Occupy lekki protest to hold tommorrow

Occupy lekki protest to hold tommorrow

Occupy Lekki Toll gate protest to hold tomorrow.

For a few day now, leader of #Revolution now/ Revolution now Campaign and founder of Sahara Reporters- Omoyele Showore has declared that there would be a protest tomorrow- Saturday 13, 2021. It is tagged #Occupylekkitollgate. The major purpose of the protest is to take a stand against hoodlums, or put clearly, unscrupulous people in governance who have been put in positions of power but have done nothing to improve the welfare of the people and the country.

This protest has been gearing up since the Endsars protest. Showore himself is arguably one of the most viable activist of our generation. If you could recall, he was arrested by the Nigerian State Security Service in August 2019 for creating the protest/campaign we all know as “Revolution now” and was not released until a month after.

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He was arrested again on January 1, 2021 for organizing a crossover protest in Abuja and some other states in Nigeria. Now, with Occupy Lekki Toll gate protest, he shows he is undaunted, a force that can be reckoned with but cannot be quelled.

Meanwhile, after the announcement of the protest, speculations of violence and threat against protesters have been made. It is also said that most of them come from the government who promise to deal with anyone who participate in the protest.


Source: Omoyele/Twitter

We can only pray that the goal of the protest will be achieved and that no casualty or violence will be recorded.

Occupy Lekki Toll gate/ #occupylekkitollgate protest hold tomorrow at Lekki Toll gate by 7:00 AM

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SOWORE: Revolutionary journalist arrested again

SOWORE: Revolutionary journalist arrested again

Sowore arrested for organizing protests in Nigeria

On December 31, 2020, Omoyele Sowore tweeted about organizing a crossover with protest movement in Nigeria; with the hashtag #crossoverwithprotestmovement. Sowore is a versatile journalist and founder of popular news agency – Sahara reporters.

Based on his tweets, the protest held in places like Ondo, Kaduna and Abuja. Majorly, the protest called for ending bad governance in Nigeria since we were just about to transition into a new year. The protest was also formed to decry the many flaws of the current Buhari administration which Sowore himself had criticized loudly due to its failure to provide Nigeria with a better future and the change and development promised by the administration. According to his tweet, ‘Let’s welcome the regime to a RESOLUTE 2021!’

Source: Sowore- Twitter

However, Sowore was arrested by police officials during his protest at Gudu junction, Abuja. SAHARA REPORTERS stated that he is being detained alongside other protesters in a police station in Logokoma, Abuja. If you can recall vividly, the same Buhari administration detained Sowore on August 3, 2019 for a period of 100 days for alleged treason after calling for a protest tagged ‘Revolution now’


You should be concerned. In post #endsars protest Nigeria under the Buhari administration, it would be very difficult for Nigerians to organize a powerful protest as such again considering how the world despised the Buhari administration for failing to end an anti-robbery-squad who ironically robbed citizens they were supposed to protect. The protest really shook Buhari and his cohorts as it was unexpected and very embarrassing. After the protest, he confirmed that ‘no such protest shall ever hold again’, although not in his exact words. The protests wouldn’t hold not because the President would do the right thing, it is because he would go to any extent to prevent such from happening no matter the validity of the grounds of such protests.


Therefore, in this New Nigeria, resoluteness is the new attitude. It is advisable not to keep silent when things like these are happening, especially when someone who cares so much about his country is being punished for exercising his human right. The exact definition of a dictatorship government if you ask me. I think we can all agree that this pretend democracy is not working again for us. As Nigerians, we need to wake up to the reality that speaking up is our best weapon to change, and decrying the inhumane acts of uncaring governments should be our go to when such things happen. If you haven’t learnt about the power of social media and how its propaganda can correct a country’s flaws, you are lagging behind. If you have learnt, use that ocean of power emphatically.

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