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Artist Management

The Scoove Africa is not only a News and Media Website.

The Scoove Africa is an Artist management company. Artists Management is a part of our A&R services and it involves a lot of things


Our Artist Management Services


Professional Reviews

When we take on artistes who are interested in making their music better, we offer them professional advice on how to navigate making amazing music.

The Nigerian music industry is a world on its own now and its gaining global traction. Gone are the days when anything that could be recorded would pass as good music.

A&R IN Nigeria- TSA offers A&R services

The noteworthy thing about The Scoove Africa’s management services is that it’s all about grooming.

A lot of people seek record label deals immediately once they realize that they can sing and they have the talent.

Singing, and being an artist, is way more than recording some songs or having the talent alone. Making music is an art, and while this art is imbued in some as an innate ability, it doesn’t throw out the space for grooming.

With our Artist Management Services, The Scoove Africa focuses on making artists realize how to make the perfect hit song with suitable lyrics, amazing hook, and then, mixing and production.

artists Management company in nigeria

We want you to make music without doubt that you have created a masterpiece. We want to help you cross the t’s and dot the I’s in your music. Our Artist Management Skills would complement your talent, and the result, would be making you very ready for when you get that record label deal, and for taking the world by storm.

Of course, our Artist Management Services are not restricted to upcoming artists alone. It’s open to all artists.


Music Industry Navigation.

The truth is that most upcoming artists have what it takes, but navigating the music industry can be a great problem for them.

A lot of them have even faced situations where they were scammed because they wanted a shot at stardom.

It’s not a problem looking out for yourself, but these things are not as simple as they seem.

Sometimes, it takes the effort and resources of professional hands to get you that slot, and our Artists Management services offer this.


Record Label Deal

We do not advice this as the first step as an artist.

Of course, we don’t kick against this, but not only do we ensure that you are groomed enough to take the music scene, we want to ensure that you get the best record label deal possible.

Being on a certain record label is what ruined the careers of most artists just because they want that shot at stardom.

There are many artists who sign record label contracts without having the slightest idea what they are getting into.

The Scoove Africa not only has an attorney who vets these contracts, we make sure that your career does not get tied up because of a contract and that you make the most profit returns from your songs and tours.

We are partnering with some of the biggest record labels in Nigeria to this effect.


Continual Working Agreement (CWA)

After you successfully get a record label deal, you can choose not to work with The Scoove Africa anymore, but we would very much like to make sure that we review your songs and albums before they are released.

We don’t like to groom our artists and then leave them after getting a record label deal.


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