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List of accurate and best Football prediction sites 2022

List of accurate and best Football prediction sites 2022

Football or Soccer prediction has been a way of income for so many individuals across the world but that only happens if you pick accurately. So many newbies across the globe find it difficult to pick accurate betting options which will yield them the better result they want and better result means money.

There are thousands of football prediction sites across the we-b, some with good and accurate success rate while some will help you lose the money you have been saving up for a while.

Therefore, below is the list of the best and accurate football prediction site.

1) E360hubs.

E360hubs was designed to help not to create more problems for people across the world struggling with betting. They receive a lot of messages asking them to include VIP to their site due to their success rate but they turn that down due to being after the best user experience of their website. At just a year old it has thousand of fan across the world because of its success rate and mostly favored by search engines because of being the most clicked on the web searches.

2) Matchplug

Matchplug isn’t really one of the most established prediction sites as of yet, but shows a lot of promise. This site is run by a team of professionals, and while it actually offers a three-tiered subscription plan (which costs), the site has a bunch of free tips for those who just want to visit the site and see some predictions. The site tends to vary these predictions too, with football predictions being released for the Premier League, other European Leagues, and international events too.

It’s quite cool that the site doesn’t just give predictions on who will win a game either. It offers predictions for markets you might not have thought about, as seen with both teams to score predictions, over/under for goals, and many others.

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3) Sporty Trader

What we love about Sporty Trader is that they have implemented several features into the site that other prediction based sites haven’t even thought about. First and foremost, you can always see the statistics and justifications for why a tip has been made, and this can be seen through a link right next to the predictions. On top of this, the site even shows you the top bookmakers bonuses that are available, which gives you a perfect solution to get a free tip and then back that market without strictly betting with your own money.

This offers a bit of a win-win solution for those who like getting free tips and for those who like to bet on football too. The cherry on the top for this site is that it has a really great interface too, so it’s quite a pleasant site to use overall.

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4) Bet Ensured

Not only is Bet Ensured a prediction site with years of experience, but it is also one of the largest prediction sites in the market today. There is a huge team behind the operations of this site, and there are hundreds if not thousands of football punters who come to this site on a daily basis in search of free tips. With this in mind, Bet Ensured is definitely a site that we would encourage you to check out before backing any football markets, and there are even paid plans for you to choose from if you wish.

It’s really cool that Bet Ensured provides you with reports and analysis ahead of the games too, which is something that other sites don’t always do. This gives you a great chance to actually see why you should back the recommended markets, rather than just seeing a prediction and wondering why it would be worth it.

5) Tips180

Out of all of the football prediction sites we’ve talked about in this post, Tips180 is the one that would be the best for those that are brand new to football betting. Alongside regular betting tips for football leagues from all over the world, Tips180 even has sections that explain how odds work, what various betting markets actually mean, and so much more. We feel that this shows great care and attention for the general user-experience of the site, which is why Tips180 scores highly in our book.




You can drop any other site you think has better and accurate success in prediction on our comment section for us to add up to our already made list, so that other football betting fans can benefit from it too.

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{Review} Finesse Pheelz Ft Buju: what does the song lack?

{Review} Finesse Pheelz Ft Buju: what does the song lack?

{Review} Finesse Pheelz Ft Buju: what does the song lack?

Since three days, social media has been agog since the snippet of Finesse was released online by singer Buju {BNXN}.

Pheelz featured Buju on Finesse and while fans have been unpatiently waiting for the release of Finesse by Pheelz ft Buju. There are some things to be said. While Finesse is an okay song, it lacks some things.

Let’s conduct an objective review

To some extent, Finesse does not meet the full expectations of listeners. The snippet sounded so much better.

Although Pheelz actually started Finesse well, the chorus lacked substantial lyrics and Finesse. {Pun intended}

Buju tried on his verse too, but Finesse would have actually gotten a break if so much hype had not been built around it.

But then, that’s not the fault of the songwriters/singers.

Chorus & Songwriting

Finesse sounds like some efforts were put into it.

But the chorus is a complete turn off.

It sounded like better lyrics could have been used, and in this case, Finesse didn’t match the needed lyrics to make it a perfect listen- talking about the chorus.

Apart from this, the song does well to showcase that BNXN {Buju} and Pheelz made some efforts to improve the lyricism of their verses. But that’s not what is lacking on Finesse.

The mixing and production of Finesse by Pheelz ft Buju sounds top notch, but it sounds like Buju and Pheelz took a lot for granted on Finesse.

The song could have had better lyrics around the chorus so it could match the standard set for Finesse by Pheelz Ft Buju


finesse pheelz ft buju

Buju and Pheelz

Buju and Pheelz actually delivered on Finesse, but at a point, it sounded like the massive delivery Pheelz started with was not the kind of delivery the song ended with.

The delivery on Finesse went down gradually as the song continued, and this affected the overall feeling of the listener after listening to Finesse.


The song theme of Finesse is about guys who just want relationships without the strings of feelings. A lot of guys can find this relatable.

You see these feelings I’m not catching

Especially if you are not ready for a relationship or the lady feels like you are not enough.

Finesse is relatable, especially with the catchy line: “Folake for the night o”

Replay Value

With all being said, Finesse still retains some replay value because the song theme is interesting enough.

The replay value of finesse by Pheelz ft Buju can also be attributed to its dope mixing and production.

So yes, this will help Finesse on streaming platforms


Delivery: 1.2/2

Songwriting: 1.2/2

Replay Value: 1.4/2

Mixing and Production: 1./4

Relatability: 1.5/2

☆Total: 6.7/10

Nigerian artists with highest monthly listeners on spotify (March 2022)


Verse 1: Pheelz
And I’ve been living fast life but I see it in slow mo (Olohun)
Oh no
And you see my lifestyle like a G’s in the turbo (For sure)
See many people dey outside wey dey feed man zobo (bobo)
Oh no (Oh no)
And me i stand dey defend like Joseph Yobo
Bad girl say she wan Netflix and chill

So I ja ticket give am warning
If you fall in love, clearly certain
You go chop breakfast I’m not capping
Can you see dribble, Amokachi
I’m not faking this no fugazzii
You see these feelings I’m not catching
Omo ope stand fit I just won dey

Chorus – Pheelz & BNXN
Ahhh, finesse (Ge ge ti)
If I broke na my business (Ye ye)
Ama shana e go bright o (Ge ge ti)
Folake for the night o (Ge ge ti)
Ahhh, finesse (Ge ge ti)

If I broke na my business (Ge ge ti)
Ama shana e go bright o (Ye ye)
Folake for the night o (Ge ge ti)

Verse 2 – BNXN
Fit be the reason why your bobo won dey jealous me
E fit won dey take am serious, I dey do TOSS P
No fit to resonate, I’m on a different frequency

I don’t think it’s necessary
I’ll be down with that somebody that can do like me
Mehn I be like Mo’ Salah coming off the right wing
I’ll go through your defender, you no need to tell me
I must finesse

And you know sey me I must net
Na your kele I go carry go
If me I get money pass you
If you’re not careful oo

You know say me I must net
Na your kele I go carry go
If me I get money pass you
If you’re not careful oo

Chorus – Pheelz & BNXN
Ahhh, finesse (Ge ge ti)
If I broke na my business (Ye ye)
Ama shana e go bright o (Ge ge ti)
Folake for the night o (Ge ge ti)
Ahhh, finesse (Ge ge ti)

If I broke na my business (Ge ge ti)
Ama shana e go bright o (Ye ye)
Folake for the night o (Ge ge ti)
Ahhh, finesse
If I broke na my business

Ama shana e go bright o
Folake for the night o
Ahhh, finesse
If I broke na my business
Ama shana e go bright o
Folake for the night o

Ohh ohh ohh ohh
Ridimakulayooo (Rii)
Ę ma fę jo mi sun oh (oh sun gba la ja ja)
Ę ma fę jo mi sun oh

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Why Buju changed his name to “BNXN”

finesse review buju pheelz

Recently, Budding afrofusion Nigerian singer, announced on social media platforms that he would no longer go by his stage name called “Buju“, he would now go by the stage name “BNXN“.

According to him, BNXN is an alternative way of pronouncing “Benson” which is his original name. Buju- his erstwhile stage name, meant “Beauty Underneath Just Understood”.

To complement the name fully, Buju added “TYE” to it, which meant “To your ears”. 

Put together, it means “Beauty Underneath Just Understood To Your Ears”. However, Buju does not go with the stage name “Buju” anymore. He will be going by the stage name “BNXN” and here is why:

Why Buju changed his name to BNXN

Similarity in Identity

Although speculations arise on it, the strongest suggestion is that Buju changed his name to BNXN because there is already a singer bearing the name “Buju Banton” who is infact, more popular and renowned. 

It is only easier and more logical that Buju separated his name from Buju Banton’s own so as to avoid confusion and mistaken identities. 

Besides, the decision was also most likely borne out of the fact that Buju does not want to stay in the shadows of Buju Banton’s career. Buju Banton is a Jamaican Singer and is regarded as one of the best Jamaican singers of all time. He even has a Grammy Award.

Perhaps another reason for this dissociation from Buju Banton and changing his name to BNXN, is that Buju Banton is an ex-convict who has apparently served jail time in the United States because he was in possession of Marijuana.

He was released in 2018 and deported back to his hometown- Jamaica. And he is also banned from entering the United States ever.

Based on the fact that Buju will want to exalt his music career in the world {especially now that Afrobeats is one of the greatest music exports} and America is the boiling point of music, it only makes sense that Buju changes his name to BNXN.

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Record Label

Buju might have changed his name to BNXN as a result of record label “suggestions“. Currently, Buju, or should we say; BNXN, was signed to Burna Boy’s record label- “On a spaceship”. 

After much deliberations on how his stage name might not be the perfect fit for his Budding music career, they might have tilted Buju towards changing his name to BNXN if, he still wants to remain on the label.

Besides, the greatest assumption lies that the record label might have instilled this decision of Buju changing his name to BNXN considering that he already left his erstwhile label to be with them.

Easily, it passes for a new start on a fresh slate.

Music Career

You have to agree that Buju, oops…BNXN, has a very futuristic music career, and it is only logical that he changes his stage name now to avoid any future problems which may impact his music career and earnings.

BNXN has a lot of streams on music platforms; with over 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify making him one of the Nigerian singers with highest monthly listeners on Spotify.

He is planning to release a new single soon, following the release of the change of his name from Buju to BNXN, and also, he wants to release a new album this year.

In fact, his album is among the top 5 most anticipated 2022 Nigerian albums


After Buju announced his change of name from  Buju to BNXN, a tweet came up, with a link, that Buju was changing his name to BNXN because he once assaulted his girlfriend {about two years ago}.

The tweet, which was accompanied with a link providing evidence against Buju- BNXN, showed pictures of Instagram stories gotten from his supposed ex- girlfriend who accused BNXN of beating her mercilessly and exploiting her emotions.

However, this is yet to prove a substantial reason for Buju changing his name to BNXN considering that changing your name does not absolve you of a crime.

Also, the fact that we are just hearing of Buju’s- BNXN supposed scandal, means that the case was not taken up and does not appear to be a problem for BNXN- if there is any case.

Nigerian artists with highest monthly listeners on spotify (March 2022)

The reasons above, are the strongest suggestions as to why Buju changed his name to BNXN.

☆And they are that: Buju changed his name to BNXN to separate his music career from a similar artist with the same name- Buju Banton

☆Buju changed his name to BNXN because of strong record label suggestions 

☆Or Buju changed his name to BNXN because of a supposed scandal.

However, following his announcement of changing his name to BNXN, different reactions have sparked up from fans about it. Here are some of them:

Buju- Daniel Benson, who now goes by BNXN, was born on May 19, 1997. His genre of music- of Afrobeats, is referred to as “Afrofusion“.

He is a songwriter, singer and record producer who got very famous after featuring Ladipoe on the song “Feeling” which later on became a hit.

BNXN also gained maximum attention for his refix of “Italy” with Blaq Diamond.

BNXN has also been on a number of respectable collaborations like “Mood” with Wizkid off his “Made in Lagos deluxe album, and “Bling” with Blaqbonez, who recently released a new single- “Commander“.

To date,  BNXN has released only one extended play {EP} titled “Sorry I’m late” Sorry I’m Late is the extended play (EP) project of Nigerian Singer and songwriter BNXN, It was released on October 27, 2021, under the management of T.Y.E/ Empire Records.

It features guest appearances from Nigerian Highlife music duo, The Cavemen, and production from Steph, Perlz, Denzl, Timi Jay and Rexxie. Mixed and mastered by Vtek and Poppil.

Consequently, BNXN embarked on a “Sorry I’m late tour

Buju {BNXN} performed his first show in London on November 30, which marked  the beginning of his “Sorry I’m Late” tour.

On the 22nd of December, 2021, Buju headlined his first sold-out concert tagged ‘Buju: Sorry I am Late’, which is also his debut concert in Lagos. The concert was held at Balmoral Convection centre, Lagos.

The concert had surprise performances from top stars that include Wizkid, Burnaboy, Omah Lay, Zlatan and Zinoleesky.

Buju- BNXN has over 12 personal singles and eight songs as a featured artist.

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