INEC Voter Registration: Register now!

INEC Voter Registration: Register now!

In the spirit of reform and wanting Nigeria to be better, you must have “made your voice heard” as much as possible. Well done. Everyone knows the country is bad. But if you haven’t done your Continuous Voter Registration, you are wrong.

On June 28, 2021, The Independent National Electoral Committee started the continuous voter registration for voters on their portal. This Registration is to help ensure that the final process of registration is smooth and devoid of the unnecessary drama that accompanies getting a voter’s card.

Honestly, I do not think anyone should be preached to before getting a Voter’s Card now. Nigeria is where it is now because some people are making very bad decisions for us. People we elected, or, put in a better way, people we should have used our votes to reject but unfortunately, we did not have a Voter’s Card then.

Well, what’s the hold up now?


Log in to the INEC Portal. As a New Voter, you can pre-register by clicking the drop-down navigation menu and clicking on sign up/ register. It brings two options. One where you are asked to Log in or Register, you should click the “register” button.

After this, you will be sent a mail where you are asked to Verify you registration. Do verify, as this is the only way your registration counts.

Meanwhile, if you have a Voter’s Card, you will still have to do the Online Portal Registration. Only that you can review your Voter Registration, Request to update your information or transfer your voter registration to another polling unit.

Simple! Now Let’s go consolidate this democracy!

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