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Being Nigerian- Here’s what it means to be Nigerian

Being Nigerian Believe me, there is no Nigerian who can tell another Nigerian how being Nigerian really is. Okay pause…rich people may find it hard to fully understand, right? After all, they have nice cars, live in nice houses and have more opportunities thrown their way. Cool, they are better than average Nigerians. But thatContinue Reading “Being Nigerian- Here’s what it means to be Nigerian”

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Accent in Nigeria

Accent in Nigeria/ Accent and Accent Struggle in Nigeria Overtime, the Accent issue in Nigeria has always been a struggle and even if you didn’t know this before, you are a part of the struggle. To achieve the purpose of this article, let us understand what an ‘Accent’ is. Simply put, an Accent is distinguishedContinue Reading “Accent in Nigeria”


Skin commentary in Nigeria

“Why are you so black?” “Wow, you really are a fine guy, see how yellow your skin is” “You are neither black nor yellow, can’t you choose one?’ To be honest, the topic of skin in Nigeria is not a common one. And usually, when skin is discussed, it is usually about skin care andContinue Reading “Skin commentary in Nigeria”