8 thoughts on “Lade “Adulthood Na Scam” lyrics

  1. This song makes me no say yes
    Adulthood na scam.
    I dey feel the song anytime I play it in my phone

  2. I love this song! The first time I heard the song, I did not get the lyrics but in love with the melody. Later I came across the song again, listened carefully and got a few lines and went in search of the lyrics, when I went through it, I laughed & laughed for so long. I have played the song for about 10 times today. Great Job Lade! 👍


  3. How does the adulting experience a scam? Are there no better words to use other than that? It lowers the sense of personal responsibility, this very song. Though it eardrums into you, I don’t like it.

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