“The Umbrella Academy” Season 3 Subtitles

“The Umbrella Academy” Season 3 Subtitles

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1) Download The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Subtitles: Episode 1

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Following their adventure in Dallas, the Umbrella siblings find themselves in an altered timeline. It is revealed that after their encounter in 1963, Sir Reginald chose not to adopt them but 6 other children instead, building them into a competent and popular superhero team dubbed “The Sparrow Academy”.

The two sets of siblings fight, and the Umbrella siblings are overpowered until Vanya unleashes a burst of energy to defeat the Sparrows.

The Umbrella siblings flee to the safe house of Hotel Obsidian and plan their next move, but inadvertently leave the time travel briefcase at the Academy. Vanya goes to make a deal with the Sparrow Number One, Marcus, who agrees to hand back the briefcase in exchange for the Umbrella Academy siblings leaving with no more trouble

This meeting is observed by Ben and the Sparrow Number Three, Fei. Diego discovers he and Lila have a young son, Stan; Lila leaves the boy with him and steals the briefcase. Elsewhere, an older man named Lester Pocket packs his suitcase and sets out for an unknown destination.

When Marcus goes to get the briefcase, he discovers the Kugelblitz, a time anomaly caused by the crossing timelines, and is evaporated. After witnessing this act of power, Grace, who now works as the Sparrows’ maid, begins worshipping the Kugelblitz as her god.

2) Download The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Subtitles: Episode 2

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The Umbrella siblings separate; Luther is kidnapped by the Sparrow siblings and held captive, as they believe the Umbrella siblings have Marcus.

While captive, Luther learns more about the Sparrows and bonds with their Number Five, Sloane. Lila attempts to leave the city, but discovers that her briefcase no longer works.

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After learning of Sissy’s death in 1989, Vanya goes on a self-discovery journey, revealing to his siblings that he is transgender and changing his name to Viktor. His siblings accept him with open arms.

Allison travels home to find that Claire does not exist in this new timeline, sending her spiraling with grief and rage. Five and Klaus go to find Klaus’ birth mother and discover all their mothers died before they were ever born in this timeline, creating a grandfather paradox.

Diego and Stan bond after they fight with the Sparrow Number Four, Alphonso, and Number Six, Jayme. After being released by the Sparrows, Luther goes back in to meet with Sloane, where they have sex. Lila mimics Fei’s powers on the roof to steal the Umbrella’s briefcase.

Further shockwaves from the growing Kugelblitz cause more waves of objects, humans, and animals to disappear.

3) Download The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Subtitles: Episode 3

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Five explains the grandfather paradox, and a lovesick Luther rejoins the Umbrella siblings. Five and Lila reluctantly team up to solve the time paradox, realizing neither of their briefcases work, which should be impossible.

Allison and Viktor negotiate with the Sparrows, where Allison falsely tells them they have Marcus and the Sparrows falsely tell them they have the briefcase.

Allison’s reckless behavior worries Viktor. Klaus confronts Reginald about their mothers, whom Reginald confirms he did not kill, and they end up bonding. Klaus also learns that the Sparrows keep Reginald constantly medicated to keep him docile and compliant and teaches him how to hide the pills instead of swallowing them.

The Sparrows discover the Kugelblitz in the basement. The Sparrow and Umbrella siblings confront each other at Hotel Obsidian. The Umbrella siblings are almost defeated when Lester arrives and unleashes a devastating burst of energy to save them, killing Alphonso and Jayme.

Viktor recognizes their savior to be Harlan Cooper, Sissy’s son.

4) Download The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Subtitles: Episode 4

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Harlan and his mother lived a difficult life, constantly on the move due to his lack of control over the powers he gained from Viktor in 1963.

When Sissy died, he had a particularly violent episode. In the present, he reconnects with Viktor. Allison tries to torture information about the briefcase’s whereabouts out of Sloane, but Sloane does not know where it is.

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Frustrated, she and Diego engage in vigilantism against white supremacists to cope.

Luther and Viktor hand Sloane back over to the Sparrows as a peace offering, but Ben changes the deal at the last minute and demands they hand over Harlan as well. In the ruins of the Commission, Five and Lila find its Founder – an elderly future version of Five with a missing arm and a cryptic tattoo – who warns Five not to save the world before dying.

While playing in the Hotel, Klaus and Stan find a room with a white buffalo head on the mantle, similar to a painting Klaus saw in Reginald’s office.

Stan accidentally fires a spear gun which kills Klaus. Harlan finds the files on the Umbrella Academy’s dead mothers and reveals to Viktor that when his mother died, his outburst of power inadvertently killed their mothers and caused the grandfather paradox.

5) Download The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Subtitles: Episode 5

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Klaus awakens in the afterlife, where the Person on the Bike reveals that he has died over 50 times previously, but always returned to life because he is immortal.

He also reconnects with his dead mother, who tells him not to mourn her and to seek a sense of purpose from somewhere else. Five and Lila return, destroying the briefcase, and reveal that the grandfather paradox has created a Kugelblitz that will randomly collapse all of existence.

Diego finds out Stan accidentally killed Klaus and comforts him, but as they move his body, Klaus returns to life. Lila and Diego restart their relationship. Desperate to escape her trauma and pain, Allison uses her powers to force herself on Luther before stopping. Horrified, Luther flees to find Sloane.

The rest of the family agrees to hand Harlan over to the Sparrows so they can all focus on the Kugelblitz. Viktor, feeling guilty about the trauma his powers have caused Harlan, enlists Allison to sneak him out of the Hotel.

Klaus recognizes Five’s future tattoo as belonging to a biker gang called the Mothers of Agony who used to sell him drugs. Five goes to the gang’s club and finds a grizzled Pogo.

6) Download The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Subtitles: Episode 6

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In 2014, Pogo is fired after a disagreement with Reginald over the Sparrows’ training. Before leaving, he gives the Sparrows a box with pills to help keep Reginald in line. In the present, Lila and Diego find a secret tunnel in the white buffalo room which leads to an abandoned alternate version of the Hotel Obsidian, called Hotel Oblivion.

Ben offers to let Luther join the Sparrows. Pogo tells Five that the symbols in the tattoo connect to something Reginald was obsessed with called Project Oblivion.

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Lila admits to Diego that Stan is actually not their son, but rather is the child of her friend, Trudy, and she is just babysitting him for the week. Harlan and Viktor find a way for Viktor to take back his powers from Harlan.

Klaus tries to form a bond with his father and asks why the Reginald in the original timeline killed him over and over again. To figure it out, Reginald decides to experiment by electrocuting Klaus to death.

A Guardian attacks Lila and Diego in the alternate hotel, who cuts off two of Diego’s fingers. They escape through the tunnel in time to see Stan consumed by the Kugelblitz. While Viktor is recovering, Harlan lets slip that he killed the Umbrella’s mothers. In retaliation, Allison kills him and delivers his body to the Sparrows.

7) Download The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Subtitles: Episode 7

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After the death of The Handler, Lila traveled to West Berlin in 1989, where she retrieved a hidden briefcase, planted by the Handler. She then joined Trudy’s punk rock band and recruited Trudy’s son, Stan, in her plan to trick Diego.

In the present, Allison is remorseless about murdering Harlan and antagonizes Viktor over it, blaming him for her losses. Lila, Sloane, Christopher, and Viktor combine their powers to trap the Kugelblitz in Christopher. Five is forced to kill Grace after she attacks them with a flamethrower.

Reginald repeatedly kills Klaus to increase the speed of his reanimation and then takes Klaus to confront his fears in a graveyard, where Klaus successfully exorcises the ghosts.

At the Academy, the group celebrates saving the world and Luther proposes to Sloane, who accepts. Lila reveals to Diego that she is pregnant with their true child; she pretended Stan was their son to test Diego’s parenting abilities. Five assures a grieving Viktor that saving Harlan would not have fixed their past failures.

Christopher suddenly explodes, killing Fei and reopening the Kugelblitz, which consumes the house; Five saves Ben as the group escapes.

8) Download The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Subtitles: Episode 8

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In 1918, Reginald Hargreeves begins construction of the Hotel Obsidian. During its grand opening he sends several soldiers down the secret tunnel, but they are all slaughtered. In the present, Reginald and Klaus arrive at the hotel, but none of the siblings are interested in what Reginald has to say.

Luther and Sloane throw themselves a wedding, leaving Ben bitter about not being invited to Luther’s bachelor party. Sloane calls him out for his sullen attitude, telling him to stop relying on being in charge.

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Reginald attempts to be fatherly using Klaus’ coaching at the wedding reception and delivers a surprisingly moving speech. Viktor tries to patch things up with Allison, but she refuses to forgive him.

Klaus and a drunken Ben begin to bond. The group (minus Allison) sits drunkenly in the courtyard as the Kugelblitz consumes the city above them. Luther remarks that he finally has the family he has always dreamed of. Five drunkenly overhears Reginald making a deal with someone in the white buffalo room.

9) Download The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Subtitles: Episode 9

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A hungover Five desperately tries to recall who he saw making a deal with Reginald the previous night.

A meeting is called by Reginald who explains he built the Hotel Obsidian around a portal to the universe’s “reset button” which requires seven people to pass through the secret tunnel and ring seven bells protected by a Guardian.

When the bells ring, the universe will be rebuilt. Allison, Lila, Klaus, and Ben agree to the plan, but Diego, Viktor, Luther, Sloane, and Five outvote them and choose to stay. Allison apologizes to Luther and Viktor, but Luther believes she is manipulating him.

Reginald murders Luther and blames it on the Guardian in order to motivate the group. Five then remembers Allison was the one whom Reginald made a deal with.

The group flees through the secret tunnel as the Kugelblitz consumes the Hotel. Klaus goes to follow, but Reginald pushes him back, thanking him for his help but telling him he is too much of a liability. Klaus throws himself onto the horn of the white buffalo and dies.

10) Download The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Subtitles: Episode 10

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Reginald, Five, Allison, Viktor, Diego, Lila, Sloane, and Ben arrive at the Hotel Oblivion, where Five tells Viktor what Allison did. In the afterlife, Luther convinces a reluctant Klaus to return to the living world.

The group split up to search the hotel. Reginald summons the three Guardians to attack them, and the group manages to kill two Guardians.

Allison admits to Viktor that she made a deal with Reginald, but had no part in their brothers’ deaths. Klaus returns and exposes Reginald’s treachery.

Five spots the symbol for the seven bells on the lobby floor, but the last Guardian severs Five’s arm. Viktor, Diego, Lila, Sloane, Klaus, Ben, and Five activate the symbol, which kills the Guardian and begins draining their powers to charge the reset button. Realizing the process is killing them, Allison kills Reginald and hits the reset button.

In the rebuilt universe, Allison is reunited with Claire and Ray. The other survivors realize the Hotel Obsidian is gone, Luther is alive and no longer an ape-man, and Five’s arm and Diego’s fingers have grown back.

However, Sloane is missing and everyone has lost their powers. As the siblings begin to explore this new world, a restored Reginald observes the city alongside his wife Abigail, who is also alive again. In a mid-credits scene, Ben rides the same Seoul subway on which he was born.


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