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“Chief Daddy 2” tries to thrive on overstretched plot {Review}

“Chief Daddy 2” tries to thrive on overstretched plot {Review}

Chief Daddy 2 movie Review

For reasons best known to the production team and the makers of “Chief Daddy”, “Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke” was scheduled for a Netflix rather than a cinematic release. The streaming platform for the movie is not at all the problem.

After all, it wouldn’t matter what streaming/viewing platform was used if the movie is good enough. “Citation” (2020) was released on Netflix, making it Kunle Afolayan’s first Netflix Film. The movie was good enough that Nigerians wouldn’t regret spending millions of money to see it if it were to be released to cinemas. But with Chief Daddy 2, this tendency cannot be entirely entertained.

True, the original release of “Chief Daddy” in 2018 was a hit because even though the storyline was a common one, the originality was there. However, “Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke” has so much left to satisfy.

Chief daddy 2 review
Chief Daddy 2 poster

The Plot
From the beginning of the movie, you start wondering if the character of “Laila” (Portrayed by Rahama Sadau), and the events she brought with her is able to create enough substantial conflict and background needed to make the movie thrilling and interesting.

This answer is answered in the negative when attention is shifted entirely to “Big Money Famzy”– Femi Beecroft (Character portrayed by Folarin Falana/ Falz The Bahd Guy) The question that hangs in the air is:

“Does the fate of the entire Beecroft family now rest on the success of Big Money Famzy’s career?”

It seems like the movie was set to portray this very question from the start, and we are so disappointed that although Big Money Famzy actually goes to Dubai to promote his music career, at the end of the day, it is not what saves the Beecroft Family.

True, it was shown that he started gaining some recognition, and his music video almost hit one million views, but is this why the Beecroft family are back on their feet? We should remember that Dammy Baggio (Character played by Mawuli Gavor) had to speak to Laila (Character played by Rahama Sadau) to give them 20 million dollars.

Even the thought of this is entirely ludicrous. The realism of Laila giving 20 million dollars for something that will not bring substantial profit return is questionable.

Investments are not done that way, and this portraiture of investment sits on the need to rush the plot so as to reach a resolution to the Beecroft’s family many problems.

The more confusing thing is that the essence of Laila’s character is not heightened enough to show why she is a threat to the Beecrofts. How exactly did she become the CEO and why was it not spelled out in Chief Daddy’s will?

There are lot of questions we are providing guesses rather than answers to, and this doesn’t help our complete understanding of the film at all.

“Chief Daddy 2/ Chief Daddy: Going for Broke” tries to thrive on an overstretched plot, because even the scenes where all the family gather to discuss their woes and foes, are beginning to get tiring to watch.

We don’t see the essence of it sometimes. Big Money Famzy’s sub-plot takes over the original plot of the movie so much that the movie becomes about his music career rather than solving the Beecroft’s family problems.

The overall point of the plot is that Big Money Famzy tries to solve his family’s problems with his music career. This is not a bad plot, but it could have been very much better and be made to fit into a sub-plot that it is rather than mirroring it as the original plot of the movie.

Even the other plots like Dammy’s romantic life pale into insignificance in comparison to Big Money Famzy’s career. But the height of it all, is that the whole family do nothing to get out of their situation.

We see complaints, abuses and threats, but we don’t see them do anything. This takes away all the tension we are supposed to feel in the movie.

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At the end of “Chief Daddy” (2018), the arrival of Laila (Character played by Rahama Sadau) made us feel so pumped about “Chief Daddy 2”, but as the story progresses, we feel no tension, we don’t enjoy the conflict as we should, and we can already conclude the story at the middle of the film.

It is even funnier when Laila comes suddenly at the end, makes a speech, “joins” the Beecroft family and dances with them wholeheartedly. We understand the need to end the film quickly, but this rushed “fitting in fine” relationship doesn’t work like that, especially in settings like Nigeria.

The Music-Sport entertainment in Beecroft industries; “How’s that success for the Beecroft family”?. It doesn’t feel like success at all, we could feel the Beecroft’s family’s defeat, but that is not the problem, the problem is that their defeat was portrayed as actual success.

On the other hand, much of the acting in “Chief Daddy 2” is on point. The characters put in their best to make the movie an interesting one. Big Money Famzy/Femi Beecroft shines with his British Accent and morphs well into his character.

Teni (Character played by Funke Akindele) also puts in a lot in her character, especially the scene where she tries to deal with Nike Williams (Character played by Shaffy Bello) and the customer that insults them for lack of good customer service.

Unfortunately, as a result of the threadbare plot, we do not get to see some actors add more sauce to the movie. Ekanem (Character played by Ini Edo) has very few words to say in the movie and she is around only during meeting times.

“Chief Daddy” is a star-studded movie, but that is not the problem. The problem is how best to use a star-studded cast so that their power is combined to make the movie as interesting and hilarious as it should be.

“Chief Daddy” (2018) was a common story, but it was relatable. Everyone enjoyed the movie because of its originality, but with “Chief Daddy 2/ Chief Daddy: Going for Broke”, it is a far shot. In movies that company takeovers happen, things get tense, especially if both parties involved are powerful.

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We do not get to see any of this in the movie. There is little or no power play to make the ownership tussle interesting. We can’t even feel Dammy Baggio’s pain as much as it is made to appear real.

When you hear that the setting of “Chief Daddy 2” was in Dubai, you get excited because you think the setting will add to the glitz of the movie, but this does not happen because we do not see enough of Dubai as we ought to.

In fact, it gets to a point that we don’t think the characters are really in Dubai, the excitement for the setting is not there, and it is not used to the uttermost to capture our attention and make us more interested in the movie.

“Chief Daddy 2/ Chief Daddy Going for Broke tries to show how a powerful family handle the crisis of being demoted, but there are many links missing in the story, the action is good, but the plot is unfinished and overstretched.

There is still the feeling that our satisfaction is not catered to because our questions are not answered, and the relatability is far from us because it doesn’t complete its connection to us.

“Chief Daddy 2” is not a bad movie, but the plot shows that it could have been improved to make it a better story.

Plot: 0.7/2
Acting: 1.4/2
Relatability: 1.1/2
Setting: 1/2
Satisfaction/Replay value: 0.9/2
Total: 5/10

Chief Daddy 2 Cast:
■Rahama Sadau as Laila
■Funke Akindele-Bello as Tinu Beecroft
■Kate Henshaw as Teni Beecroft
■Folarin Falana (Falz) as Femi Beecroft
■Joke Silva as Mrs. Beecroft
■Dakore Egbuson-Akande as Remi Castle
■Shaffy Bello as Nike Williams
■Patience Ozwokor as Madam Pat
■Chigurl- Chioma Omeruah as Chuchu
■Beverly Naya as Adaora
■Zainab Balogun as Ireti Beecroft
■Mawuli Gavor as Damilare Beecroft
■Beverly Osu as Sandra Bello
■Ihuoma Ejiofor as Justina
■Ini Edo as Ekanem
■Rachel Oniga as Aunty Ajoke
■Nkem Owoh as Shoffa Donatus
■Uzor Arukwe as Prince Sonny
■Brodda Shaggi as Omar

At the end of Chief Daddy 1, a woman shows up which may or may not be another of Chief Daddy’s wife. In Chief Daddy 2, the woman is a Majority Shareholder in Chief Daddy’s company. The Beecroft family are angered by the news. But that is not even the major problem.

Rumors start flying everywhere that the Beecroft Family are very broke. Unfortunately, those rumors are true.

The money and inheritance Chief Daddy left them has not cleared and the company’s IPO is near. Something has to be done quickly to make that dream happen.

Mrs. Beecroft- (character played by Joke Silva) wants them to come together and hatch a plan to get their inheritance and money. Chief Daddy’s sister- Aunty Ajoke (Character played by Rachel Oniga) disagrees because not only does she hate Mrs. Beecroft, she claims she didn’t welcome them into the family upon their arrival.

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Mrs. Beecroft is even more annoyed because her birthday is near and though Shoffa Donatus (character played Nkem Owoh) and Madam Pat (Patience Ozwokor) try to plan the party, there is no money to plan it

It is only very reasonable that some sub-plots are created in Chief Daddy 2 because the original plot may not be enough to sustain the duration of the movie. In one of the subplots, we have a continuation of the events in Chief Daddy 1

Adaora (character played by Beverly Naya) is now in a relationship with Damilare (Character played by Mawuli Gavor) who is Chief Daddy’s first son. Damilare is a footballer and a fan kisses him. This sparks insecurity emotions in Adaora and she contemplates the trust in the relationship.

On the other hand, Femi Beecroft (Character played by Falz the Bahd Guy) sees that he needs to do something about his Music Career which had always made people term him as “Untalented” after someone told him to get out of the studio. His “vibrant” solution –which he got from a popular artiste, is to go on a Dubai trip to enhance his music career.

He goes alongside Chief Daddy’s adopted daughter Justina (Character played by Ihuoma Ejiofor) and his girlfriend Sandra (Character played by Beverly Osu)

As the Beecroft’s family battle with their different worries, something must be done quickly to stop rumors about them, to get their money and inheritance out. But this solely rests on one thing- Unity, which seems to be something they find hard to relate to due to their many differences and disputes.

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