“Anikulapo” Meaning in English

“Anikulapo” Meaning in English

Anikulapo Meaning in English

Here is Anikulapo meaning in English as referred to in Kunle Afolayan’s Latest Netflix movie- Anikulapo



Anikulapo Meaning in English

Anikulapo is a Yoruba word derived from the combination of the words “Death” and “Pouch/Purse”. This implies that Anikulapo meaning in English translates to “He who has death in his pouch/purse”

The name has been used as a nickname but is also being used as people’s names. The name is given to people as a means to rebuke untimely death or death through horrible situations.

It was believed in Yoruba Land that whoever bore the name “Anikulapo” would have the “power” over death. It would not be any real power but the power the name itself is associated with.

The reason for this is that the Yoruba People believe strongly in the power of their traditional names

That’s Anikulapo Meaning in English


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About Anikulapo Netflix Movie

“Anikulapo – he who has death in his pouch, tells the story of love, hate, deceit, jealousy, and covetousness, you’ll feel the intrigue, suspense, anger, and empathy.”

The unique mystical folklore drama “Anikulapo,” which was included in the Netflix multi-title agreement with Kunle Afolayan, centers on the life of Saro, a young enthusiastic man looking for better opportunities in the vast Oyo Kingdom.

But as things went on, he had an extramarital relationship with the king’s wife, Arolake, which resulted in his early death and a chance encounter with the fabled Akala, a bird thought to both give and steal life.

Anikulapo Meaning in English

Anikulapo Netflix movie follows the story of a simple craftsman named Saro (Character played by Kunle Remi) who comes into a village through wandering but has the power of resurrection which has earned him the name “Anikulapo” which roughly translates to “He that holds death in his purse”.

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Anikulapo movie sees Anikulapo faced with so many challenges because of his powers. He has to stand against the people that are waging against him.

This was slightly expected because, by reason of his power, Anikulapo was very popular in the village he wandered into.

He would later fall in love with a young woman who is referred to as a “Man eater”. The question therefore arises if Anikulapo would be able to save himself despite his power.


Movie Concept

Kunle Afolayan had teased a new project through his Instagram page, He announced that the project would be fashioned after the popular “Game of Thrones” Television Show.

This has caused a lot of stir and excitement among fans, at the thought of having a Nigerian movie fashioned after “Game of Thrones

Although there are comments that indicate that since it is a movie and not a series, capturing the whole idea might be hard for Kunle Afolayan’s latest movie- Anikulapo.

According to the Director Extraordinaire:

“This may seem like mere hype but imagine a movie like game of thrones recreated in Nigeria but with a better representation of our culture”.

Before the project dropped, Kunle Afolayan posted on his Instagram page:

“Netflix et Kunle Afolayan; Harnessing the African Art!

Something huge is about to drop!!!

It has only been a few days since everyone screamed “Happy new year” in excitement, but at KAP Hub, we were more excited about this year because of all the plans we had, and guess what guys? Right now, those plans are already panning out… 

Meaning of Anikulapo in English

Director Kunle Afolayan wrapped up 2021 with a Netflix movie “A Naija Christmas” that knocked the Christmas socks off our feet. 2022 is here now, and he is working on another movie which is the second of the Netflix three films slate and best believe you need to stay guarded because this one will stir up a hurricane that will blow off the roof.

This may seem like mere hype but imagine a movie like the game of thrones recreated in Nigeria but with a better representation of our culture.

If you are a true fan of productions born out of Golden Effects Pictures and KAP Motion Pictures, then your imaginations should be running wild. The movie is being shot on our latest project site KAP Film Village Studio and Resort Igbojaye, Komu in Itesiwaju Local Government, Oyo State”

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