Seven things you should do before 2020 ends!

Seven things you should do before 2020 ends!

I don’t think it is news that 2020 is probably the most disappointing year we have ever had in years. We can all agree that we didn’t really get the most out of it like we had hoped. But slow down, there are things you could still do this year that would matter and prepare you for the upcoming year. Below are seven things you should do before 2020 ends:

1 Check your set goals if you have achieved any.

Considering how 2020 has been, this may sound annoying, but it is reasonable. You definitely had plans when 2020 was in view and even if you achieved only one out of ten, you are still good to go. For example, I had tons of goals this year, one of which was starting a website. It took a long time before that happened, but I guess you are here. However, if you really didn’t set goals for 2020 but got some record successes along the way, congratulations. But you still need to set goals for the upcoming year. That way you’d be able to track how far you have come and how far you need to go.

2 Examine how your relationship with people has been so far.

Even when we don’t think we notice, human beings really need each other to survive. Over the years, we have cultivated a ‘meet and dump’ habit which allows us to meet people and don’t check up on them anytime. We even pride in it. Social consciousness is extremely important in our relationships with people, be it business, romance or inter-personal relationship. Bottom line is that, we need these relationships to fuel our growth in all ramifications. Today, call that friend you haven’t called in a long time.

3 Go out somewhere and have fun.

If you are someone like me who likes to stay indoors, you need to learn how to go out and have fun before this year ends. It tends to maintain your sanity, keep you happy and helps refresh new memories. I honestly think there is a psychology behind the happiness humans derive in going out to where we know we would have fun. As long as it doesn’t hurt your body or ruin your life in one way or the other. You should definitely go out.

4 Compare where you are now, to where you were exactly a year ago

Even if you’ve added only one achievement, that’s a step in the leap. You are a big deal fam. If you haven’t; good news is, you are still alive to achieve so many things. It is not sentiment or consolation. It is reality.

5 Set at least an ‘Alpha goal’ for the upcoming year

An Alpha goal is the most important of your goals and the beautiful thing is, you have 365 whole days to set it in motion. Most people’s alpha goal includes setting up a business, buying a house or starting a very important project. Alpha goals take time and you might not be able to complete everything in a year if you don’t want to put too much pressure on yourself. But at least, initiate it. When you set an Alpha goal for each year, you begin to tick it off and before long, you have a number of things you have already accomplished. Alpha goals are usually accompanied with impossibilities. But as we all know, impossibility itself is just a mentality.

6 Have a self-care

Yes! It made our list of what you need before 2020 ends. Make sure you take care of your body, your soul and yes, your spirit. Take care of your skin most importantly. Take care of your soul by blowing some steam off and actually doing things that would benefit you, and take care of your spirit by keeping good vibes near.

7 Be thankful for how far you have come no matter the disappointments: We humans set so high bars for ourselves. We hinge our expectations and happiness on it most times. But life is spontaneous, very spontaneous. We don’t thank God enough for what we have and worry a lot about the things we don’t have. God always gives us something to be grateful for even if they don’t seem like we should be thankful for them.

These are the seven things we think you can still do before this year runs out. But anyway, congratulations for making it so far in a dramatic year such as 2020!

Olayiide Bolaji is a writer at The Scoove Africa whose interests span in music and movies. He is also a freelance A&R personel.

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