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Top 10 2022 Naija Songs {So far}

Top 10 2022 Naija Songs {So far}

Top 2022 Nigerian songs so far

2022 ushered in a lot of new songs from our favorite artists ranging from Buju- who recently changed his name to BNXN, Zinoleesky, Chike, Omah Lay, Skiibii, and…you know, the list is endless.

And it is because of this endless list that we have brought you a list of the top 10 2022 Naija songs so far. Enjoy!

10) “Rocking” Zinoleesky

top 2022 naija songs


“Rocking” is one of the top 2022 Naija songs and here is why.

Commendably, Zinoleesky did a lot of lyricism on “Rocking“. Infact, it is praiseworthy. He uses logical and professional-like lyrics that shows he is not a roookie when it comes to songwriting.

To an extent, Zinoleesky’s “Rocking” is relatable and this makes it a top 2022 song in Nigeria


9} “Hustle” Reminisce ft Buju, Dsmoke


“Hustle” started with some fuji vibes, but it transcended quickly into an amazing afrobatest tune, and the fact that Reminisce took over immediately with his mindblowing rap lyrics and delivery.

This singular factor makes it one of the top 2022 songs in Nigeria so far.

Reminisce delivered passionately on “Hustle” that it leaves you wondering during if he was angry before he got into the studio.

Dsmoke also contributes to “Hustle” extremely especially as he continues the energy Reminisce started with.

Buju is the balance between both rap artists as he offers the chorus for “Hustle“.

Honestly, Hustle is a hit song. And although Rap is not very exalted in Nigeria, Reminisce still sets the standard high. Buju made an amazing entry with “Hustle“. He set the mood for the song in such a sizzling way.

the top naija 2022 songs


Hustle is very relatable. I mean, as humans, we Hustle very much. But in Nigeria, Hustle is all we do. Even the rich still Hustle.

Because if you don’t Hustle, there is no one to give you handouts even if you want one. There is no one to support you (especially if you don’t have any rich sibling or uncle).

Reminsce establishes that God’s blessings cannot be ruled out, but his effort were seen and blessed by God. Which the brings us to the common catchphrase of “Heaven helps those who help themselves”.

It I not surprising that it os one of the top 2022 songs in Nigeria

In fact, if you don’t make efforts to work and eat, you are seen as a lazy person  because no one wants to believe the reason you are poor or hungry is not your fault.

Also, if you don’t want to Hustle for yourself, you have to Hustle for your siblings so they don’t continue in the poverty cycle you might have and are trying to break.

To an extent, the relatability of this song is what makes Dsmoke do so well on his verse. It is actually commendable.

The lyrics for Hustle are on point. They are so suitable. Although Hustle contains some explicit lyrics, they are not many at all and they don’t sound unneeded.

Hustle is a lyrically embedded song and it sounds like a lot of work was put into writing the song.

Hustle has replay value because it is so relatable and realistic. If you want to listen to a song that will ginger you up and get you more invested in your Hustle.

Reminisce, Buju and Dsmoke delivered ultimately on Hustle.

Their delivery carries an amount of conviction with it that convinces listeners that these singers are singing about something they truly experienced; something  that truly happened to them.

All these combines to make “Hustle” a top 2022 song in Nigeria


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8} “Love Don’t Cost a Dime” Re-up Magixx ft Ayra Starr

Love don’t cost a dime” is easily one of the top 2022 songs in Nigeria so far.

It is an R&B song that explores romanticism through love lyrics

Magixx tries to show that Love- true love does not cost a dime.

This means he doesn’t talk about love alone on “Love don’t cost a dime“. He talks about true love. Which is why he says:

“You don’t need any gucci bag baby”.

The relatability of this song is in question, but that’s what makes it a unique song. When you listen to love songs now, it’s about what the guy wants to buy for the girl. The question becomes “Is love about the benefits”?

It’s true you can’t rule out the benefits and what may seem like “enjoyment“.

But on “Love don’t cost a dime“, Magixx and Ayra Starr claim this is not what should define love, and they are so right.

What Magixx and Ayra Starr point out on “Love don’t cost a dime” is that true love is permanent while these other things are temporary. Yes, they may be needed, but they should not be the basis.


top 2022 naija songs
Magixx, Ayra

On “Love don’t cost a dime”, Magixx and Ayra Starr outline what true love should be. True love does not cost a dime-which means it should not be circumstantial. It should be about feelings, not what misplaced societal values make it to be.

Ayra Starr and Magixx try to single out a norm that love- especially between young people- should not be about the material things they both get from the relationship. It should not be the focus, but an addition.

Of course, the lyrics are on point. Magixx himself is a very talented musician and lyricist. While Ayra Starr is good with song hooks and making songs very memorable by incorporating amazing lyrics into the song.

“Love don’t cost a dime” does not have extra things or glibs that make the song tiring. It is straight to the point. The beats are on point and the modulation on the verses are cool.

This also exalts its replay value- because it is a short and a pleasant listen. You want to listen to it over and over again because it just sounds that good!

All these makes it one of the top 2022 naija songs so far


7} “No Wahala” Remix 1da Banton, Tiwa Savage, Kizz Daniel

“No Wahala” is one of the top 2022 Naija songs so far and this is because of its staunch relatability

However, she deserves some credit for completely explaining that calling her about someone else’s pregnancy is not her business at all- which is just a representation of several other things we concern ourselves with that we don’t need to.

Tiwa Savage and Kizz Daniel delivered with their lyrics on No Wahala.

No Wahala has to be one of the most relatable songs out there! As Nigerians, we face myriad of disturbing issues and the best way to not worry about these issues is to not give ourselves “Wahala” because

“Problem No dey finish, make you try dey enjoy”

Therefore, enjoy life and bask in the present because there will always be circumstances that make you feel worried.

Enjoy yourself and reserve your strength for tomorrow’s situations because it is never ending.

The lyrics on No Wahala are suitable. Kudos to 1da Banton for not overflogging the lyrics.

Although it was obvious that there was not much 1da Banton could do with the lyrics of No Wahala.

top 10 2022 songs in nigeria
Tiwa, 1DA Banton, Kizz Daniel


He needed some more lyrics. But the shortness of No Wahala only improved the replay value. Because you want to jam 1da Banton’s No wahala over and over again!

Also, kudos to 1da Banton on that addictive hook. That hook is embedded with the best lyrics:

Make we dance like no wahala, eyyah no wahala oh

Indeed, it is one of the top 2022 songs in Nigeria


6} “Kwaku the Traveller” Black Sherif 

Kwaku the Traveller sprung on us all and suddenly became yhe number 1 most shazamed song globally.

It’s is not surprising that it is making our list of the top 2022 songs in nigeria

If there is something about Kwaku the traveller, it’s about Black Sherif’s delivery on the song.

It is so powerful, so passionate.

It sounds like Black sheriff is discussing a personal thing- something that happened to him or something that he did.

This may have influenced his delivery on Kwaku the traveller.

He delivers Kwaku the traveller with a kind of energy that transfers to us and makes Kwaku the traveller achieves its purpose.

We are drawn into the world of Black Sherif and this makes the song very believable.

We admire Black Sherif’s delivery on Kwaku the traveller, it is indeed powerful.

This is why it is one of the top 2022 naija songs.


5} “Sungba” Asake

Sungba starts with the kind of powerful delivery that Asake should have had on “Trabaye“. Although Asake’s music is more fuji than afrobeats, it’s still fits a little into what people could listen to, to chill.

Sungba” has enjoyed (and is still enjoying) some amount of popularity in Nigeria and this makes it one of the top 2022 songs in Nigeria.

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Popular opinion states that the glibs is what makes Sungba more enjoyable and why it is a top Nigerian song in 2022

4)  “Baddest Boy” remix Skibii Ft Davido

On “Baddest boy”, Skiibii seemed to explore the part of being a “Yoruba demon” more. Which is what he did on the original song.

Baddest Boy” reigned early 2022 and this is what makes it a top 2022 song in Nigeria. The lyrics, although diverse, endeared listeners to the song more.

Also, the mixing and production is nice. Even though the lyrics are diverse, they actually possess some meaning in them.

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3) “Finesse” {Folake for the Night} Pheelz ft BNXN


best songs in nigeria 2022

After a snippet of Folake for the night- {as the song is fondly called} was released on Twitter, people were too expectant for its release.

And it was in fact, one of the most expected Naija songs of 2022- and the most popular so far.

This has made Finesse a top 2022 Naija song

The song does well to showcase that BNXN {Buju} and Pheelz made some efforts to improve the lyricism of their verses. But that’s not what is lacking on Finesse.

Buju and Pheelz actually delivered on Finesse, but at a point, it sounded like the massive delivery Pheelz started with was not the kind of delivery the song ended with.

The delivery on Finesse went down gradually as the song continued, and this affected the overall feeling of the listener after listening to Finesse.

The song theme of Finesse is about guys who just want relationships without the strings of feelings. A lot of guys can find this relatable.

You see these feelings I’m not catching

Especially if you are not ready for a relationship or the lady feels like you are not enough.

Finesse is relatable, especially with the catchy line: “Folake for the night o”

With all being said, Finesse still retains some replay value because the song theme is interesting enough.

The replay value of finesse by Pheelz ft Buju can also be attributed to its dope mixing and production.

All these makes Finesse a top 2022 song in Nigeria


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2) “Omo Ope” Asake ft Olamide

Omo Ope” is the first single off Asake’s “Ololade” EP and the truth is, it’s a hit.

It is easily the best song off Asake’s “Ololade” EP, and this is because, there are not only appropriate lyrics to

Of course, Olamide never loses his touch, not even for a moment. He spices the song all up with a mix of his glibs and Lyric and it’s so impressive!

It is therefore not surprising that Omo Ope is a top song in Nigeria 2022


1} “Calm Down” Rema

“Calm down” is a song about Rema- or the singer’s persona in this case, seeking a lady’s love interest. However, the issue here is trust- Which the lady believes Rema does not possess.

The relatability and “Tik Tok” feature of Rema’s Calm Down makes it a top 2022 Nigerian song

On “Calm down“, Rema tries to allay her fears by telling her that she should “Calm down” and not feel all “Insecure” because:

“If I tell you say I love you, no dey do iyanga”

On “Calm down”, Rema expresses that he loves the girl in question and that he wants her. He uses descriptive lyrics to explain how desirable her body is and how he wants it no matter what because he can’t get his mind off her.

He even says he can’t take a “no” from her. Therefore, it may be right for her to not express so much trust in Rema since her body is his attraction. Which means if he sees another lady with better “qualities“, he would “fall” in love with her too.

He says the lady’s body puts him on “Lockdown” because he can’t do anything else but think of her- or her body in this case.


top song in nigeria so far 2022

Meanwhile, in Rema’s defense, the lady should “Calm down” and trust him because there are actually more girls who want him but he doesn’t like them like he does the girl. He says:

“If you leave me, I no go fall in love again”

On “Calm down“, Rema employs storytelling to get us interested in the song. He even discusses how he met her in a party and apart from her body, he says her character of being “Mellow” rather than other girls doing “too much” is what attracts him.

He says “other girls commot like chewing gum” but the girl is permanent.

This storytelling plot on Rema’s “Calm down” makes the song hold you down till it ends. If Rema did something else other than this on “Calm down“, “Calm down” would have been a boring listen. But the storytelling makes it an intriguing listen.

“Calm down” is a relatable song because it happens that what most guys observe first before even seeing a lady’s character is her body. It is the point of attraction for most guys, and in “Calm down“, Rema asserts it is what has put him on “Lockdown“.

Being on “Lockdown” is the default for most guys when they want a lady. They they can never “Calm down” while showing the lady that they desire her so much. So yes, Rema’s “Calm down” is very relatable.

All these makes Rema’s Calm Down the top 2022 Naija song.

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Honorable Mentions

Attention Omah Lay ft Justin Bieber

Attention has that unique song theme that makes it easy for the song to translate easily in foreign countries.

Here is why

Overtime, we’ve had several collaborations between Nigerian artists and foreign artists.

I mean, you have “Peru” remix featuring Ed Sheeran, as well as “Hey Boy” by Sia ft Burna Boy. Just to mention two.

But imagine the shock when you realize that it speaks on pressure, wanting to feel loved, and some hints at depression.

It is noteworthy. Attention speaks on something we commonly face in our communities and societies regardless of race or gender.

It makes sense that Omah Lay and Justin Bieber speak on this since it’s a common ground.

The song theme will make “Attention” relate with a foreign audience very well, and make Attention do well on streaming platforms.


“Playboy” Fireboy

trending songs in naija 2022

One of the amazing things about Playboy is the lyrics. This makes i one of the top songs of 2022 in Nigeria.

The lyrics of playboy by Fireboy DML is unique.

The lyrics of Playboy distinguishes it a lot from the releases we’ve had so far this year.

Another beautiful thing about the lyrics of Fireboy’s Playboy, is how it makes Fireboy sound like a bad boy, but justifies him for being a Playboy.

For example, when he says:

Make nobody dull my parole

Make nobody follow my shadow o

Bring more cups let hennsesy flow

Sweet white wine

And many thing goes

The lyrics on Fireboy’s Playboy is appropriate and the lyrics makes the song more interesting. Kudos to Fireboy DML, on the lyrics of Playboy.


“Try” TI Blaze

The music video for TI Blaze’s Try is indeed an impressive watch. It shows that we should Try to get money, and be successful, but never at extreme lengths.

TI Blaze’s “death” in the short video shows the death that comes as a result of trying to follow shortcuts to success.

The robbery in TI Blaze’s music video for Try shows that while the gang actually got money, it was at a great cost.

TI Blaze lost the remaining two of his gang and he had to dispose of their bodies in a river.

Afterwards, he gathers the money but is even too shocked to realize that he had also been shot.

TI Blaze shows that money is extremely important even to man’s health because money is just the language of the world.

And in fact, engaging in different endeavors means having a lot of money to run these endeavors. To this extent, TI Blaze says he has to try to get money regardless.


 “Apollo” Victony

There is only one word to qualify Victony’s Apollo, it’s a jammmmm! But before we start showering praises, here are our reasons.

Victony is a lyrical god on Apollo and only God knows how he came up with such intriguing Lyrics for Apollo.

You never get tired of it. Victony’s Apollo lyrics are so interesting!

The lyrics suit the song and lay so much on the beat that you want to learn Apollo lyrics separately so you can sing Apollo word for word.

The lyrics on Apollo is what makes the song a jam.

Kudos to Victony on the lyrics on Apollo. It is so commendable.

Whoever produced Apollo did an amazing job. Apollo has a dancehall tune to it. It’s a gbedu, and for every gbedu, there must be a sick beat.

The beats on Victony’s Apollo are so addictive that they can get you in a dance mood anytime, anywhere.

Even if you don’t want to dance to Victony’s Apollo, you find yourself shaking your head to the song beats and lyrics.

The song lay on the beats so much that it gives no room for flaws, or to notice one, if there is any.

It’s as if Victony got angry and went to the studio to record this fire song.

Apollo is a mad jam and Victony delivered every line, every single Lyric, every hook, even the chorus was with so much passion and energy that we wish the song does not end on time even though it’s almost three minutes long.

Victony’s Apollo has a strong party vibe and dancehall influence combined with interesting lyrics that makes it a jam. This increases its replay value and makes you want to listen to the song over and over again.

Apollo will enjoy some popularity in Nigeria because of its gbedu nature.

The amazing thing is that it is not only a gbedu song, it is a gbedu song with amazing lyrics and a sensible song theme.


Top 2022 Naija songs

Here are the top ten 2022 Nigerian songs so far

10} “Rocking” by Zinoleesky

9} “Hustle” by Reminisce, BNXN, Dsmoke

8} “Love don’t cost a dime” Re-up by Magixx, Ayra Starr

7} “No Wahala” Remix by 1da Banton ft Kizz Daniel, Tiwa Savage

6} “Kwaku the Traveller” by Black Sherif 

5} “Sungba” by Asake

4} “Baddest Boy”Remix Skiibii ft Davido

3} “Finesse” [Folake for the night] by Pheelz ft BNXN

2} “Omo Ope” by Asake

1} “Rema” Calm Down

These are the top 2022 Naija songs so far!


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