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“Selina” Nollywood Movie: All you need to Know   

“Selina” Nollywood Movie: All you need to Know  

Selina Nollywood Movie

Writer and Director Extraordinaire- Uduak Isong, is out with her latest movie release titled “Selina” and here is all you need to know about the movie.

Selina Nollywood Movie: All you need to know 

Selina is a Nollywood Movie that stars actors Daniel Etim-Effiong and Bimbo Ademoye in lead roles.

Selina Nollywood movie is about Selina (Character played by Bimbo Ademoye) who is a village cook with big dreams.

She wants to open a restaurant of her own and she is looking to get funds for this. She used to be a village food stall owner.

However, in Selina movie, Selina is in a lot of debt because not only is she trying to put her younger brother through school, she is desperately trying to find a way to make both ends meet.

Selina movie takes a turn when one of the people Selina owes asks her to live with her nephew Reuben (Character played by Daniel Etim-Effiong).

selina movie Bimbo ademoye
Bimbo Ademoye, Daniel Etim-Effiong

Selina would be an in-house cook/cleaner for him.

Selina Nollywood movie sees Selina deliberating between her choices which were: Dance before the music in front of those she owes, become a prostitute, or finally take the job offer.

Faced with no other better option, she decided to live with Reuben and cook for him.

In Selina movie, Reuben (Character played by Etim-Effiong), is on the borderline of being rich and successful.

He is also a cool gentleman who talks to Selina from time to time. He lives with his girlfriend.

His relationship with his girlfriend (Character played by Iveren Antiev) is not as mushy, and the more he talks to Selina, the more he realizes that he has feelings for her.

Meanwhile, Selina discusses her plan of having her own food stall severally with Reuben

Selina movie sees both characters admit their feelings for each other and kiss. Yes, there is some happily-ever-after that ends Selina movie.

Selina has been praised for its comedy and light-hearted humor.

It is not a unique storyline but the storyline stays original enough to satisfy viewers and make them laugh as Selina tries to fit into the world of Daniel and face off with his sophisticated girlfriend.

The movie thrives more on drama and comedy than it does storyline.

But Selina Nollywood movie asks if Selina’s dream of opening her own food stall finally happens.

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Cast of Selina Movie

Selina Nollywood movie has Daniel Etim-Effiong, Bimbo Ademoye and Iveren Antiev in major roles.



Selina movie is 1hr 29mins long

selina movie


Selina Nollywood Movie was directed by Bunmi Akingbola

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Writer and Producer

Selina was written and produced by Uduak Isong.

Click here to watch Selina Nollywood movie or watch it on YouTube at the beginning of this post.

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