Mohbad beast and peace lyrics

Mohbad “Beast and Peace” lyrics

Mohbad beast and peace lyrics

Here is beast and peace lyrics by Mohbad


Mohbad beast and peace lyrics 

(The winds will come)
(To steal the words I say) Imole

Ahn, mó silent mood, but beast ní mí
Mo lé cause violence but still, peace ní mí
You don’t have to hurt me, before you win
You don’t have to kill somebody before you sin
Óṣá lé browse, láì dè ló sub oh
Òde lé go far without God oh
So, mó dúró t’Olùwà
So, kò kín ṣe irú wá
Even tọbà fún yín làbọ pẹ’lú spoon,
ẹ lè j’ojú wá

Èmi má dẹ tí bad, láti àyé la’dì-la’dì
Láti àyé 1990 tó ńlù beat pati-pati
Èmi tímo feel bad,
mó dẹ tí feel good
Now, mó feel better,

Surulere bí Ojuelegba
Torípé mó wọ ńkán, wọn sọ pé mowà on drug
Now, mowà on top, life mí òdẹ ní contour
Mó pàwọn ni Naija, ó tún báwọn ní London
Fún wọn ní KPK, Ponmo, Light boy wo, mo ńta’na
(Light-boy mo ńta’na)

Uh, mummy mí àti daddy mí, wọn kàn ló ń question mí
Wọn ní, “Ìbò l’otí rí vibe yi, ṣé ọwọ demon?”
Àwọn tọ senior mí, wọn bèrè,
“Where you see money?”
Àwọn tí mó jùlọ, wọn photocopy mí

First cashout mí, ọmọ ìyá,
mó dè fí rá bazooka
Mo kó fún àwọn sharp shooter
Ẹ má bínú tọbá dá sí’ta
Tra-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta fún àwọn fake nigga

Àwọn t’ofẹ shame mí
Wo, èmi wá shameless
Wọn fẹ stain white mí,
but mo wá stainless
Àwọn nigga tọ leave mí,
wọn lé rí realness

Torí pé silence mí,
no mean say na weakness
Shoutout sí Iba J, Diarra, pẹ’lú Hayan
CY, Darosha, Prime Boy
Spending with my daddy, life mí wá splendid
Ológo, Zomo, TIA, Bella

Mí ṣámọ
Wọn ní irú ẹ
Irú ẹ tóní, kò kíń ṣe original
O fẹ, o fẹ sùn mó mí
But, kò kíń ṣe òun gan-gan




That’s beast and peace lyrics by Mohbad


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Mohbad beast and peace lyrics talks about how he is a calculative person and he finds it funny that people think they are the smart ones and they think others are slow.

Mohbad beast and peace lyrics also explores how he puts things in order that he doesn’t want to face so many complications in life. 

Beast and peace lyrics by Mohbad discusses how we needs to view other people from our own perspective.

If we are making moves, then other people are definitely making moves and we should stop believing that we are the smartest people in the room. This is what Mohbad beast and peace lyrics talks about.

In fact, Mohbad uses beast and peace to point to the fact that he is indeed smarter than other people and smarter than people think he is because not only does he know what he is doing, he is a calculative person.

Also, Mohbad beast and peace lyrics points to how he knows how to deal with himself and his career by making plans and having it figured out.

To an extent, he finds that people thinks he is a person that does things randomly and he finds this funny.


Beast and peace lyrics Mohbad

This then comes with various unsolicited advice that people give him because they think they are the wisest and therefore in the position to give out unsolicited wisdom.

This is what beast and peace by Mohbad implies.



Mohbad is a song performer and feel his delivery on this song and there is an extra effort to make the song spectacular.



Mohbad’s song is relatable because life is full of people who think they have that deep knowledge and wisdom that makes them better than other people.

This is honestly really annoying sometimes because the fact that we don’t show off or showcase our own wisdom does not mean they are better than us. But then, they think they are wiser than us given that there are people that find their wisdom useful.

Mohbad says they should separate him from those who want to control him because he just doesn’t go down like that.



Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba (8 June 1996 – 12 September 2023), known professionally as MohBad, was a Nigerian rapper, singer and songwriter from Lagos. He was formerly signed to Naira Marley’s Marlian Records and left the label in 2022. He was best known for his hit singles “Ponmo, Feel Good”, and “KPK (Ko Por Ke)” (You Will Always Be Remembered) with Rexxie which was nominated three times for The Headies awards 2022.

In February 2022, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) arrested MohBad, Zinoleesky and four others at their home in Lekki, Lagos for possession of illegal substances that included MDMA and cannabis.

Some viral videos on social media showed NDLEA operatives breaking into the musicians’ home in the Lekki district of Lagos State in the early hours of Thursday morning.[13] According to witnesses, the officials carried out the arrest without any search warrants and mistreated the Marlian singers.

The NDLEA officers were seen hitting the musicians with clubs and shooting into the air, forcing them into waiting trucks.

NDLEA confirmed the raid, stating “our men raided an area in Idado estate where Naira Marley’s boys stay.”According to a spokesperson for the NDLEA, cannabis and MDMA was found in their apartment and car.

MohBad, Zinoleesky and four others were later released

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