Myspro “Fifa” lyrics

Myspro Fifa lyrics

Here are the lyrics of Fifa by Myspro

Myspro Fifa lyrics

She sanctify
I use her take buga
Can i say she weigh too heavy
to mov I know the gear
just bend it up
Na 9 months I take am o
Take you to the wing
wey you no go fit to divorce
billion long

say how many town
obodo fit to hire uuuuh
I be Fifa o, she be final o
Oh oh oh
Say how many town
obodo fit to hire uh
My lady fire oh
She be final oh
oh oh oh

That’s fifa lyrics by Myspro (full lyrics to be uploaded soon)


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About Myspro Fifa lyrics

Fifa lyrics by Myspro is about the trust that Myspro establishes with a lady because she has the capacity to cool him down and hold his hand. Here, it points to the fact that the lady knows exactly what he wants because the lady knows what he needs every time.

Fifa by Myspro is about how a lady has offered so much stability to Myspro’s life that he can’t do without her. He wants to hold her hand every time and make her hold his hand too.

To an extent, Fifa proves that relationships can be about helping each other recover in such a way that it becomes almost impossible to be separate from each other.

According to Fifa by Myspro, whenever he is broken, she offers him such stability; such calmness. So yes, the lyrics of Fifa by Myspro are so suitable for the song.


fifa lyrics myspro


The calm delivery by Myspro on this song is what is needed. It is so cool; so amazing that it makes Fifa flow so beautifully. It’s commendable how he can be on a track and it can have such tranquility, such beauty, such perfection.

To be honest, a calm delivery was needed for this song and that is exactly what they both did on the song. Really, kudos to them both on this track. The fact that his voice is above the mix but the production is on point is what makes the track almost perfect.

Also, can we talk about the symphony? Fifa was meticulously made.

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