APC looking to PDP for Presidential Candidate for 2023

APC looking to PDP for Presidential Candidate for 2023

National Vice Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the South-South Zone, Chief Dan Orbih, has said the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has no candidate in its fold capable of winning the 2023 presidential election.

According to The nation, Orbih, affirmed this because the ruling party, APC was scouting for an eligible candidate to fly its flag. The scouting process went beyond the party, which means the party is looking outside of its fold to pick an eligible candidate.

The PDP chieftain was reacting to a rumor going round that former President Good luck Jonathan was being wooed to contest the presidential election under the APC platform.

The South South PDP leader rebuked those criticizing a South South Governor for saying he would not support a former President if he decides to pursue his political ambition in another party.

According to him, it will be unfair to expect a loyal PDP member to go and vote for a candidate in another party.

“That will amount to anti-party activities”, Orbih said.

Recently, the APC has come under a lot of harsh criticisms over its poor performance at the center with many Nigerians saying it was a mistake to have let the party take over the reins of power.

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The general state of unrest that has found its way into every state and the increase in the cost of living making most Nigerians live below the poverty lines, has many people complaining bitterly.

Orbih said, looking for a presidential candidate in an opposition party clearly shows that there is no worthy candidate fit to fly the party flag.

He believes the 2023 presidential contest would be very serious, which is why the ruling party is looking for a presidential candidate in an opposition party. This situation is made worse because the ruling party had failed to deliver on its electoral promises.

He noted that the PDP boasts of qualified Nigerians in its fold that could make a difference in governance and move the nation forward.

“So I am not surprised that they are looking for people in the PDP to come and contest the presidential ticket in their party. It shows clearly that they are aware that in their party, they don’t have anybody that can win the next presidential election,” he stated.

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