Asake joha Lyrics

Asake “Joha” Lyrics

Asake Joha lyrics

Here is Joha Lyrics by Asake

Asake Joha lyrics

Tune in to the king of sounds and blues

{Verse 1}
Se ko ma le fa
Se mo le ka ju la jo
Oya kola comot style,
you wan make I change my style
Kilo kan boys, kilo kan federal
Mr Money no dey waste time,

shey you no remember?
Ogaranya (Oh, oh), ebelesu ah (Ebele)
Make we just dey fire dey go, ko de ni suwa
Olomi’miokere, tori ikebe na super
Shey your bumbum fami gan gan,
ki le gbe hallelujah

Mo ni sowa (Joha)
Toba wa (Joha)
Kojade sita (Joha)
Enu o shеy durella (Joha)
Emi godzilla (Joha)
Maradona (Joha)
Jo lo coachella (Joha)

Emanuella (Joha)
Joha (Joha), jo joha (Joha)
Moni joha (Joha), jo joha (Joha)
Moni joha (Joha), jo joha (Joha)
Mi o fе wahala (Joha), jo jo joha (Joha)

{Verse 2}
I say like kampa tropicana
(Ogogo won pe ę)
Me I don dey hide them tey tey marijuana
Joanna jubadi bi omo Ghana
Oun jo homelando funmi,

mo ya gbe skoda (Slow down, slow down)
Screw a nigga if a nigga think I give a fuck
Me I don dey street since when dem sing gongo aso
Apala no be soca, see my team dem no be feeders
Premier league is not UEFA,
small body my engine bigger gan (L’eko)

Mo ni showa (Joha)
Toba wa (Joha)
Kojade sita (Joha)
Enu o shey durella (Joha)
Emi godzilla (Joha)
Maradona (Joha)
Jo lo coachella (Joha)
Emanuella (Joha)

Joha (Joha), jo joha (Joha)
Moni joha (Joha), jo joha (Joha)
Moni joha (Joha), jo joha (Joha)
Mi o fe wahala (Joha),
jo jo joha (Joha)

That’s Joha lyrics by Asake

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Asake Joha lyrics is all about a lady he is so smashed with that he wants to be with her just because of what she has to offer.

Joha lyrics explores how Asake has made a lot of efforts to be with the lady but she has reservations and he is ready to address that.

To an extent, Joha lyrics is all about how there are so many things a man wants in a lady but he can’t get from her because apart from the fact that women have self-respect, some of them do not always get the obsession men have with their bodies.

Joha lyrics

Asake Joha lyrics implies that he doesn’t have time to play games with ladies. He is straight to the point and he has no time to play games at all.

Also, Joha lyrics by Asake speaks to how he is not really into chasing women with extra energy because he knows what he wants and he doesn’t want to go through so much trouble just because he wants a lady and she decided to play hard to get.

Asake is not all about that and this is what Joha lyrics speaks to.

Asake “Terminator” Lyrics Meaning {Explained}


Asake is a song performer and we feel his delivery on this song even though there is no extra effort to make the song spectacular.

Although Joha chorus makes it extremely catchy.

it will make the song stand out among the other songs on Mr. Money with the Vibe Album.


Joha is relatable in ways that some men know what they want and they hope the lady or girl they want to be with recognizes that and wants to be with them too without playing games.

This is what Joha implies. Although, what most people might find relatable on Joha is the extremely catchy chorus. It makes the song sound really cool.

Joha lyrics asake

Joha is a catchy song; it’s very catchy and it’s more of a call and response song than it is a full song. Meanwhile, Asake picks the song up as we listen to it and delivers an understandable verse that matches the chorus and gives the song meaning.

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Ahmed Ololade Asake who goes by the stage name Asake is a Nigerian singer-songwriter who was born in Lagos State, Nigeria, in the late 1990s.

At a young age, he found his musical talent, which led him to begin sharing freestyles as a means of amusing others online in his early days.

With his song “Omo Ope” topping the Nigerian Apple music charts, Asake, commonly known as “Mr Money,” is currently one of the promising young stars in the Nigerian music industry.

Some have compared his singing style to Bella Shmurda, Barry Jhay, and Zinoleesky, however his voice is softer and deeper.

Due to his incredible voice and skillful use of words, he is one of the few up-and-coming musicians with the potential to dominate the Nigerian music scene. This is not surprising to many of his fans.
Joha lyrics

Asake began performing at a young age and posted several freestyles online, which helped him gain popularity with his audience.

They enjoyed listening to his songs until he gained more visibility with the aid of some Nigerian influencers, including Sydney Talker, Broda Shaggi, and Tunde Ednut.

He is a committed musician who has gone by the stage name Asake ever since he became a rising celebrity.

Asake “Terminator” Lyrics

Asake was born and reared by parents from the Yoruba tribe in the country’s western part in Lagos, Nigeria.

He spent the majority of his formative years in the country’s southwest before moving on to study theater and performing arts at the esteemed Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile Ife, Osun State. Later, he moved to Lagos State to further his musical career.

He allegedly dabbled in dancing throughout the course of his career and performed as a dancer on various occasions, but he never considered it a job.

But he was determined to fully focus on being a musician due to his intense love for music. In 2020, he dropped his debut single, “Mr Money,” further establishing himself as one of the most promising musicians in the Nigerian music scene.

Later, he released other songs, including “Omo Ope” with Olamide, which became popular and peaked at No. 1 on the Nigerian Apple Music list in February 2022.

Mr Money with The Vibe Album shows that Asake’s growth has increased with the need to give people an insight into his sound, and we actually do.

Asake is a dancehall artist that incorporates elements of Fuji and Afro-classic into his sound. Mr Money with The Vibe shows that Asake is more of a song performer than he is a songwriter.

Undeniably, some of the songs on the album show evidence of thoughtful lyricism, but we are taken aback by the sheer ordinariness of a few songs on the album which either sound incomplete or like a freestyle.

Other than this, Mr Money with The Vibe Album implores us to give Asake an applause. For a debut album, Asake has sealed his status into the music industry and has proved that he will have a successful career with die-hard fans.

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