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“Only you” lyrics by Jimmy D Psalmist

“Only you” lyrics by Jimmy D Psalmist

Only you lyrics: Jimmy Psalmist comes through with a song of adulation to God

Jimmy D Psalmist’s latest release titled “Only You”, was released on January 15, 2020. The single, taken from his “Indomitable” album, is titled “Only you”. It is a song of adulation to God filled with lyrics of reflection.

“Only You” lyrics By Jimmy D Psalmist

We Raise our Voice
And Lift our Hands
We Bow our Hearts to Worship You
Sound the Alarm
And we Declare that
Only you Deserve all the Glory

We Raise our Voice
And Lift our Hands
We Bow our Hearts to Worship You
Sound the Alarm
And we Declare that
Only you Deserve all the Glory


Only you Deserve
Jesus, Only you Deserve
All the Glory

Only you Deserve
Jesus, Only you Deserve
All the Glory
Only you Deserve
Jesus Only you Deserve
All the Glory

Only you Deserve
Jesus Only you Deserve
All the Glory
Only you Deserve
Jesus Only you Deserve
All the Glory

Only You, Only You
Only you Deserve
All the Glory
Only You, Only You
Only you Deserve
All the Glory

Only You, Only You
Only you Deserve
All the Glory
Only You, Only You
Only you Deserve
All the Glory

Only You, Only You
Only you Deserve
All the Glory
Only You, Only You
Only you Deserve
All the Glory

“Only you” explores instruments and worship chorus to exalt God for all for he has is ,and not even the capital case of what God has done.

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This exalts the fact that we should praise God for who he is all the time and not only for what he has done- Our praise shouldn’t be conditional.

The song climaxes by emphasizing:

“Only you deserve all the glory”.

In the song, Jimmy Psalmist goes deeper on worship by singing lyrics that might indicate that they were not part of the original lyrics for the song.

Of course, this is something gospel artists do most with lyrics, because when they sing, they are connected to God and they ignore other things, even the lyrics. This is what Jimmy Psalmist did on “Only you”.

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If you want to worship God wholeheartedly, Jimmy Psalmist’s “Only you” is the best song for you. It tethers you to God’s presence and makes you express gratitude to him.

“Only you” lyrics also depict that when we are in the presence of God, a posture of heart is necessary.

The way we worship God goes a long way in showing how we hold him in high regard.

Click “Only you” here:

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{Review} “Man”: Fiokee’s debut album is experimental but relatable.

{Review} “Man”: Fiokee’s debut album is experimental but relatable.

Fiokee “Man” Album Review

When you hear the name “Fiokee“, you must have seen the credits he was given on albums like Flavour’s “Thankful“, Simi’s “Simisola“, songs like Yemi Alade’s “Ferrari“, Kizz Daniel’s “Woju“, and Patoranking’s “God over everything“.

This is because he’s one of the best Nigerian guitarists, and in fact one of the best guitarist in the world.

This is what he tries to prove on his “man” album

Fiokee man album review


Therefore it is not surprising that after gaining experience in the Nigerian music Industry, fiokee is out with his debut album titled “Man

When you see the album cover, and of course the tracklist you see that man is Incorporated with a number of collaborations with popular names in the music industry.

We have features with Yemi Alade, Gyakie, Simi, Oxlade, Guchi, The Cavemen, Peruzzi, Ric Hassani, Sefa, Vector, Klem, Chike, Bella Shmurda, Lirical, Masterkraft, T.classic, Layydoe, D-black, Jean&Alex, Kelvyn boy, Nelson Freytas, Nosa and Ada-ehi.

You see these many collaborations and you know that it’s about to get lit. This is because this musical artist are very talented and have gone on to establish themselves in the music industry.

Fiokee “Man” album Review

1)“Good Time” ft T.classic and Jean& Alex

First, it is important to note that experience has afforded Fiokee an undeniable amount of expertise. This song opens with Fiokee singing like a pro, dishing out commendable lyrics while stringing amazing tunes with his guitar.

Although it would have been better if this song did not open the album as it doesn’t have the status of an album opener, but Jean and Alex come in immediately to spawn so much romantic lyrics in Spanish.

Of course, we can’t interpret it, we don’t care but allow ourself to get carried away in the sound.

That’s the thing about music, it doesn’t matter if we don’t understand the language, what matters is how the sound is able to relate to us.

Asides this, we get some nice feel about “Man” album. “Good time” might not be the perfect album opener, but it sets an acceptable tune for Fiokee’s “Man” album

2) “Smooth Operator” ft Nelson Freitas and Masterkraft

Smooth Operator” is a classic afrobeat song! And the guitar strings are so on point! The percussion is so hotttt. It follows the story of a girl who knows how to deceive men after making them fall head over heels in love with her.

Smooth Operator” is such a nice song. It has an R&B vibe but it doesn’t subtract an ounce of afrobeat from it. Kudos on the song engineering too.

The song is short enough to permit its reply value and protect the fact that it’s not entirely lyric- embedded. Smart.

So far, on Fiokee’s “Man” album, there is a great influence of dance Hall and this makes the album enjoyable to some extent.

3) Personal ft Bella Shmurda

Personal” was released as a single ahead of Fiokee’s “Man” album.
It didn’t help that Fiokee devoted most of this song to Bella Shmurda. We know Bella Shmurda is an established artist, but giving him almost all the verses on this song, and making it a single is a far shot from trying to make it a hit song.

The song is not bad, but it’s also not entirely unique. It talks about how people should not take things personally because other people act or do certain things. At best, such interpretations should be left to an assumption that it is love.

Personal” is an okay song, but it shouldn’t have come third on this album considering the pattern set by “Good time” and “Smooth operator“. It should have been pushed further down “Man” album, towards the end.

4) “I cannot” ft Yemi Alade

“I cannot” is not the best love song on this album, because the lyrics are not entirely unique and it is too unpolished, it has a lot of excesses which should have been removed to make the song a good enough listen.

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Although it is a nice love song and the beats are so on point, it would have helped if Fiokee actually assisted Yemi Alade on the track seeing that the lyrics were not enough to sustain the song.

Let’s take a few seconds to appreciate Yemi Alade’s vocals and passionate delivery on the song though, it covers for most of the song’s flaws.

5) “Follow you” ft Chike and Gyakie


My beautiful baby
Come closer, gimme your ears
I wan tell you something (something, something)
Wan tell you something (something, something)

You mean a lot to me
And because I have you girl
I know that I’m winning
I know that I’m winning

You are driving me crazy
And I’m loving you daily, oh my love
Never letting you go anywhere
That you go I’ll follow you

Baby, know that I’m not crazy
You know that I’m not lazy, lazy
Baby, know that I’m not crazy
You know that I’m not lazy
Running after you, uh uh

I will follow you
Anywhere you want to go
I will let the whole world know
That I’m in love with you
I will follow you
Anywhere you want to go
I will let the whole world know
That I’m in love with you (That I’m in love with you)

Work that thing o na na
Treat me like your one true lover
There’s nothing wey go make me leave you
Nobody wey love me reach you
The way you pamper me, I like (pamper me, I like)
You keep my dreams alive (uh uh uh)
Never never never never never
Will I ever let you slide

Oh baby, my baby
There is something that you need to know
I’m in love with you you you, yeah
Oh baby, my baby
There is something that you need to know
I’m in love with you, yeah

Baby, know that I’m not crazy
You know that I’m not lazy, lazy
Baby, know that I’m not crazy
You know that I’m not lazy (no, no, no)

I will follow you
Anywhere you want to go
I will let the whole world know
That I’m in love with you
I will follow you
Anywhere you want to go
I will let the whole world know
That I’m in love with you
That I’m in love with you

(Oh my God, it’s FIOKEE)

Of course, the song should have been opened by Chike, and it was! Such beautiful voice and lyrics. The amazing thing is how Chike is able to make common love song lyrics sound so unique.

When he sings it, it sounds like you’ve never heard it before. He has so much subtle convincing delivery on this song and it makes it a hit.

Give it up for Gyakie! She’s such a brilliant artist! She makes this song a perfect listen. Her lyrics are even stronger and more intoxicating than Chike’s and her delivery sounds like it’s embedded with some subdued but gradually rising passion.

So far, “Follow you” is the best song on Fiokee’s “Man” album.

6) “Number one” ft Guchi and Kelvyn Boy

Guchi might have just had her biggest hit moments ago, but this song shows that she has been working on herself continually.

Although “Number one” has a low amount of dancehall in comparison to other songs on this album, she did her best to hold it down on this album that we won’t notice if she’s the only artist featured on the song.

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Never listened to Kelvyn Boy but he’s an amazing singer giving some Wizkid-lyrics vibe. “Number one” is a wonderful song and the strings make it a pleasant listen. If anything, the flaws are very little and are almost unnoticeable.

7)“Be a man” Ft Ric Hassani and Klem


Uhh uhhh uhhh
That I don’t call you like before, doesn’t mean that I don’t love you
That I don’t show up like before, doesn’t mean that I don’t care
I just want a good life for you and my unborn child
That’s why I have been working my a** out
But is taking my time
I don’t even have time for myself

And I’m going buck wild
I don’t care as long as you are the one I dey do am for
Just need you girl to understand that I
I’m just tryna be a man
I’m just tryna be a man (a man)
I’m just tryna be a man (a man ooh ah)

That man that you want (man that you want)
Shawty no dey bother
No dey cutu liver
This brother gat you
Everly your lover
Say I no live you never

Me no fiti jonze
Make you just give me some time
I go make it up to you when things don set
You wan see me all the time
E no possible understand that hustle, is taking my time
I don’t even have time for myself

I’m going buck wild
But I don’t care as long as you are the one I dey do am for
Just need you girl to understand that I
I’m just tryna be a man (a man, uh uh yeah)
I’m just tryna be a man
I’m just tryna be a man (a man ooh ah)

That man that you want (man that you want)
My baby
Me and you know that you are my sweetie
Tell me anything that you want baby
I just wanna make you proud of me
Baby girl you know you are my shawty
Take my money and my body
I chop anything wey you give to me
Me and you be making history ooooh

We finally get a listen to one of the reasons behind this album. “Be a man” is a song that pushes men to take responsibility for the things they commit to, especially relationships.

Specifically, this song focuses on a young man and his fiancee who has a child for him.

Although the song tries to encourage men that their responsibilities should always be tended to. It points out that men are really doing a lot to make their family happy and financially stable. Therefore the chorus:

“I’m just trynna be a man”

Men are also under some amount of pressure to make their family proud of them and to attain the height their spouse has set for them. They say:

“I just want you to be proud of me”

8) “You bad” ft Perruzi and Layydoe

Now we get the dancehall influence back. Although this album drifts back and forth, it gives it a dynamic view even though it’s hard to put a finger on the album type.

This song is fire because of the way Layydoe plays with the lyrics in a crazy manner! She makes it so flexible. She sets an amazing tune for the theme of “You bad

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Peruzzi doesn’t disappoint too, he makes the song land and catches the Lyric form as Layydoe drops it hot.

So much credit to Layydoe for making this song a hit, and to mention that it’s short enough to make it memorable. It has a catchy line of

“Baby you bad o…omo you bad o”.

9) “Kelewa” ft Umu Ogbiligbo

Kelewa” is an okay song. Especially in very traditional settings, it has so much vibe and drums that sends you several warnings but not entirely stern advice about being careful in life and the choices and adventures we make, as well as our decisions.

Kelewa” didn’t really start well and it made this writer think it should not have made the album, but it’s still okay considering that Fiokee’s “Man” has 40% reggae influence.

10) “Nne” ft The Cavemen

Welcome to the cave. “Nne” is a normal “The Cavemen” song, but it would have helped if it had some different lyrics that actually suited “Nne“.

Although Igbo was spoken in it very well, it didn’t sound fresh enough. It sounds like you’ve heard it as many times before. Nice work on the guitar though.

11) “Forever” ft Maua Sama and Lirical

Forever” has a 90% dancehall influence which makes it show that it should have been pushed up to follow the pattern of the dancehall influence established at the beginning of the song.

Lirical is a versatile artist, she switched between English and her language like it should be that easy. She makes the song so intoxicating and relaxing for us. She stirs up imaginations with her far-reaching lyrics.

Lirical and Maua Sama deliver on this song, kudos to them!.

12) “Koni Koni” Ft Simi and Oxlade

One of the most expected songs on this album. Well, we all know it’s because of the features on the song.

It was amazing that Simi started this song, but this is not Simi’s best on a song. Probably because it was what she was told to sing.

Still, the song would have been better with some relatable lyrics. Oxlade did a lot on his verse, to make the song nice enough. The song arrangement of “Koni Koni” leaves so much to be desired. It made the song sound mixed up, like it was not entirely finished.

13) “Dance” ft D-black, Sefa and Vector

Once this song begins, you know you ‘bout to dance. But it should not have been opened by the artist that opened it. The second artist that versed this song should have opened this song.

The song opening contained some unneeded explicit lyrics that made “Dance” sound offensive rather than mature.

14) “Goodness and mercy” ft Nosa and Ada Ehi

It’s amazing that two gospel artists are closing this album based on the theme of the song. Although the last track title is predictable, it’s not surprising as a lot of Nigerian artists close their album thanking God.

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Ada Ehi delivers passionately on this album. She makes the song complete, and she should have been featured only on this song because she takes it head-on more and gives it a sense of finality.

Fiokee’s “Man” is experimental, but it’s relatable. It has relatable themes and has some interesting features. However, the flaws were obvious, but this has nothing to do with the fact that “Man” is Fiokee’s debut album. The song arranging and track listing could have been worked on to ensure an equitable balance of soul, dancehall and reggae.

Trying to intersperse the song one by one made it hard to lay a finger on the journey the album was taking us to. The track listing would have helped well in showing us the versatility of the album.

Also, It’s not entirely nice that we don’t get to hear Fiokee on most of the songs. In fact, we only hear him on a few songs and then it seemed like he took a spot backstage stringing the guitar. Fiokee did well on the songs he featured on, and involving himself on other songs would have exalted the replay value of “Man”

Replay value: ½
Mixing/producing: 1.3/2
Enjoyability/Satisfaction: 1.4/2
Delivery: 1.3/2
Total: 6/10

Click here to listen to Fiokee’s “man” album

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AFCON 2021 DAY 1: Highlights

AFCON 2021 DAY 1: Highlights

AFCON 2021 MATCH DAY- Highlights

The African cup of nations-AFCON kicked off on the 9th of January 2021 at the Olembe stadium in Yaoundé, Cameroon with Cameroon vs. Burkina Faso. Since then there have been 12 matches played to round off match day 1 of the African tournament.

Below are the results of the matches;

GROUP A {Highlights}

■Cameroon vs. Burkina Faso

Afcon 2021 day 1 highlights Burkina faso

Cameroon faced off against Burkina Faso for their first match of the AFCON with the Olembe stadium filled to the brim. Both teams had lots of chances in the game although Burkina Faso would open the scoring when Gustavo Sangare finished sublimely after a cross from Bertrand Traore in the 24th minute.

The lead only lasted 16 minutes as Vincent Aboubakar would step up and score a penalty after Andre Anguissa was awarded a penalty by VAR (Video Assistant Referee) in the 40th minute.

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Three minutes later, Cameroon were awarded another penalty which captain Vincent Aboubakar had no problem putting in the back of the net, the score 2-1 at halftime.

They were no goals in the second half. Cameroon start their AFCON campaign on home soil with a win.

Ethiopia vs. Cape Verde

Afcon 2021 day 1 highlights Cape verde

Cape Verde went into their Group A encounter missing their manager and nine other players due to covid-19.

In the 12th minute, VAR would upgrade Ethiopia’s Yared Baye’s yellow to a red card after a foul on Julio Traveres who would go on to score the winner in the injury time of the first half.

Cape Verde manage a win against 10 man Ethiopia despite being covid hit.

Group B {Highlights}

Senegal vs. Zimbabwe

Afcon 2021 day 1 highlights Senegal day 1

Senegal, runner-ups in the previous AFCON and tournament favourites began their campaign against Zimbabwe. All through the match, Senegal had more possession of the ball but both teams had lots of chances to score.

It looked like Zimbabwe were going to pull off an upset and hold Senegal to a draw, but in injury time a penalty was awarded to Senegal after the ball was handled in the area. Sadio Mane stepped up to finish coolly and award Senegal all 3 points.

■Guinea vs. Malawi

Afcon 2021 match highlight

Naby Keita’s guinea vs. Malawi was the other match in group B. Issiaga Sylla’s 35th minute goal proved to be the difference for guinea has they beat Malawi 1-0 to secure all 3 points and join Senegal at the top of group B.

Group C {Highlights}

Morocco vs. Ghana
One of the most anticipated matches of match day 1, these matchup between two of Africa’s heavyweights could easily have been a 3rd place match up or the final itself.

Morocco had the most possession and created lots of chances while Ghana struggled to get in the game although managed to keep the score line at 0-0 until the 83rd minute when Sofianne Boufal popped in the Ghanaian box 18 to score what would be the winner for Morocco.

Ghana have their work cut out for them in match day 2.

Comoros vs. Gabon
This was Comoros first AFCON appearance in their history and they were determined to make it a memorable one. Gabon were without Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and a few others as a result of testing positive for covid 19 but that didn’t stop them from defeating an inexperienced Comoros side 1 nil.

Gabon took all 3 points, a huge win for them in their quest to qualify for the knockout stages.

Group D {Highlights}

Nigeria vs. Egypt

Afcon 2021 day 1 highlight

Another blockbuster match that featured some of the English Premier League’s biggest stars; Kelechi Iheanacho, Wilfred Ndidi and arguably the best player in the world Mohammed Salah.

This was Nigeria and Egypt’s first meeting in the AFCON since the Pharaohs beat the Super Eagles 3-1 at the 2010 group stages. The outcome of this match would however be far different. Nigeria controlled the game and created lots of chances and finally broke the deadlock in the 30th minute when Joe Aribo headed down to Kelechi ‘senior man kelz’

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Iheanacho who controlled the ball beautifully and delivered a sumptuous finish to give Nigeria the lead. Nigeria would have many chances to increase the lead but failed to take their chances.

Egypt on the other hand struggled to create anything against a rejuvenated Nigeria side with Mohammed Salah limited to only one shot on target.

Nigeria would eventually win the game 1-0, a massive boost for a team that looked down on confidence. Egypt are bottom of the group and have their work cut out for them

Sudan vs. guinea Bissau

Afcon 2021 day 1 sudan

Sudan headed into this AFCON with a new manager after relieving the old one of his duties due to a poor run of matches. The game was mostly balanced with both sides creating few chances.

In the 82nd minute a penalty was awarded to Sudan by VAR. Pele stepped up to take it but his effort was well wide. The match would end in a stalemate.

Group E

Algeria vs. Sierra Leone

Afcon 2021 day 1 Algeria Sierra leone

The defending champions began their quest for a third AFCON against Sierra Leone. The match would end in goalless draw. A huge result for Sierra Leone in a tough group.

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Algeria would create lots of chances and attempted numerous shots on goal but just couldn’t hit the target with Yacine Brahimi and Said Benrahma both missing clear cut chances.

Credit also goes to Sierra Leone who put in one of the best defensive performances at the AFCON so far. With goal keeper Mohamed Kamara emerging the man of the match.

Equatorial Guinea vs. Ivory Coast

Afcon 2021 day 1 highlights ivory Coast

Ivory Coast captain, Max Gradel scored with a spectacular finish from outside the box just 5 minutes in to the game. Equatorial Guinea appealed for a foul in the build up to the goal but the goal stood. Equatorial Guinea had chances of their own but couldn’t find the target.

Substitutes for Ivory Coast, Nicolas Pepe had his shot saved by the goal keeper and Wilfred Zaha fired wide. Ivory Coast would win 1-0 and go top of the group after Algeria’s draw.

Group F

Tunisia vs. Mali

Afcon 2021 day highlights Mali

The first half ended in a stalemate. In the 48th minute, Ibrahima Kone scored a penalty which was awarded after the ball struck the back of the arm of Ellyes Skhiri.

In the 77th minute Tunisia would have a penalty of their own but Wahbi Kaziri’s shot was well saved by the Malian goalkeeper.

The biggest drama, however, would happen late in the half when Zambian referee Janny Sikazwe, despite two VAR checks and a water break ended the game with five minutes still left on the clock, he checked his timings and restarted the match but then stopped the game again 13 seconds to the 90th minute mark without adding any stoppage time.

Sikazwe and his assistants had to be escorted off the pitch by security personnel but it didn’t end there. 20 minutes later CAF officials ordered both teams back on the pitch to finish the game after all the press interviews had been done and Tunisian players had reportedly gotten in the ice bath.

The Malian players got back on the pitch but the Tunisian players refused to get back on the pitch. Mali were awarded the 1-0 victory. The Tunisian F.A is said to have appealed the match.

Mauritania vs. Gambia

Afcon 2021 day 1 highlights Gambia

Gambia were the lowest ranked team going into the AFCON finals. It was also their first ever AFCON. They couldn’t have asked for a better start when in the 10th minute Ablie Jallow scored their very first AFCON goal.

Mauritania had 61 percent of the possession and had a total of 20 attempts on goal but could not score a single goal. Gambia would hold on for their first ever win at the AFCON.

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