Outer Banks Season 3 Subtitles

“Outer Banks” Season 3 Subtitles

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10) Download Outer Banks Season 3 Subtitles: Episode 10

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Outer Banks is an American action-adventure mystery teen drama streaming television series created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke that premiered on Netflix on April 15, 2020.

In December 2021, the series was renewed for a third season which premiered on February 23, 2023.

In February 2023, ahead of the third season premiere, the series was renewed for a fourth season.

The series is set in a community in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and follows conflict between two groups of teenagers in the community.

Outer Banks is set in a coastal town along the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where there is a stark social divide between wealthy seasonal residents and working-class locals (who have the nicknames “Kooks” and “Pogues”, respectively).


download Outer Banks Season 3 Subtitles

The show follows a group of Pogue teenagers who live at The Cut, and are determined to find out what happened to the missing father of the group’s ringleader, John B. Along the way, they discover a legendary treasure that is tied to John B’s father.

Chased by the law and a wealthy group of Kooks from Figure Eight, the Pogues seek to overcome obstacles such as love, fighting, friendship and money.

John B, Kiara, Pope, and JJ are a group of friends (the “Pogues”) who live on Kildare Island. John B’s scheduled move to a foster home is postponed due to a hurricane. After the hurricane, the Pogues find a key to a motel room onboard a sunken ship in the marsh.

The room safe has an envelope, a gun and a large amount of cash. JJ grabs the gun and a handful of cash from the room. Later that night the Pogues go to a beach party and John B gets into a scuffle with Topper (one of the Pogues’ rivals, part of the wealthy gang of Kooks).

JJ threatens Topper with the gun from the motel room when Topper tries to drown John B. Later on, John B borrows scuba gear from his employer (Ward Cameron, father of “Kook princess” Sarah) so they can explore the wreck.

While leaving the boat crash site they are chased and shot at by two other men in a boat, but Kiara sabotages the men’s boat and they get away. When they arrive home they find John B’s father’s compass in a bag from the wreck.

Sarah catches John B returning the scuba gear and agrees not to tell Ward but her younger sister, Wheezie, overhears them and tells Topper, who tells Ward when Sarah acts cagey, causing Ward to fire John B. John B and JJ find Lana, Scooter’s wife, being threatened by the two men who chased them off the boat.

They try to help, but she tells them the compass is dangerous and asks them to leave. John B finds a clue inside it: “Redfield”.

The two men show up looking for the clues from the Merchant. The group gets away and goes to the Redfield lighthouse, where a man tells them where to find the Merchant but calls the cops on them when he sees the compass.

JJ and Pope get away but Kiara and John B get caught and are bailed out by Kiara’s dad. John B is chased by the two men again, but they leave when the sheriff shows up. He decides to give the compass to Sheriff Peterkin and finds out his great-grandmother’s maiden name is Redfield. The Pogues drive out to her grave and Kiara finds something.


Outer Banks Season 3 Subtitles download

Kiara finds an envelope with a map of the Royal Merchant wreck and a tape recorder with John B’s father telling John B to finish what he started.

The Pogues plan to retrieve the treasure onboard the Merchant. Rafe makes a deal with Barry to sell drugs. The Pogues head to the salvage yard to get a drone with a camera to explore the wreck. Kiara distracts the guard, while the boys try to get the drone.

JJ doesn’t have the key code and the guard dog alerts the security guard, who chases them. Pope and JJ run away. John B gets the drone while JJ sweet-talks the guard into letting him go.

Later, a fisherman finds the bodies of the two men who were chasing the compass and calls the cops. Rafe and Topper jump Pope; Pope and JJ retaliate by pulling the plug on Topper’s boat. The group finds the ship at almost 1000 feet down.

With no gold to be found in the wreck, the group head home. The DCS and the police show up to take John B to a foster home.

He escapes, but loses his dad’s picture and gets wounded; Sarah finds him, retrieves the picture and takes him to Tannyhill to patch up the wound. Topper finds his sunken boat and he, Rafe, and Kelce deduce that it was sunk by Pope.

At Tannyhill, John B asks Sarah about a portrait on the wall of her father’s office, which she reveals is a portrait of Denmark Tanny, creator of Tannyhill. John B recognizes the name and realizes that Denmark survived the wreck. Sarah accompanies John B to the archives to find out more about Denmark.

The Pogues (minus John B) go to a movie and are confronted by Topper and Rafe; Kiara sets the movie screen on fire as a distraction so Rafe and Topper leave. Later, to protect Pope, JJ tells the police he sunk Topper’s boat and is taken into custody.

Sheriff Peterkin tries to get JJ to bring John B in by offering to keep JJ out of juvenile prison but after his abusive father nearly kills him over the restitution JJ owes for Topper’s boat, JJ runs away from home and helps John B evade the police squad Peterkin sent to the Routledge residence.

Peterkin also knows about the Merchant thanks to a mystery benefactor who also has the compass, later revealed to be Ward. The Pogues crash the MidSummers party where John B tells Sarah to bring him a plat map of Tannyhill (where Denmark Tanny’s letter, found in Big John Routledge’s belongings, reveals the gold to be).

Topper goes to Tannyhill to apologize for hounding Sarah about where she was the day before, but finds Wheezie in Sarah’s room; pressured by Topper, Wheezie reveals where Sarah is. Topper shows up at Hawk’s Nest to see John B and Sarah kissing and attacks John B, landing him in the hospital.

Sarah tells Ward everything and Ward offers to be John B’s legal guardian. John B accepts Ward’s offer.

In the aftermath of the sheriff’s shooting, John B flees while Ward sends the plane carrying the gold to the Bahamas and attempts to save the sheriff with Deputy Shoupe’s help. However, the sheriff dies and Ward blames the murder on John B to protect Rafe and locks up Sarah who escapes with her sister’s help. As John B goes on the run, his friends attempt to protect him while the police lead a manhunt.

The Pogues decide to steal JJ’s father’s Formula boat so that John B can flee the island while Rafe hunts him as well; Pope has his heart broken after confessing his love to Kiara. As John B evades the manhunt, he is trapped by Kelce and Topper, but briefly escapes;

Topper then discovers Sarah and John B’s hiding spot and alerts the police about their location. Topper later tricks the police to prove how much he still loves Sarah so John B and Sarah can get away after Rafe sets their hiding place on fire

Ward and Rose plan to retrieve the gold. Police swarm the island. John B and Sarah stay in hiding; Ward intercepts Sarah when she tries to tell the cops, but she escapes. The Pogues steal the Phantom, JJ’s father’s boat, while John B returns home to retrieve the gold nugget and comes back in Shoupe’s police car. Rafe and Barry attack the Pogues, but Pope overpowers them; Barry learns of Rafe’s crime and implies he will blackmail Rafe.

John B and Sarah flee on the Phantom as a tropical storm strikes, but are soon spotted. The authorities force them into the open sea.

Ward tries to manipulate John B into bringing Sarah back. John B reveals Ward’s actions to the cops, leading to Ward’s arrest, but the Phantom capsizes in the storm, and John B and Sarah are presumed dead. As their friends mourn and Pope and Kiara start a relationship, John B and Sarah end up on a cargo ship; with the ship on its way to Nassau, they realize that they can get the gold back now.

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