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Truehost service review

Truehost service review

Why Truehost offers the best webhosting and Domain name purchasing services

So you have a blog/website or about to have one and you need a very good webhosting service provider. Well, it is Truehost. Okay pause that sounds so cliché. I am going to give a detailed explanation as to why I came to this conclusion and also walk you through buying the best domain name or webhosting plan that suits your budget/blog size.

But first,


Well, Truehost is a worldwide tech company. In fact, they have a branch in Lagos Nigeria and have a company name designated for each country. For example, in Nigeria, it is Truehost Nigeria, in Kenya, it is Truehost Kenya. Truehost sell Domain names and offer services such as webhosting, VPS, dedicated servers and free SSL certificates (SSL certificates boost your chances of ranking on Google search, keep your site safe from hackers and spams and increase the credibility of your website, especially to visitors


If you are wondering why I have to compare both to give you the best explanation of Truehost, it is because I gotta be honest with you. Arguably, Bluehost offers the best webhosting services. You even get a free domain name! But they charge yearly. Their lowest plan is about $2 per month and it is for two years straight. So you’d have to pay about $49 dollars once.

Meanwhile, Truehost offers a pay-per-month webhosting service. Which means you can opt out of their webhosting services anytime you like. Before we get into prices, let us start with why we have said boldly that Truehost is just the best.


Yes, I just have to lead with this! Truehost offers excellent services at very cheap prices. At first, I thought they probably didn’t offer good services because of their low fee charge, but I have been using their services and I have been praying that no one tells them that they charge too low for the kind of services they offer. Did you know that you could try out their free trial webhosting service for a month?

I was so shocked when I saw it! It is just for one month and you use it to determine whether you would like to try out their services. All you need to do is to register a domain name you already have. Their lowest domain name purchases starts as low as #400. I know right? And they’d register it for you too.


My blogging journey would have been a complete frustration if not for Truehost Customer service. There is a message icon with (1) on the top of their website. It has saved my life many times. When I just started my blog, I had taken blogging courses but there are some things Blogging courses don’t just cover. I ‘ran’ to them all the time, and they helped me out every time.

They answer you immediately and even give you articles to read. They also fix your issues for you.


Somebody say ‘Yay’! When I eventually started blogging, I noticed how incredibly fast my blog was. There were no connection problems, not even for a second. One day, I was fooling around and I saw a site that helped you check how fast your site was. It also had a rating box. When I entered my site in the search box and clicked the search button, the result made me leap for joy! It was fast even in foreign countries.

If you are wondering why I am so concerned about fast servers, it is because it aids your ranking on Google. Asides detailed content, SEO optimization and backlinks, Google ranks your blog higher based on how fast it is first. All other criteria takes a back seat to that feature. Besides, we all know how pissed off we can be when we are trying to get to a site and it is loading for more than 30 seconds. I don’t usually wait that long before I exit the site.


Truehost has an incredible control panel which is so explanatory even for rookies. You don’t need a guide to handle your files on CPanel as long as you can read.

Truehost offers a collection of resources such as drag and drop website builder. You even get a free website (Ollit website) when you buy from them. They also have free CMS (Content management system) scripts such as wordpress, Opencart, Magento, Drupal and Joomla. According to a famous webhosting review site (WHTOP.COM), Truehost has 80% 4 star reviews.

Now, let us get into a detailed analysis of the domain name prices. However, if you already have a domain, you can ignore this and scroll down to the webhosting plans.


Domain name prices vary based on the kind of address you want. Below are the estimated prices of Truehost domain names.

*.com – Around #2500 in a year
* Around #900 in a year
*.ng- Around #8400 in a year (Flexible)
*.xyz- Around #400 in a year
* Around #900 in a year.
*.africa: Around #2400 in a year
*.net: Around #4300 in a year (Flexible)

Meanwhile, you have to note that the domain name price differs and you get the price immediately you input the domain name into the Truehost search button. For example, if I want a domain name such as ‘’ (Which is available!). It costs #2400 in a year. You could even scroll down for better options.

All you need to do is add it to the cart and follow the procedures to pay. They will register your domain name immediately. To check out domain names to buy, Click here or go to this address:


The first plan is the ‘Bronze’ hosting plan. Remember the free one month trial plan I told you about? Well, this is it. You could get started for free and still get:
*unlimited bandwidth
*One click installer and free SSL certificate.


*It is free for only one month as it is a trial
*It has only 1GB disk space
*You can only host one domain
*You will have to register a domain to activate it, which means you will probably have to move your domain to Truehost
*If you are a new blogger, it is not recommended because you are just starting out and experimenting is out of the question. You need all the convenient features to make your blog as perfect as you want it to be. However, if you don’t have money at all, it is advisable to try it out for the one month period.

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*Unlimited bandwidth
*30GB disk space
*One click installer
*Free SSL certificate
*Three domain hosting capacity

*The disk space is limited to only 30GB
*If you have a short-term goal for your website or you don’t make much from it yet, you could go for this plan

*Unlimited bandwidth
*Unlimited domain hosting
*other features+



I use the Gold webhosting plan just because it suits my budget and allows me to do a lot with my blog.

If you have a company blog or website, this plan is the best for you. The features are so unlimited. Visit to read it all


Note: When you are getting webhosting, make sure you get the Starter pack SSL. It is very important (It protects your website) and it comes at a price as low as #1500 for a year.

Want to check out everything about Truehost? Visit their site here at

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