The best sites to download subtitles for movies and tv series

The best sites to download subtitles for movies and tv series


A lot of people now find it more comfortable and enjoyable to see movies with subtitles because it allows them to fully grasp the entrails of the movie, especially if it is a very interesting or complex one.

If you are someone like me who can barely see movies without subtitles, then you are probably looking for the best sites where you can easily download subtitles. Therefore, here is our list of the best sites for you to download movie and TV series subtitles

8 Addic7.ed


Addic7.ed is a one feature site i.e. you can only download subtitles for TV series there. It is my favorite site for downloading subtitles for TV series because of how extremely perfect it is. There are several languages you can choose from and the subtitles are perfect most of the time, so you don’t have to go through the stress of adjusting the speed. It is also like a database for TV series subtitles because unlike most sites, Addic7.ed has every TV series subtitle.

7 Mx player

MX player is not a site, but it is easy for you to download subtitles from if you have the app. The reason it is recommended is how easy it is to download subtitles directly for your movies. Just click the subtitles>online subtitles>search. The subtitles are perfect 98% of the time.

6 TV subtitles

TV subtitles

Like Addic7.ed, TV subtitles is also for downloading subtitles for television series alone. It is a very wonderful site and quite easy to navigate.

5 Netnaija

Netnaija is a site where you can download movies and music (which I am not entirely sure is legal) but they also add subtitles file download separately to their movies and you can just go and download the subtitles directly. The reason I am recommending them is that their subtitles are always perfect, 100% all the time. No need to adjust or anything. Just input the movie name in the search button and you will see the subtitle file with it. The downside is that the subtitle file might not be there. But it is worth trying, right?

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4 Podnapisi

I have never used this site, but its reviews are great. It is a dynamic feature site that allows you to download subtitles for both movies and TV series. Yes, that is just how great it is, just input the movie title/TV series into the search button and boom! There you go.

3 Subscene


I love Subscene, not just because of how beautiful the site looks but because of how easy it is to download subtitles for both TV Series and Movies. If you don’t find your desired subtitle on other sites, Subscene is your go-to.

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2 https://www.opensubtitles.com/en/home

Open Subtitles

I have been using Open subtitles for God knows how long. It is just so incredible! I think it is currently the leading subtitle site in the whole world because it has subtitle for any language you want and has a very huge subtitle database.

I have never looked for a subtitle on this site and never found it. That is just how good they are! The downside is that the subtitles always download in Zip file and you have to extract it in your file explorer (which is easy to do). Apart from this, it is perfect!

1 English Subtitles

English subtitles

It is topping our list because of how wonderful it is. Although, like others, it is a dynamic feature site which allows you to download both movie and TV series subtitle. It is very easy to download subtitles from this site and the design of the site is not bad at all. The downside is just that like the name suggests, it contains English subtitles alone. Meanwhile, it is still the best there is.


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