Anger Mounts in UNICAL as Vice Chancellor asks Final years students to return to 200 level

According to information gathered by Sahara Reporters through the anonymity of some students of the University of Calabar, the newly appointed Vice- Chancellor Florence Obi stated that Final year students would return to 200 level

This revelation mounted a lot of anger and frustration from the students who explained that they have spent several thousands of naira just to take those courses.

Florence Obi- the now Vice- Chancellor, asked students in some departments to go back to 200 level due to non-accreditation of their courses by the National Universities Commission. The departments affected by this decision include: Mass Communication, Music, Fine and Applied arts.

According to Sahara Reporters, one of the respondents said:

“I have an issue in my school and I don’t know where it is heading to. I am a final-year student in the Fine and Applied Arts department at the University of Calabar but the Vice-Chancellor is telling us to go back to Year two so that NUC will recognize us. This is after paying school fees for four years and wasting money for materials which have so far, amounted to millions of naira. The new VC is now telling us we have to comply with this directive else we will not have a result.”

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Most of the students disclosed that the New Vice- Chancellor has a fallout with the former Vice- Chancellor and the effect is taking a toll on students. They further expressed their displeasure with this development and hope they can work out their issues and let them graduate in peace.

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