koffee gifted lyrics

Koffee “Gifted” Lyrics

Koffee Gifted Lyrics

Gifted is a single off Koffee’s Gifted album and here are the lyrics

Gifted Lyrics by Koffee

Koffee Gifted lyrics

Ooh yeah

{Verse 1}
Level up
Spain Town, we original
Ina Jordans, so we stepping out
Jah Jah light shine pon mi retina
Him a guide all the steps I take, yeah
Guiding the steps I take, whoa

Young but me grateful
Sit high but me lay low
We deh pon di road ina quarantine
We deh pon di road ina Balenciaga, eh
New Fenty pon mi, Prada, eh

Ah yeah
Good vibes inside here
Light up, don’t fight it
Fire ignited, yeah


Oh yeah
Ayy, I’m winning
Mama, you give me the prediction, yeah, yeah, yeah
I have life, I’m blessed, yeah, yeah
I’m guided and gifted

{Verse 2}
Night’s dark but it’s a new day
Might get caught up in the new wave
Chop the track up ina new ways
If it hot, me get a few plays
Spin it and fling it on back
And if I sing it, I win a gold plaque

Yeah, next year platinum dat
And dem cya lock me up fi me dreadlock, yeah
Killing ’em, Bumaye
All these blessings what come my way
Pray to the Father, say “Kumbaya
Full up mi plate and bruk my tray”

Oh yeah
Ayy, I’m winning
Mama, you give me the prediction, yeah, yeah, yeah
I have life, I’m blessed, yeah, yeah
I’m guided and gifted

Those are the lyrics of Gifted by Koffee

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Koffee has nice lyrics for Gifted, but it’s almost hard to see how these lyrics suit Gifted at the beginning of the song.

They don’t sound as appropriate for the song title as they should be.

At first, it sounds like Koffee is saying something outright different at the beginning of the song.

It didn’t sound like she was talking about the fact that she was Gifted or whether God had Gifted her with talent or something.

The lyrics talks about stepping out,the lyrics started talking about Balenciaga, Prada and Fenty.

lyrics of gifted by koffee


It sounded a little that the lyrics of Gifted by Koffee didn’t match the song title as much as it should have.

It was only towards the end of Gifted that we got a slight hint of what she wanted to talk about on Gifted.

It was then she started talking about praying to God and being grateful.

Meanwhile, this diversion in lyrics did not help Gifted by Koffee.


Koffee delivers Gifted with an impressive passion.

To some extent, her delivery covers up for the diversion in lyrics of Gifted.

She sounded so convincing about Gifted and this passed on to listeners and helped us to come into his world.

Besides, she said the lyrics with such flex and vibes that made us feel relaxed with gifted.

It was a passionate delivery and this was exactly what we needed to hear on Gifted.


The diversion in lyrics of Gifted at the beginning reduces the relatability of Gifted by Koffee it reduces it to a certain extent.

We don’t get it as much as we should have.

The amusing thing is that, even till the end, {when Gifted finally picks up on some appropriate lyrics}.

We finally begin to catch most of what he means means the song and it is at this point that Gifted becomes relatable to us and it doesn’t feel like we just wasted our time listening to the song.

gifted lyrics koffee


Mixing and Production

The mixing and Production of Gifted by Koffee is on point.

Kudos to the producers.

It’s nice how Koffee’s voice does not hide under the eats and how we hear everything he says as clearly as we should.

Replay value

What contributes to the Replay Value of Gifted by Koffee is majorly the delivery and the nice mixing and production.

Apart from that, the lyrics of Gifted by Koffee are not as appropriate as it should be.

To some extent, the passionate delivery adds to the replay value.


Lyricism: 1.2/2

Delivery: 1.5/2

Mixing and Production: 1.5/2

Relatability: 1.1/2

Replay Value: 1.4/2

☆Total: 6.7/10

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