“Stranger Things” Season 4 Ending Explained: What did we miss?

“Stranger Things” Season 4 Ending Explained: What did we miss?

Stranger Things Season 4 Ending Explained.

Stranger Things Season 4 Ending Explained: What did we miss?

Stranger Things just concluded its fourth season run and we want to know why everything happened the way it did and what the ending really means. Here is Explaining Stranger Things Season 4 Ending with The Scoove Africa

It’s all connected

Our first stop on Stranger Things season 4 ending explained that everything is connected. Right from season 1 to Season 4.

The mind flayer and the Demogorgon have all been working for One since this while. They have been killing people and controlling their minds.

Everything appears to be part of Vecna/One/Henry’s plan and we are not entirely astounded because it all makes sense.

Stranger Things Season 4 Ending explained also brings into light a buildup that actually makes the whole Stranger Things Series make sense finally.

Stranger Things Season 4 ending explained

I mean, at a point, you start thinking that the Duffer Brothers are making the plot on as they go.

We think the highlight of the show is bringing together the worst of villains and making little children fight them. It only makes sense that everything is extremely connected…too connected.

Verna has been planning it all and he only waited till when he was sure that he could strike to come out and do the job himself.

Meanwhile, this time, he was doing it along with all his other creations- The Demogorgon and the Mind Flayer. While the mind flayer is his creation, the Demogorgon are definitely not.

If we can remember clearly, in the last episode, Vecna shows Eleven the world she banished him to and we can see the Demogorgon scurrying around as he arrived.

This means that while he has found a way to connect the Demogorgon to himself and control them, they are mid-independent in their own way.

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Will and The Mind Flayer

By now, you should know the evil doesn’t stop with Stranger Things.

The truth is that, as long as the doorways are opened, there will always be an evil lurking around somewhere even if Vecna is finally killed.

Stranger Things Season 4 explained

Stranger Things Season 4 Ending explained brings into the realization how Vecna and his creations roam around now and can see everything because Will is back in Hawkins.

He is connected to the Mind Flayer again and the only way to sever this connection is to do what they did before- move out of Hawkins.

To make Stranger Things Season 4 Ending explained easier to understand, Season 2 highlights how Will sabotages the effort of his mum and friends because he is connected to the Mind Flayer and the Mind Flayer controls him.

With the Mind Flayer with him, the group is most likely to make less success in conquering the new evil that awaits them.

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Explaining Stranger Things Season 4

We are sure she is not going to die because clinically, her heart stopped but she came back to life, which the doctors can explain.

Stranger Things Season 4 ending explained logically states that if indeed she was to be dead, she would have been dead already and would definitely not come back to life.

But that is not the only problem. While we are sure she will come back to life, we are not sure she will come back to life as Max again.

Stranger Things Season 4 ending explained reveals this in the most obvious ways possible.

When Vecna/The Mind Flayer attacks you, and you manage to survive the attack, a part of you remains with them and a part of them remains with you.

You are never truly yourself against and. The greatest explanation for this is Will and Eleven.

Given that Eleven has always been connected with the monster- Vecna because she has a firsthand relationship with him.

Will was only connected when he was kidnapped by the Mind Flayer, but since then, he could ways feel the Mind Flayer and still does, which means Max will always feel the presence of Vecna, especially if she stays in Hawkins.

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Number 1 is still alive

Stranger Things Season 4 ended with the kids half-stating half-suspecting that Number one is still alive.

This conjecture is actually a fact because Will, through The Mind Flayer, confirms that they have only angered him more and he is still out there somewhere.

Stranger Things Season 4 Ending explained shows that the war is still on.

While they have won the battle, the war has only just begun and they better get ready for it

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Hawkins and The Underworld

We can’t deny the fact that there is a merger of both worlds now.

According to the calculations made by the kids, when four chimes are made, the Underworld is going to invade Hawkins and that is exactly what happened.

stranger things season 4 explained the ending

Stranger Things Season 4 Ending explained points out that these worlds are now connected.

Hawkins may never be free from evil because Vecna is gearing up to take it over.

He is making plans to turn Hawkins into another Underworld where he can create more Demogorgons and more Mind Flayer

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Season 5?

Of course! Stranger Things Season 4 ending only indicates that there will in fact be a season 5.

Hopefully, it will be more intense than Season 4 is and we trust The Duffer Brothers to stay as unpredictable with the storyline as possible!


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Stranger Things Season 4 Ending Explained FAQs


Does Max Die at the end?

No, while Max clinically died at the end, The Doctors can’t seem to explain how she came back to life but it is definitely connected to Vecna and how Eleven saved her.


Does Eddie die at the end?

Yes, Eddie Munson died.

He was killed while fighting off the bats in the underworld because he believed that it was time he stood brave against the enemy. He wanted to be a hero.


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Storyline of Stranger Things Season 4

In a flashback to 1979, Dr. Brenner is seen experimenting on several other children with magical talents, until all save Eleven are killed in a mysterious incident.

Joyce, Will, Jonathan, and Eleven relocate to California in 1986, where Eleven struggles with the loss of her abilities and is ridiculed by her classmates.

Joyce receives a porcelain doll in the mail, which appears to be from Russia, and discovers a note inside indicating that Hopper is still alive.

Mike and Dustin had joined the “Hellfire Club” at their high school in Hawkins, a Dungeons & Dragons-themed organization directed by the eccentric Eddie Munson.

As a result, they are unable to witness Lucas’s basketball team win the final game. Max, who has broken up with Lucas, is having a hard time dealing with Billy’s death.

Chrissy Cunningham, a cheering team member, is haunted by visions of her family and a ticking grandfather clock. Chrissy is possessed and slain by a sentient, humanoid entity from her visions while getting drugs from Eddie.

Hopper was caught by Russian soldiers and imprisoned in a Kamchatka prison camp after surviving the explosion beneath Starcourt Mall.

Murray comes to California to assist Joyce in tracking down the message she received; they call the phone number listed on the note, which is for a Russian man named “Enzo” who promises he can help Hopper and demands $40,000 in exchange for his assistance.

Enzo,” Joyce and Murray deduce, is Hopper’s prison guard, whom he most certainly bribed. Mike takes a flight to California to see Eleven. Mike and Will saw Eleven being bullied by her classmate Angela while roller skating.

Eleven then strikes Angela in the face in retaliation. Max informs Dustin that the night Chrissy died, she witnessed Eddie flee.

They, along with Robin and Steve, track down Eddie, who is traumatized, and explain the Upside Down to him. Vecna is the entity who killed Chrissy, according to Eddie and Dustin.

Nancy and Fred Benson, a coworker at the school newspaper, investigate Chrissy’s killing; Eddie’s uncle informs Nancy that he suspects the culprit is Victor Creel, a guy who is supposed to have murdered his family decades ago and has since escaped his asylum incarceration.

Eleven is apprehended by the cops for attacking Angela, but she is rescued by Sam Owens, who reveals that he has been working on a program that could restore her abilities. Eleven accepts to be transferred to the facility, putting herself in danger of losing contact with her friends.

Max discovers in Hawkins that Chrissy had previously visited the counselor’s office before Vecna killed her.

When their house is attacked by armed men, Jonathan, Mike, and Will prepare to flee from the two agents left to watch them.

With the help of Argyle, a pizza delivery driver, the boys manage to escape with one of the injured guards.

Nancy and Robin pretend to be doctoral students in order to persuade the director of the mental institution where Creel is being confined to allow them see him.

Creel describes going into their home and later witnessing his wife and daughter being slain and disfigured, as well as his son being put into a coma, for which he was arrested.

Jonathan, Mike, Will, and Argyle, who are far from danger, attempt to treat the agent’s wounds, but they are fatal. When they inquire about contacting Eleven’s location, the agent gives them a pen before passing away.

They notice that the pen has a piece of paper with a phone number that connects to a modem and decide to go to Dustin’s buddy and computer nerd Suzie’s house in Salt Lake City.

Eleven continues to reminisce about her past, recalling how she was kept apart from the other test subjects by a nice orderly who kept a watchful eye on her.

Even with his assistance, Eleven is mocked by the other test subjects, leading her to believe she was responsible for the second atrocity.

Mike’s crew arrives at Suzie’s house, and Suzie is able to pinpoint the location of the modem, a missile silo in Nevada.

As they make their way there, she joins the gang. Before fighting the demogorgon, Hopper and the other inmates are served a huge feast, which Hopper predicts will make them desirable targets.

Before heading deeper into the Upside Down, Nancy, Robin, and Eddie defend Steve. Murray, Joyce, and Yuri, disguised as Yuri, bluff their way into the Kamchatka gulag.

Meanwhile, Dustin, Lucas, and Erica hypothesize that Vecna is the creator of the watergate, and that he has also built gates at each murder scene.

Through a Lite-Brite, the three relay this information to Steve, Nancy, Eddie, and Robin in the Upside Down.

Eleven goes deeper into her recollections of her early existence at Hawkins lab in Nevada, learning that a nice nurse was planning to assist her escape after he realized that Dr Brenner was inciting the other experimental subjects to murder her.

Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp, Sadie Sink, Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton, Joe Keery, Maya Hawke, and Priah Ferguson will continue to star in the show, with Brett Gelman promoted to series regular status and Matthew Goode promoted to series regular status.

Ross Duffer explained how he connects story arcs across seasons:

We don’t want to write ourselves into a corner, so we try to have these early conversations with the authors to make sure we’re heading in the proper route.

We don’t know much, but we do understand a lot of the big ideas. We knew about Billy by the conclusion of season two. We were expecting the Russians to arrive.

We didn’t know about the mall and other details, but we were familiar with the broad strokes. That’s where we’re at in season four. We’ve got the broad strokes covered. It’s now only a matter of filling in the blanks in the details.

We’re really looking forward to seeing where it goes. As we already stated, it will feel extremely different from current season. But I believe that is the correct course of action, and that it will be

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