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Olivia Rodrigo “GUTS” Album Review: Hits and Misses

GUTS Album Review: Hits and Misses



  • Amazing song concepts
  • Good songwriting
  • Replay Value



  • Lack of in-depth originality
  • Sheer similarity in song production and arrangement
  • Lack of full cohesiveness of the album as a body of work



About GUTS Album Review: Track by Track

All-American bitch is not a bad song at all, but the amount of originality in this song is almost next to none. True, it sounds like an okay album opener, but the song is highly reminiscent of every pop-song written for a Disney channel teen series.

It sounds like something you’ve heard countless time on a TV Show, or even on the radio, and as such, this makes it quite hard for it to stand out, not only as a song but as an album-opener.

All-American Bitch has some interesting lyrics, but the production and song arrangement of this track is too comfortable. Not even the eruption drums in the chorus could save it from its attempt to be slightly original.

GUTS Album Review shows that bad Idea right should have been the album opener for Rodrigo’s “GUTS”. It sounds like a bold track made with so much freedom and the need for the track to be devoid of perfection.

It’s a little bit cheesy as the lyrics go but it’s a little daring, fun and a slight departure from Rodrigo’s pattern-like pop songs. It speaks about wanting an ex back even though it’s obvious that it’s a bad idea for her to reach out to someone who is obviously not good for her.

It makes sense why Vampire is the lead track of Rodrigo’s “GUTS” album. It was carefully and masterfully made. It shows the amount of growth Rodrigo has had as a music artist.

The clear metaphors drawn between her lover and a vampire is so laid-on for the song. Also, the subtle innuendos and the way the song reaches a climax as the lyrics gets more serious is highly commendable. Rodrigo’s own delivery on the song is also worthy of being noted.

GUTS Album Review shows that a lot of listeners would connect more to Lacy than they would most of the other songs on “GUTS” album.

The song’s sheer realism is undeniable. Rodrigo admits that she his outright intimidated by the ideal picture of what a woman should look like.

She even compares this metaphorical image to that of French Model- Bardot- who is referred to as one of the most significant sex symbols ever.

Lacy would definitely connect more to Rodrigo’s female fans. And in an age where you can never go wrong singing about the insecurities you face accepting your body as perfect and beautiful, the song will definitely stand out among other tracks.

When Ballad of a homeschooled girl starts,  GUTS Album Review reminds us once again reminded that Rodrigo is too comfortable with her song production pattern with the climax drum beats and what not, that it overshadowed whatever creativity was imbued in the song. It’s as if Rodrigo admits that she can’t make a song without this particular song arrangement. Even Due Lipa who is famed for a particular type of production still finds way to make her songs sound different both in theme and song arrangement.

Making the bed is an amazing track as well, and the chorus is so well-made too. It’s about Rodrigo’s attempt to figure out her life but she doesn’t seem to be in control at her and she is pissed off at everyone because if feels like they are trying everything to make it good but they don’t know what she wants.

She also admits that if anyone needs to fix her life, it’s her, because “It’s me who’s been making the bed” she says. Making the bed is definitely one of the best tracks on this album.

Logical addresses the “changing your partner” narrative and sees Rodrigo claiming that there is nothing logical about love because you might lose yourself and some of what you claim to stand for in a relationship.

You even begin to challenge some things you’ve known and accepting them as normal. Hence, the singer says he got her thinking “Two plus two equals five”

Get him back is about the girl who wants the guy who is not good for her and even makes passes at her friends, but she still wants hm back because she thinks she can get him back.

The song exemplifies been in a toxic relationship and is highly reminiscent of Bad idea Right, but with a slightly different production. Although Rodrigo admits that the reason she wants him back is because of revenge.

Love is embarrassing sounds like if Logical had a part two. It’s not entire outstanding because of it’s sheer similarity in lyrics with some of the other songs on GUTS album.


Guts review olivia rodrigo

Vampire/ Lead track Cover

The lyrics of “The Grudge” contain more depth and sounds more personal than a few of the songs on GUTS album and this is what makes it an outstanding track.

Pretty isn’t pretty is also like another version of “Lacy”. Rather, it gets a little discursive in theme when it states that you could be beautiful but still feel so insecure about yourself, and that being pretty itself is a feeling- of confidence and self-esteem.

Teenage dream is a sad song that talks about losing yourself and not feeling like what other people are, especially for precocious people. “I feel they already got the best parts of me” she says. Teenage dream is a good album closer for GUTS. It increases the album’s depth



Rodrigo’s excellence on some of the songs on GUTS describes her growth as a music artist. However, the recurrence of theme and recycling of lyrics on some of the other songs makes it sound like she had nothing else to say, even though there are just twelve songs on the album.

The sheer similarity of production and song arrangement of some of the other songs on GUTS indicates that Rodrigo is not evolving in the pace she should as an artist.

GUTS sounds way too comfortable. And yes, Rodrigo is a good-enough songwriter, but being a great artist goes beyond being just a good songwriter.

GUTS will definitely be commercially successful, but the truth remains that there is nothing ground-breaking about the album.


That’s GUTS Album Review


Rating: 7.1/10


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