ASUU: Why resumption may not be in view
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ASUU: Why resumption may not be in view


On December 23, 2020, ASUU (Academic staff union of Universities) suspended its 10 month old strike. This elicited mixed reactions from the multitude of undergraduates and post graduate students who attended public universities. But that was not the main issue, at least resumption was in view. They could start to say their good byes to their families and communities who do not always cease to ask questions like ‘When are you guys going to resume?’

However, students may not get to answer that question soon because ASUU stated again on Monday 4, 2021 to SAHARA REPORTERS, that they might resume strike soon as the Federal Government has failed to honor its agreement on payment of outstanding salaries of lecturers. Remember that when ASUU called off the strike, they said that it was ‘UNCONDITIONALLY’, and now that it looks like the federal government is reneging on their promise, embarking on another strike would be ultimately inevitable.

The reason for this dramatic change is not far-fetched. The Federal Government was supposed to pay the EAA (Earned academic allowance) of members of the body, but they failed too, and also didn’t pay the salaries of lecturers. All these combined factors underline the reasons another strike would be unavoidable. Unless the Federal government says something, let us clear our doubts about resuming and drop our hopes equally. Because when it comes to the Federal Government, hoping is not the right antidote.

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As at Tuesday, January 5, 2021. The NCDC {National Centre for Disease Control}, disclosed on their website that Nigeria has recorded 1,354 new infections on Covid-19 which has been the highest so far. Based on recent experiences with a lot of people on social media, the complications resulting in it can lead to death. The infection rate has shot beyond the roof, especially in populous cities like Lagos and Kaduna.

This doesn’t end with the fact that the testing rate in Nigeria is extremely low and a Covid-19 test is around #45,000. You just cannot afford to ‘catch’ the virus.

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Therefore, even if ASUU and the Federal Government end their squabble, it isn’t logical to jump up for joy and start packing one’s load off to school. Resumption is necessary. Yes, but not at the expense of students’ lives. Universities are the major places where close contact is made all the time. Several students live in hostels, they greet and hug each other. They also fill the capacity of lecture rooms and hang out afterwards. It just isn’t ideal. If Universities should resume, lectures should take place online.

Why students shouldn’t hang their lives on ASUU and the Federal government.

Truth be told, students need these two parties to always come in concord on all issues, and since that has been impossible, it is always Years of study+X . But for how long will students suspend their life, their activities and engagement with the labor market for these two parties?

If you are lucky to graduate a public university after five years. You would be old enough to engage the labor market immediately no matter how young you were when you resumed University. You would then go to serve your country. If you are not extremely brilliant, have connection with people in top places or learn a dozen extra skills, it might take you years before you finally get a good job. Then, you would start building your life. Try to accumulate savings, build a house and get married. Before you do all these, you might be getting near thirty-five or forty years of age. Time flies crazy, right?

Meanwhile, if you started a well-planned business or project when in school, you will most likely be a millionaire after graduation depending on your consistency and how solid your business is. Remember in my last post about THINGS YOU MUST NOT MISS DOING IN 2021! I stated that ‘Graduation is a relative success’ in which case you realize you are starting another life entirely. Groom a business, start a well proofed project now rather than waiting for people who are not going to give you a job after graduation.

The conventional thinking of linking going to University to success is getting old. So, come what may, tell yourself that no matter what both parties do, you would never let your progress or success depend on it.

Wake up to reality and set your hopes where it would bring something far more fruitful.


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  1. Let me start looking for husband, that one will last better than Asuu and FG. But this country has really shaped and affected us, imagine a medical student learning fashion design, which if he fully starts work as a doctor, he wouldn’t even have time for himself, not to talk of a skill. But the country has started making schools useless and vocational training (which were considered useless) are now winning, cause that’s still very convincing to yield.

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