Adamasingba Stadium renovation

Adamasingba Stadium renovation, ready for commissioning

Adamasingba Stadium renovation, ready for commissioning

Adamasingba Stadium renovated to standard, set for commissioning.

The Lekan Salami Stadium in Adamasingba, Ibadan has been recently renovated to standard to ensure its suitability for use as a sport event center

The Project Manager, Engineer James Femi made this revelation on Tuesday, August 24, 2021. The popular Adamasingba stadium was not in the best of shape and had to be remodeled to standard.

The facilities were inspected by Sports Journalists while the Project Manager- James Femi said the Changing rooms, seats and pitch are ready. He also mentioned that some of the facilities had to be revamped thoroughly or even changed. These facilities were the Mainbowl, The Changing rooms, the indoor sports hall and administrative blocks, the tennis court, the scoreboard and the swimming pool

According to Oyo News, speaking to the sports Journalists, he spoke on the changing of The mainbowl;

“When we came in, the mainbowl where we are standing right now had an artificial turf, which is against the requirement of the FIFA. So, we are now putting in a natural turf. The spectator stand of the mainbowl also had no roof, but now, we have a roof over it. The tartan track was not also there when we came in, but we now have it here”

“Before now, the mainbowl had just two changing rooms, which were not up to standard but, as we speak now, we have four large changing rooms. We have a studio and VAR room.”
The Tennis Court, Handball Court and Other Courts:

“We are also resurfacing the Tennis Court, Handball Court and other courts. Now, there are two new projects we are coming up with – the Centre Court for Tennis, which was not in existence before. It is a new construction. We also have a composite building, which houses wrestling, boxing, kick-boxing and gymnastic. It is totally a new project”

He also said a new swimming pool had to be constructed entirely. The Swimming pool was not at all to international standard and was not functional.

“The popular sides were not covered. It was the VIP sections that were covered. But even the covering of the VIP section have been replaced. The Swimming pool is in existence but they do not meet the FIFA requirement. So, we are relocating the swimming pool completely. The site is not conducive, and then the swimming pool itself does not meet International standard”

The Scoreboard

“When we came in, the score board we met on ground was not functioning. So, we have a brand new scoreboard. The floodlights we met on ground were not functioning. We have four new floodlights that we are just constructing also”.

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Furthermore, he mentioned that there would be an outlay renovation too, he said:

“Where we had the swimming pool, we are bringing five aside and a multi-purpose outdoor court, which will serve handball, basketball, volleyball. It is going to be a multipurpose court. So, the existing stand there is going to be extended and we are going to construct a new stand to serve those new games that we are putting there.”

He further stated that for the remaining part of the project; the indoor sports or the courts will be completed on Saturday, 27th. And for the other places – the gymnasium, the courts, the indoor sports, the administrative blocks will also be completed by Saturday.

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Meanwhile, while all these is commendable, the Project Manager commented that to make the Stadium thoroughly revamped, they would have to work on it for more period of time. Therefore, it won’t be commissioned until September 1.

The commissioning of the Adamasingba stadium is on September 1, 2021.

After the commissioning, places like the swimming pool, the training pitch, the multipurpose court will be commissioned by December. So, by December 2021, everything in the sports complex will be ready for use.

In total, the renovation of the Adamasingba stadium costs #5.3 Billion Naira. The Swimming Pool, Training pitch, Handball Court, Multipurpose Court, Mainbowl, basketball, volleyball and handball courts had to be renovated.

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