The set up 2

“The Set up 2” Movie: All you need to know

The Set up 2 Movie: All you need to know

Here is all you need to know about The Set Up 2 movie



About The Set Up 2 Movie

The Set Up 2 is a 2022 Nollywood movie that continues the story of Chike and Grace as they navigate the underworld of drug trade, business secrets and professional trickery while trying to stay alive from the new different obstacles they now face.

The Set Up 2 is a follow up to the first installment of the movie- The Set Up. It is written and Directed by Chinaza Onuzo

The Set up 2 is a continuation of the 2019 film The Set Up. This time, it’s four years later and Chike and Grace must come together and formulate a plan to take down Usi, the new enemy.

The set up 2 movie

Kehinde Bankole, Uzor Arukwe

Grace (Character played by Kehinde Bankole) now has a child. Usi (Character played by Nancy Isime) kidnaps the child so as to ensure that Chike (Character played by Adesua Etomi) does her bidding.

Chike now works fully for the International Organization {The US Government}

Therefore, The Set up 2 movie sees Grace and Chike reuniting to get back Grace’s daughter and take down Usi once and for all.

Madame is now in jail but she helps Usi with her plan to take Grace and Chike down

The Set up 2 movie has an ensemble cast of: Adesua Etomi, Kehinde Bankole, Lota Chukwu, Nancy Isime, Stan Nze, Kate Henshaw, Blossom Chuwkwujekwu Tope Olowoniyan, Lilian Afegbai, Jim Iyke, Tina Mba, Lilian Afegbai Uzor Arukwe and Gbubemi-ejeye 

The set up 2 movie 2022

Adesua Etomi, Kehinde Bankole, Stan Nze

Originally, The Set Up Follows the story of Grace (Character played by Kehinde Bankole) and Chike (Character played by Adesua Etomi) who decide to fend for themselves and survive by smuggling drugs for drug dealers.

However, the minute they are about to get raided by the police. Madame (Character played by Tina Mba) shows up and saves them.

Madame is an elite socialite who trains girls for different missions and conducts several activities in her club.

Meanwhile, Madame has a mission- to get her co-player Edem (Character played by Jim Iyke) to marry a heiress and get all her money while transferring half of the inheritance to her as payment of her child that was killed unintentionally by the heiress.

Grace and Chike are the masterminds behind the operation but they fail along the way and an FBI agent gets involved.

The Heiress (Character played by Dakore Egbuson) soon learns of their plans and is shocked by it all. She was put in a position by her uncle that made her really confused.

Edem and Madame finally realize that Chike and Grace had played them because they thought they had secured the Golden Share of Gbaraja enterprises.

The company that belonged to Madame Enitan’s late man-friend.

Madame gets betrayed by Edem and she must face the consequences of her actions. Chike has to go abroad and serve time while working as an agent for the International Organization while Grace goes scot free and is free from Madame’s grip

The film marked the seventh feature film directorial venture for Niyi Akinmolayan after Kajola, Make a Move, Falling, The Arbitration, The Wedding Party 2 and Chief Daddy.

The film also marked second collaboration between director Niyi and writer Chiza Onuzo after The Wedding Party 2 and the film was produced under the banner Inkblot Productions, marking its 10th film.

The portions of the film were predominantly shot in Lagos. The official trailer of the film was unveiled on 3 July 2019.

The film was premiered at the FilmHouse Cinemas in Lagos on 4 August 2019.

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The Set up 2 movie is produced by Inkblot Productions.


Where to watch?

The Set Up 2 begins a theatrical run on August 12, 2022. Click here to see show times and buy tickets from Film house Cinemas based on your location.


Major Cast

Adesua Etomi as Chike

The set up 2 movie

Adesua Etomi/Chike

In The Set Up 2, Adesua Etomi reprises her role as Chike.

After serving her term in the United States, Chike is now a full time agent for the United States Government. Meanwhile, she must return to Nigeria to help her friend whose Child has been kidnapped by Usi and Madam


Kehinde Bankole as Grace

Kehinde Bankole plays the role of Grace in The Set Up 2.

Grace now has a child with her lover and she has taken a break from her former work, especially after madam has gone to jail.

Meanwhile, the plot begins as her child gets kidnapped and she must team up with Chike to get her child back and fight Usi and Madam once and for all.


Nancy Isime as Usi

Usi is Madam’s new recruit and she will do anything to prove her worth to Madam. Technically, Usi has an ax to grind with both Grace and Chike.

Although Usi works solo and is not really under Madam’s grip, the only way she can get at both Chike and Grace is to collaborate with Madam. Hence, Madam is her mentor.


Tina Mba as Madam

The set up 2

Tina Mba/ Madame Enitan

Tina Mba reprises her role as Madam in The Set Up 2.

Madam is now in jail. However, with Usi, she is able to get her revenge one last time while Usi promises her that she will definitely get her out of jail. She also coaches Usi on how to deal with Grace and Chike.

She is co-mastermind of the whole operation alongside Usi




The Set Up 2 movie is expected to be one of the highest grossing Nollywood 2022 movies.

The set up 2

Blossom Chuwkwujekwu

It is unlikely that it beats King of Thieves to become The Highest Grossing 2022 Nollywood movie but it will definitely rank number two and gross in 9 figure millions (i.e.) above hundred million naira.

Although The first Set Up grossed #53M and is now the 47th Highest Grossing Nollywood movie. Hopefully, The Set Up 2 movie can definitely beat it.

Based on Storyline, it promises to be great, but the action and stunts promise to be greater and offer the spice of the movie

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