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Jury finds Derek Chauvin- George Floyd’s murderer guilty on three charges

Jury finds Derek Chauvin- George Floyd’s murderer guilty on three charges

Today, a Jury found Derek Chauvin- the murderer of African American George Floyd, guilty of three charges. He was guilty of second-degree murder, third-degree murder and man-slaughter

Following these announcements, joy erupted in George Floyd’s square and people felt justice given to a Black American for a long time.

George Floyd bought a pack of cigarettes in a store in South Minneapolis on 25 May, 2020, in the evening. The Shop assistant “believed” he had purchased the cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill and called the police when Mr. Floyd refused to return the cigarettes.

The Police arrived at the scene and told him to get out of his car. He was handcuffed and put on the ground. Then, one of the policemen- 45 year old Derek Chauvin knelt down on his neck for more than nine minutes. During this period, George Floyd was trying to catch his breath and kept saying “I can’t breathe”. Bystanders pleaded for his life but it was to no avail. By the time ambulance arrived, he was motionless and pronounced dead an hour later.

The assault was filmed and uploaded online. It sparked a protest again police brutality, hate and racism against African-American people.

During the trial, 45 witnesses came forward, testifying to the assault. In less than an hour, the Jury reached their verdict. He was found guilty and charged with Second-degree murder, third-degree murder and manslaughter. His bill for bail was revoked immediately and he was put in custody.

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