Marvel Amber Rose lyrics

Marvel “Amber Rose” Lyrics

Amber Rose Lyrics Marvel

Here are the lyrics of Amber Rose by Marvel

Marvel Amber Rose lyrics

Amber Rose Lyrics Marvel

{Verse: Marvel}
Girl I’m in the mood, come and give me clues
Cause my hearti running like it’s on the loose
I follow all your rules
Your command be my truth
You got my hearti burning for you and for you

Doctor said iyoo
Overdose, e Dey killi
person say make I compose
I no send iyoo
I’m your host
Come possess my body
like e Holy Ghost
You no need rent iyoo
Amber rose
Occupy my body like say na your post
When we’re done iyoo
You go know,
I be number one for thisi parole

{Chorus: Marvel}
So hmmm Amber Rose
If you needi loving I Dey for my post
Hmmm amber rose
If you needi loving I Dey for my post
Huh huh huh huh
For my post
If you needi loving I Dey for my post

Take my heart iyoo na your own
You no needi permit to take control
I’m all yours iyee amber rose
If you need my loving I Dey for my post

{Post-Chorus: Marvel}
Hmmm Amber Rose
If you needi loving I Dey for my post
Hmmm amber rose
If you needi loving I Dey for my post
Hmmm amber rose
If you needi loving I Dey for my post
Huh huh huh huh
For my post
Yh yh yh yh
Eh eh

That’s the lyrics of Amber Rose by Marvel

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Marvel Amber Rose Lyrics is about the trust that Marvel establishes with a lady because she has the capacity to cool him down and hold his hand.

Here, Amber Rose Lyrics by Marvel points to the fact that the lady knows what exactly Marvel wants because the lady knows what he needs every time.

Marvel Amber Rose lyrics are about how a lady has offered so much stability to Marvel’s life that he can’t do without her.

Amber rose lyrics Marvel

He wants to hold her hand every time and make her hold his hand too. To an extent, Marvel Amber Rose Lyrics proves that relationships can be about helping each other recover in such a way that it becomes almost impossible to be separate from each other.

According to Marvel Amber Rose lyrics, whenever he is broken, she offers him such stability; such calmness.

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So yes, the lyrics of Amber Rose by Marvel is so suitable for the song.

The calm delivery by Marvel on this song is what is needed. It is so cool; so amazing that it makes Amber Rose flow so beautifully.

It’s commendable how Marvel can be on a track and it can have such tranquility, such beauty, such perfection.

To be honest, a calm delivery was needed for this song and that is exactly what he did on the song. Really, kudos to him on this track.

The fact that their voices are above the mix but the production is on point is what makes the track almost perfect.

Also, can we talk about the symphony? Amber Rose was meticulously made.


This track sounds like a safe place- a really safe place and this can easily be distinguishable through Amber Rose Lyrics Marvel. Anyone can relate to this song and it is a couple anthem anytime any day.

Marvel Amber Rose lyrics

It is a song that can be played at weddings that couples can listen to and feel so happy about each other. In fact, single people will want to be in a relationship because of this song!

Replay Value
Amber Rose Lyrics Marvel adds to the replay value of the track. The delivery, reliability and sheer symphony of Amber Rose adds to its replay value.

Watch the lyric video for Amber Rose by Marvel here

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