“Labadi” Lyrics Sarkodie ft King Promise
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“Labadi” Lyrics Sarkodie ft King Promise

Sarkodie Labadi Lyrics ft King Promise

Here is Labadi Lyrics by Sarkodie ft King Promise

Labadi Lyrics Sarkodie ft King Promise

Sarkodie Labadi Lyrics ft King Promise

All my beautiful ladies who wanna link up
Make una send me location
Me and my homies having a drink up
Aqua safari we’re on vacation (yes!)
Five-star life
Jet ski’s moving like dolphins (woo)
And you know we’ve got ice on ice (yes!)
Big boys no dey like talking (what else?)

I can’t let you go
Coz I dey craze for your body o
Ɛnnɛ anadwo eeh
Bɛkekwa mu ajei eeh
Baby… hmmm why you do me so
(Aaah iiih aaah haa)

Girl your body, my body tonight
I go pop champagne for your body tonight
Ooohoo, you deserve money oh tonight
Girl your body, your body tonight

You look sexy tonight (yea)
I know we just met but mepɛ w’asɛm
Please let me take you out if it’s alright
I need a lady by my side
And I can’t look any
further cause you’re my type
You know I saw you coming
And I could see that I don’t really

know this gir but she’s a vibe
And now you’re looking all surprised
I’m sorry I apologize coz I can’t help it
I got a crush on you
Am kinda selfish
You think it’s a lie don’t you

M’akoma melting, cause I can die for you
You know I felt it,
that I ‘ll be the one for you
Would you wanna walk with me
A couple of things that we can talk about
Baby please talk to me
Tell me what you need and I can sort it out
You know I got you

I can’t let you go
Cause I dey craze for your body o
Ɛnɛ anadwo ee
Wo bɛkekaw mu ajei eeh
Baby eh hmmm… why you do me so
(Aaah iiih aaah haa)

Girl your body, my body tonight
I go pop champagne for your body tonight
Ooohoo, you deserve money oh tonight
Girl your body, your body tonight

Hmm your body o
Make I spend all my money o
If you got a friend or two with a body o
Baby pull up, let’s get busy tonight

Your body o
Kɛma hami minni mamomi oo
So baby come through make we pop champagne
I say your body make I go insane

Girl your body, your body tonight
I go pop champagne for your body tonight
Ooohoo, You deserve money oh tonight
Girl your body, your body tonight

Say I go spend all my sought for your body…
Your body, your body your body eeh
King King Promise

That’s Labadi Lyrics by Sarkodie featuring King Promise

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Sarkodie Labadi Lyrics ft King Promise highlights his relationship with a woman because she is the only one that knows how he feels and he knows that by inference, she knows how to make him feel happy and he is intently content with that.

By inference, Sarkodie Labadi Lyrics ft King Promise finds a bridge between his desires and what the lady wants.

The lady is not too sure what she wants and Sarkodie clarifies that he wants what he wants but he can help her clarify what she wants.

Labadi lyrics by Sarkodie brings into light that while the lady is confused, she should know that he has everything she wants including money because that’s the most important thing per se in terms of material things in a relationship.

Sarkodie Labadi lyrics ft King promise
Sarkodie, King Promise

Also, Sarkodie Labadi Lyrics ft King Promise states categorically that the lady’s body is so crazy and that he is why he is completely obsessed with her because he knows that having her would make him happy- supposedly.

Labadi lyrics by Sarkodie also points that he knows that he wants to have sex with her and he hopes she gets inkling of that because what he wants majorly is sexual relations with her.

This is why he says she should come have sex with him with the catchphrase:

Labadi ft King Promise is all about how he is going crazy for a lady because when he loves, he loves hard and he loves big.

To an extent, Labadi ft King promise discusses how he seeks out his love interest severally because he knows he can’t do without her and that’s why he needs her by his side all the time.

To an extent, Labadi implies that when men want women they should do everything to try and tell her and show that they are madly in love with them because that’s what it takes most times.

Besides, when a man is madly in love with a woman, he is ready and willing to do literally everything for her. This is what Labadi lyrics by Sarkodie ft King promise means.

Furthermore, the song shows that while we make assumptions about how love works or who loves or, there is always that person that is going crazy about us and we don’t even know it

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If there is something about Sarkodie and King Promise, their delivery is always on fire even if the song is not meant to be a hot song.

Their delivery always sets the song going because no matter how soft their voice sounds, it appears big and intentional as it sets on the beats.

Sarkodie ft King Promise lyrics
Labadi music video

In fact, since Sarkodie is a dancehall artiste, it brings to light how he makes jams almost easily with the right beat and the appropriate lyrics.


Labadi may be relatable to a lot of people because of the catchy chorus. The song is also for lovers and romantics

Sarkodie Labadi lyrics

It makes you want to listen to the song as many times as possible, and that’s a really good thing as it increases the replay value of the song.

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Michael Owusu Addo (born July 10, 1988) known professionally as Sarkodie , is a Ghanaian rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur from Tema.

His contributions to the Ghanaian music industry have earned him numerous accolades, including the Vodafone Ghana Music Award for “Artiste of the Decade”.

He was announced the first winner of BET’s Best International Flow artist at the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards.

He is also considered one of the major proponents of the Azonto genre and dance and one of the most successful African rappers of all time.

Following his collaboration with Hammer, Sarkodie recorded his debut album Makye. Its production was primarily handled by Killbeatz and Jayso.

The album features guest appearances from Kwaw Kese, J-Town, Sway and Paedae of R2Bees. Makye received positive reviews from critics and fans. It was supported by a concert held at Holy City Gardens in Accra.

On 16 September 2009, Sarkodie performed alongside Busta Rhymes at the Busta Rhymes Live in Ghana concert.

In 2010, his “Push” and “Baby” songs were ranked ninth and thirteenth on Joy FM’s Top 50 songs of 2009, respectively.

The album’s lead single “Baby” which features Mugeez of R2bees became an instant hit and gave Sarkodie exposure.

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