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Buhari appoints New Chief of Army Staff

Muhammadu Buhari- the President of Nigeria, has appointed Major General Farouk Yahaya as the new Chief of Army Staff. Major Farouk Yahaya will replace General Attahiru, who was killed in a plane crash alongside ten other military officers. This was made public earlier today in a Twitter Post by Defence HQ Nigeria- the official TwitterContinue Reading “Buhari appoints New Chief of Army Staff”

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Buhari’s son-in-law declared wanted for embezzlement

Muhammadu Buhari’s son-in-law known as Kumo is declared wanted among others for embezzling about $61 million housing fund Yesterday, the Independent Corrupt practice commission(ICPC) declared Buhari’s son-in-law wanted for embezzling a total of $61 million housing fund. He is declared wanted alongside his accomplices- Mr. Bola Ogunsola and Mr. Tarry Yusuf. Gimba Yau Kumo- Buhari’sContinue Reading “Buhari’s son-in-law declared wanted for embezzlement”


Federal government to invest $3 billion in power sector in two years

Special adviser on Infrastructure to Muhammed Buhari- the President of Nigeria, disclosed in a virtual meeting organized by the Abuja chamber of Commerce and industry(ACCI), that the Federal government had intentions to invest $3 billion to the power sector in the next 24 months. Currently, Nigeria is using 4,900 megawatts. This development would raise itContinue Reading “Federal government to invest $3 billion in power sector in two years”


SOWORE: Revolutionary journalist arrested again

Sowore arrested for organizing protests in Nigeria On December 31, 2020, Omoyele Sowore tweeted about organizing a crossover with protest movement in Nigeria; with the hashtag #crossoverwithprotestmovement. Sowore is a versatile journalist and founder of popular news agency – Sahara reporters. Based on his tweets, the protest held in places like Ondo, Kaduna and Abuja.Continue Reading “SOWORE: Revolutionary journalist arrested again”