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Review: Adekunle Gold’s “Catch me if you can” offers so much truths

Review: Adekunle Gold’s “Catch me if you can” offers so much truths

Adekunle Gold is out with his latest and most anticipated album “Catch me if you can”, and there is so much to say about it.

Adekunle Gold “Catch me if you can” album review

adekunle gold catch me if you can review


1) “Born again“ft Fatoumata Diawara

Born again” is the representation of the indication of Adekunle Gold’s new sound, new music growth and certain decisions he made about his music career.

He indicates that he is under no pressure whatsoever becaue since he turned 30, he realised he has been living people’s wishes rather than his.

He indicates how he found freedom and purpose in marriage. It is funny that he says:

“Motherland na overseas”

This is a bold statement, even from Adekunke Gold, because he signals that if the grass is greener at the other side, then Overseas might soon become his new home.

Although it gets painful that we do not get enough of Fatoumata on this song. Adekunle Gold should have let her have a verse on “Born again”, because the way she spices up the chorus alone makes the song sound mystical.

If anything, it would have made the song better even though it’s an intro. It, however, is a good album opener.

2) Win

Win” has different lyrics, but it’s to similar to a lot of what artists sing now about people trying to bank on their sucess.

But Adekunle Gold is smart, he thanks his fans and mother for his success. This shows some amount of maturity, unlike how many artists say it like they woke up and suddenly become a star.

Adekunle delves it into the desire to be a winner all the time. He says: “See my throwback…” He doesn’t want to get back to the life he used to live because it was accompanied with so much suffering.

This explains his artistic evolution, with which he would go to any length to protect and ensure his growth.

3) Mase Mi

Adekunle Gold is such an amazing artiste! This is the third track on “Catch me if you can” and there is no romantic song yet. Big up!

He prays that he doesn’t fall prey to the devil’s tactics because the devil gives something for everything. This is why he says:

Mase me o, especially ma se mi, omo elomi ni ko se o”

He even prays for some amount of connection and relationship with God so it doesn’t give the devil space to possess him.

If there is anything about Adekunle Gold, it’s about how he is able to make a song a hit, even though the song is something any other artist can sing and not get enough traction for. “Mase mi” is a jam!, and it will enjoy some popularity in Nigeria.

Adekunle Gold “One woman” lyrics ft TY DOLLA SIGN

4) “One woman” ft TY Dolla Sign

Adekunle Gold confesses to being a romantic, being a man that wants only one woman and not conforming to what many “men” determine as been “manly“. Ty Dolla Sign makes his verse so magnificent. When he said with a sudden realisation:

Wait, she is really hottt”,

The song became a sizzling tune! Ty Dolla Sign killed his verse! But this song could have been very much better.

First, this is not Adekunle Gold’s best on a song with so much future like this- a song that has Ty Dolla Sign on it! .

He could have done so much better on his verse because it sounded like we’ve heard it somewhere before, so, our attention diverts before Ty Dolla Sign comes up

5) Mercy

Meanwhile, with “Mercy” the case is different. Adekunle Gold gets as real as possible, admitting his fame and growth in the music industry, and questioning the substance of people’s support for him.

He says:

“Make I no dey pop rose with my enemy”

Here, Adekunle Gold prays to God to guide him on his journey to stardom. No doubt, he is already a star, this stage is a new level for him, and on this level, he needs original friends, and not friends that come with clout.

“Mercy” gets more real when Adekunle gold actually admits that he is now a star. He knows he is big enough that people will want follow him everywhere and probably hurt him.

Oh lord have mercy mercy
This fake love con dey plenty plenty
And they try do man dirty dirty
jo jia ma je kia sesin sesin
ye ye o

“Mercy” is an amazing song because when Adekunle Gold prays to God for protection and guidance, it’s not obvious he is praying entirely, and he doesn’t bore the listeners with recycled over used lyrics.

Of course, the lyrics on “Mercy” is awesome, but this is not all that contributes to making the song.

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It is devoid of all extras to make the song sound like a “feel-good” song.

It is a real song about a real life situation and not to get at anyone in particular.

“Mercy” proves that Adekunle Gold doesn’t make music to impress anyone. Or, for a lot of people who thought he changed his sound completely.

This is still Adekunle Gold that sang songs like “Fame” with all practicality.

The other “changed” part is just a evolving part of being an artist.

“Mercy” is a song embedded with so much originality that depicts Adekunle Gold’s complete sense of duty as a musician. It underlines how authentic Adekunle Gold has stayed to passing a message to his fans with his music.

6) More than enough

Finally! A romantic song! “One woman” is supposed to be the romantic song on this album, but it doesn’t stick enough as woman adulation.

But with “More than enough“, it’s so afrobeat! So “Adekunle Gold“. It is a jam. It sounds like you are listening to an Adekunle Gold Onyeka Onweanu. He says:

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“Owo ti de, je ka gbe daviDa local….you are my to-do list today!”

Although this song might go on underrated because of its afropop authenticity and rawness, it is one of the best on “Catch me if you can“. Adekunle Gold understood the assignment and absolutely delivered.

7) Sinner ft Lucky Daye

“Sinner” trended a lot after its release, and as funny as it sounds coming from Adekunle Gold, it is a jam. People can do crazy things because of love, especially for women.

Which is why Adekunle Gold says:

“If I can’t get you, no one else can”.

Sinner” is about addiction to a girl. It gets realistic because some guys are this way about girls; they can’t just stop thinking about them and hope they see the lady every single day. “Sinner” is almost devoid of it’s faults.

8) FYE ft Stefllon Don

We are trying to ge what “FYE” is, but the fact that there are no indications, except the fact that Adekunle Gold says “Fye ooo..” gives a misleading clue that doesn’t help enough.

Of course, Stefflon Don killed her verse, and if this song is going to be a hit, Stefflon Don is a major contributor, because Adekunle Gold panthers on this song and it’s so obvious.

He rambles the lyrics together, like he was trying to write something together but couldn’t write a whole song piece but added some different lyrics together.

9) Sleep

Sleep” is supposed to be a romantic song too, but it has so much RNB influence, that you wonder if it’s Adekunle Gold! The song is cool- for when you want to listen to a cool romantic song.

However, of all songs, this song should have had a collaboration because it feels like there’s another side to the story. We hear Adekunle Gold’s part on “Sleep“, but we want to hear something else apart from that. Since there is none, it reduces our curiosity on this song.

10) “High” ft Davido

Well, we all know this song was, and is a jam! But it has its own faults. The song engineering is on point! But it could have been more lyrically embedded, because if not because of the catchy chorus and hook:

“Me I just want to be high”.

The funny thing is that Davido’s verse is not as highlighted as it should be. It contributes very little to the development of the song.

Although he picks on later, it should have been as soon as he started his verse. This would have helped the song. But the way this song was arranged covers so many of its flaws! Well, a jam is a jam.

11) Dior Dior Dior Ft Foushee

It is wonderful that Foushee opened this song! Her voice is like butter and it makes you so interested in the song. It’s also amazing that the love is compared to being expensive like Dior.

Unfortunately, this is when Adekunle Gold goes all afrobeats when we need his full RNB side on a song as “Dior“.

He should have incorporated some RNB into this song to complement Foushee’s verse, and the drums and percussions are not helping either.

It sounds as though they are singing two completely different songs- by the time Adekunle Gold picks up Foushee’s verse.

This kills whatever curiosity or vibe we had for “Dior“. The genres are too contradictory,and it waters down the effect of “Dior” on listeners.

Adekunle Gold should have gone with the same tune that Foushee went with.

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12) It is what is

“It is what it is” is about Adekunle Gold’s own authenticity, and not bowing down to what people down even when it hurts you. He says

“If it’s go cost my peace, then I go take my leave”

Adekunle Gold says so many true things on “It is what it is” like how happiness and having money can be two unrelated things.

He also hinted that people find fulfilment in what makes them satisfied and happy; hence the reason a lot of people are looking for what will make them happy. For him, it’s not money, because money can never be enough.

13) Selah

Classic Adekunle Gold move! You think “Selah” is Adekunle Gold’s way of closing “Catch me if you can” but no, he wants peace from a girl because she is so untrustworthy.

Catch me if you can adekunle gold

Selah” is the kind of song that should have come up earlier on “Catch me if you can” because it has a good vibe and arouses curiosity. It is also very relatable.

It gets funny when Adekunle Gold said

“She want take me to mama…Ewoo..but her mama crazy too”

The chorus on this song is embarrassing. It sounds too much like “High” and it almost turns listeners off immediately.

A better chorus should have been added so it doesn’t make this song sound like it was rushed, because it actually sound like it was. “Selah” is a nice song, but it was not handled and arranged as effectively as it should have been done.

It’s a jam that should have been made “jammier”

14) “Catch me if you can”

“Catch me if you can” begins like “Born again“, but it should have been made to sound so different since the album is hinged on it anyway.

It sounds a little basic and makes you think looking forward to the track is what you should not have done in the first place.

Catch me if you can” proffers some nice lyrics, but it’s too wordy, it should have been a balance of Adekunle Gold’s truth, some short catchy memorable lyrics, a preferably not slow beat, and more catchy hook. This is exactly what Ayra starr did on “Bloody Samaritan

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Catch me if you can” is an amazing album. But it is not Adekunle Gold’s best. The song offers new sounds, Adekunle Gold’s truth, and his ideals as a man with new responsibilities. But it sounds like so many things have been beaten down on the album, and this waters down the album to an extent.

It feels like there should have been more, like there is still so much Adekunle Gold wanted to say.

Overall, “Catch me of you can” is a good album, but more attention should have been paid to a blend between the genres and lyrics. Only about three songs stand out, aside from the official singles (“High”, “Sinner” and “Mercy“)

What we expected from Adekunle Gold’s “Catch me if you can” album

adekunle gold catch me if you can review

1) The album will be a “feast of dynamic sounds”
Upon the release of Adekunle Gold’s “High” with Davido, a user commented on YouTube that Adekunle Gold has reinvented himself to boost his status, streams and income in the industry.

“It is what it is” sounded like what signposts a new decision. Like “Hey guys, I been singing “good boy songs” since all this while, but let’s switch it up”.

So yeah, it is what it is. In all sincerity, this new sound is really helping Adekunle Gold’s career and status in the industry because his song “High” is literally everywhere in Nigeria.

It has gained so much traction and popularity that it is competing with his greatest hits “Orente” and “Pick up”

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These dynamic sounds will also usher in a new stage in Adekunle Gold’s career as he seems to have “broken” whatever was holding him down from exploring all parts of his music.

Though the songs actually sound more like “bad boy songs”, his fans are going crazy about it and accepting it very well because his music sounds good; sounds fire, and as long as he still makes good music, he has the support of his fans.

2) Sound Engineering
“Gold”– Adekunle Gold’s debut album, was a masterpiece. The sound engineering was on point and the reason for this was not far-fetched.

His wife- Simisola actually mixed and mastered the album. Simi is a sound engineer apart from being a singer and songwriter. And if you know something and sound engineers and record producers who also happen to be singers and songwriters, they have no bad songs- no matter how hard they try to.

The sound engineering on “Catch me if you can” will be delicious, as the singles released ahead the album already proved that fact.

The sound engineering will help the authenticity of Adekunle Gold’s sound and reduce all imbalances to produce the right effects that will get people more synced with his songs.

3) Features
So far, he has released three singles ahead “Catch me if you can” and two of the singles have very interesting features. The first is with American Singer- Lucky Daye, and the second “High”- with Davido.

Both singles (“High” and “Sinner”) have cleared such a promising path for the album, and it’s only easy to assert that the album will do very well on streaming platforms and top numerous charts- both local and international.

Catch me if you can

There seems to be more promising features on the album that will make it a bomb upon release. Hopefully, he may have a song with Simi on the album.

But then, more interesting features on this album will increase its reception, streams and traction

Facts? Adekunle Gold has come far and has tangible results to show for his journey.

It may be difficult to say what record label he is signed to currently. He has about 20 singles and most of them-in fact, majority of them are hit songs and we hope he’s bringing the heat on his new album “Catch me if you can”.

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