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Adekunle Gold announces new album “Catch me if you can”

Adekunle Gold announces new album “Catch me if you can”

Adekunle Gold announces new album “Catch me if you can”

Afropop singer-songwriter Adekunle Gold has announced the release of his next album titled “Catch me if you can” which will be made available on all streaming platforms on February 4, 2022.

The singer took to his Instagram page to make this announcement

“Catch me if you can” is Adekunle Gold’s fourth studio album. He has successfully released three studio albums all to acclaim. Adekunle Gold is one of few Nigerian artists to have his first album –“Gold” debut on Billboard World Album Chart. The album debuted as No 7 on the chart upon release.

After this, he released two more albums “About 30” (2018) and “Afropop Vol 1″ (2020).

Here’s our first look into what Adekunle Gold’s fourth studio album “Catch me if you can” will be about:

First, the title “Catch me if you can” suggests growth- enormous growth that requires people to catch up with Adekunle Gold’s new sounds and the level he aims to reach now.

He is not even suggesting that you can catch him, he’s suggesting that you try, but even if you try, it doesn’t sound like you may be able to catch up with him because like he says “Catch me, if you can”

Ahead “Catch me if you can”, Adekunle Gold has released three singles
 “High” ft. Davido
 “Sinner” ft. Lucky Daye
 “It is what it is”

The first single “It is what it is” was released April 2021. “Sinner” was released in July 2021 and “High” was released in September 2021. Of all these singles, “High” has gained more traction and more streams, with more than 8 million views on YouTube within two months.

1) The album will be a “feast of dynamic sounds”
Upon the release of Adekunle Gold’s “High” with Davido, a user commented on YouTube that Adekunle Gold has reinvented himself to boost his status, streams and income in the industry.

“It is what it is” sounded like what signposts a new decision. Like “Hey guys, I been singing “good boy songs” since all this while, but let’s switch it up”.

So yeah, it is what it is. In all sincerity, this new sound is really helping Adekunle Gold’s career and status in the industry because his song “High” is literally everywhere in Nigeria. It has gained so much traction and popularity that it is competing with his greatest hits “Orente” and “Pick up”

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These dynamic sounds will also usher in a new stage in Adekunle Gold’s career as he seems to have “broken” whatever was holding him down from exploring all parts of his music. Though the songs actually sound more like “bad boy songs”, his fans are going crazy about it and accepting it very well because his music sounds good; sounds fire, and as long as he still makes good music, he has the support of his fans.

2) Sound Engineering
“Gold”– Adekunle Gold’s debut album, was a masterpiece. The sound engineering was on point and the reason for this was not far-fetched.

His wife- Simisola actually mixed and mastered the album. Simi is a sound engineer apart from being a singer and songwriter. And if you know something and sound engineers and record producers who also happen to be singers and songwriters, they have no bad songs- no matter how hard they try to.

The sound engineering on “Catch me if you can” will be delicious, as the singles released ahead the album already proved that fact. The sound engineering will help the authenticity of Adekunle Gold’s sound and reduce all imbalances to produce the right effects that will get people more synced with his songs.

3) Features
So far, he has released three singles ahead “Catch me if you can” and two of the singles have very interesting features. The first is with American Singer- Lucky Daye, and the second “High”- with Davido.

Both singles (“High” and “Sinner”) have cleared such a promising path for the album, and it’s only easy to assert that the album will do very well on streaming platforms and top numerous charts- both local and international.

There seems to be more promising features on the album that will make it a bomb upon release. Hopefully, he may have a song with Simi on the album.

But then, more interesting features on this album will increase its reception, streams and traction

Facts? Adekunle Gold has come far and has tangible results to show for his journey. It may be difficult to say what record label he is signed to currently. He has about 20 singles and most of them-in fact, majority of them are hit songs and we hope he’s bringing the heat on his new album “Catch me if you can”.

Click here to pre-order Adekunle Gold’s forthcoming album – “Catch me if you can”

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