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Banky W releases The Bank Statements Ep (Review)

Banky W “The Bank Statements” EP (review)

After taking a long sabbatical (although unannounced) break from making music, and investing the time in making, starring in and producing some blockbuster movies like “The Wedding Party” and “Sugar Rush”, Banky W is back like he never left and the proof of that is his newly released Ep titled “The Bank Statements”– to coincide with his 4th year wedding anniversary.

“The Bank Statements” is supposed to be his comeback Ep into music as the music industry as he left it years back is not as it is now. Therefore, let us get into a track by track review of the 7-track Extended play- “The Bank Statements”

the bank statements ep

Track list

1) Welcome to the bank statements (Intro)

Nice intro. We get that Bank W is all about change now, but using this as the EP opener turns listeners off a little. The only nice thing is that the “advices” actually come off as handy and very sensible. But unfortunately, they don’t sound new.

In fact, they don’t sound new at all. It’s just like the kind of advice you get from big men that you try to grasp but still don’t know how to embark on its practically.

It’s okay that Banky W ended the song by praising his fans for sticking with him and saying he is back. “Welcome to the Bank Statements” should have been about that in the first place, and not just a couple of advice.

I mean, everyone is excited that Banky W is back to music, and everyone would want to hear why he came back. “Welcome to the Bank Statements”- which is the first track, should have catered to that.

2) JO

The lead single of the EP
You really had to wait for the chorus before you know that Banky has not lost his touch actually. The chorus is a catchy one and it makes the song memorable. “Jo” was meant to be a hit upon its release.

Although it did make some strides, it would have been better if the song had more sizzling delivery more than the romantic one. In fact, it would have even been better if it had been a sizzling romantic song.

Kudos to Banky W on the lyrics; he has never been bad on that

3) Press Restart

Now, that’s what I’m talking about! There seems to be more delivery on this song. Although the introduction was a little corny, but the rap after the introduction is very good and Banky W tries to show what true love is all about.

“Steer away…press restart now. They are trying to pull us apart. Girl you know they are trying to pull us apart”

One may very well say that Banky W is sharing a little about how he made his relationship with Adesua work. Because it will be gainsaying that their relationship didn’t hit some rocks and gossips that tried to separate them, especially from Banky W’s side.

The advice actually sounds very realistic. I mean, isn’t the foundation of a good relationship laid by really asking your partners “whatsup” and not putting up defenses but clearing up air about the past?.

“If you can take my hand we can take my victory lap….”

It’s more of a Banky W life story, but still, it’s so relatable that it makes the song very good…not nice to the ears alone but nice to think about.

However, it didn’t entirely help that the song was longer than 3:45 seconds. It seemed like the message was already fully delivered at that point.

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4) Selense ft. Mercy Chinwo
Wow…it’s a song of celebration…appreciation to God. Of course, it is very expected since Banky W has redirected his steps to God. The start of the song is already giving Mercy Chinwo vibes even though Banky W opens it.

“Baba na you…Jesus na you. You dey make me wan dey selense dey go”

Mercy Chinwo enters and her first line makes the song perfect already. I mean. It’s like she is a pro with this thing. She gives “Na you dey reign” vibes on this song, and her delivery is fire!

This song has the potential of being a hit song…A hit Christian song- if it’s well promoted. It gives the album a very good note. Still, this writer is of the opinion that it should come last. It sounds like a good album closer. Something that makes you want to want to listen to the album again

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5) My Destiny
It’s a love song to God. It sounds very good; with so much connectedness and call to God like Jonathan McReynolds’ “Make room”.
Banky W says:

6) “Lord you are my destiny”

He tries to emphasize that he has never in fact, merited God’s love and favor at all considering his many mistakes and flaws. It is also a song of re-dedication and commitment to God and his service. This is evident as Banky W has actually posted videos of himself preaching in church and showing that he has really mended his relationship with God.

The song is a well written song of rededication. But why is it 7 minutes long? Since the theme of the song did not change at any time. There is no need at all to make it very long. The length of the song reduces its replay potential.

7)Talk and Do ft. Waje, 2Baba, Timi Dakolo, Seun Kuti (Bonus track)
This song was released about a year ago, during or after the #endsars protest. A call to action about police brutality, race and the male child superiority. It really sounds very touching. It even has the tone of Black American Music. Nigerians may find it a little too grimy, and because there is no practicality about the song, and only “we need to talk and do”.
It sounds real motivational, but if you will present real issues, present real solutions.

“Bank Statements” is a well-done job comeback Ep, and although it is not big enough to be a well thought comeback, it still proves that Banky W is very much capable of making good music. His music has actually taken another turn, another theme. It’s more religious and more conscious.

Even the love songs are not entirely romantic. But if he is really on to coming back to music and be bigger than he was, Banky W will still need to fit into the Nigerian Music Scene, since in fact, he is still secular. This does not mean in any way that he has to change his new tune and theme

The Nigerian Music Industry has gotten bigger and has very new sounds, and these new sounds are dominating the industry and ruling people’s heart.

Banky W is on his way to winning a lot of people’s hearts again and “The Bank’s Statement” is a nice start.

 Songwriting: 1.7/2
 Track sequencing: 1.5/2
 Mixing/producing: 1/2
 Enjoyability:1.2/2
 Structure/Rhythm: 1.3/2
Total: 6.7/10

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