How to know if you are a Clout Chaser

How to know if you are a Clout Chaser

How to know if you are a Clout Chaser

The world as we know it changes every day .There are times when we gradually become the things we don’t want to become and we don’t even know it. We do some things that seem subtly good but in reality, that is just another phrase for bad. It is not bad for us to worry about our personal development once in a while and that is why we have come up with this post.

What is Clout?

To have Clout means to have power or influence. When you have this, people regard you and your opinions matter a lot. People are also interested in how you live your life if you have Clout.

Over the years, the greatest Clout platform is social media because of how people spend time on it than they actually do in physical interactions.


Clout Chasing is when someone does and says things for the sole purpose of becoming more popular especially on social media.

How to identify a Clout Chaser

1 People who speak badly about others just to make themselves feel good or hide from their own problems.

This is the most common form of Clout Chasing! Let’s assume you are in a competition with someone e.g. a contest. You then decide to dig up bad things such person has done to make yourself look like the better person and get people’s attention to you. No, it is not survival of the fittest, and it is not being the smart person.


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Lesson: Always learn to win or lose fair even when the odds are against you. There is no point winning or getting fame when you’ve climbed other people’s head in doing it.

2 People who put negative things about other people on Social Media to get other people to be negative about the person too.

This has happened a lot of times, especially on Twitter. One person decides to throw out his unasked opinion (Just for attention) about someone, say a celebrity and his voice becomes the loudest in the room. Even though people might not have thought of such things about the person, they begin to force themselves to think it. For example;

“Beyoncé made Black is King so she would profit off African culture”.

Now, someone puts that opinion online as a fact and people begin to agree with him/her. The tweet or post gets over 500 or 1000 likes and before you have it, there are 1000 people or more who think it is true. When in reality, her mother revealed that she made next to nothing from the project and the artist herself explained that she wanted to connect to her African roots.

Also note that most of the people who downloaded the film did so on illegal streaming platforms which would have no later return to Beyoncé.

Lesson: There is no point trying to pull people down when you can’t prove they are selfish or manipulatiing, especially when they have in no way hurt you.

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3 People who support popular people only but don’t support their friends and family.

Majority of people only celebrate people when they become hugely successful and are ‘blowing up’, especially celebrities. This is not actually bad, but it is in some ways. Let’s assume Daniel is someone nobody knows and is striving to achieve success in his field. Nobody decides to post Daniel online just because they won’t get enough attention or likes because nobody knows Daniel.

Suddenly, Daniel’s name is everywhere and now People are eager to post about him online because they will get enough attention or likes.

Lesson: Learn to support people around you more than the people everyone already knows and supports.

4 People who want fame because they think it is the next ladder in their life.

This is 2021, let’s be honest, everyone wants fame, even me! I want fame. But to be candid, the reason we want fame is very different and can result into something bad if not properly defined. I want fame because I want people to see how very talented I am. I also want fame because I want to influence my generation positively; in politics, finance and education. That is why, anytime I see a post about someone showcasing his talent on Twitter, I am eager to like and retweet.

Meanwhile, when you want fame because you just want people to know you and mention your name all the time, sweetheart, you are a perfect Clout Chaser.. And no, I don’t mean that in a bad way. There is the realization that we want different things.

Lesson: There are very successful people in the world who are not known by people, but that does not take away their success or the good things they have accomplished.

So, after reading this, are you a Clout Chaser?🎃

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