THINGS YOU MUST NOT MISS DOING IN 2021!”


Seven things you should do before 2020 ends!

I don’t think it is news that 2020 is probably the most disappointing year we have ever had in years. We can all agree that we didn’t really get the most out of it like we had hoped. But slow down, there are things you could still do this year that would matter and prepareContinue Reading “Seven things you should do before 2020 ends!”