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Finally! “Glamour Girls” Remake on Netflix

Glamour Girls Remake 2022

Currently, Netflix Nigeria has scheduled the release of Glamour Girls Remake Movie- A remake of the 1994 film with the same title.

The 1994 film has been remade with a lot of posh to suit the viewing pleasure of viewers while sticking partially to the storyline of the original film.

Glamour Girls was very popular upon its release. It followed the story of women who were struggling to make it through a shortcut way by piggybacking on men

Glamour Girls Remake lifetime copyrights was acquired by filmmaker Charles Okpaleke on December 12, 2019 and he has made the film which has been set for a  June 24, 2022 release.

Here is all you need to know about Glamour Girls Remake.


About Glamour Girls Remake Netflix 2022 movie

glamour girls Remake Netflix

Release Date

Glamour Girls Remake Release Date is June 24, 2022


Cast of Glamour Girls Remake Netflix movie

Remake of Glamour Girls

Nse Ikpe-Etim/Donna

Sharon Ooja as Emma

Segilola Ogidan as Helion

Nse Ikpe-Etim as Donna

Joselyn Dumas as Jenna

Toke Makinwa as Louise

Taymesan Emmanuel as Tommy

Lilian Afegbai as Majesty


Storyline of Glamour Girls Remake Netflix Movie

Glamour Girls is a 2022 Netflix movie that focuses on the story of five girls who are desperately trying to make a living to live large in the big city of Lagos.

Within the usually patriarchal African community, they all dare to raise a stir with their professions as high-end escorts.


Production of Glamour Girls Remake Netflix movie

Glamour Girls Remake was produced by Play Network Studios and brought to viewers by Netflix Naija


“Blood Sisters” Netflix Cast


 “The world of high-end escorts promises glamour, wealth and the chance of reinvention for a group of women — till a killing and theft threaten it all”.

glamour girls Remake 2022

Sharon Ooja/Emma

These ladies: Emma (Character played by Sharon Ooja), Helion (Character played by Segilola Ogidan), Jenna (Character played by Joselyn Dumas) and Louise (Character played by Toke Makinwa) are led by the Madame of the business Donna (Character played by Nse-Ikpe Etim).

Glamour Girls Remake shows us how their whole life of glamour and glitz comes with a huge price.

They are called the Glamour Girls, and the reason for this is their ability to present a life of Glamour as a front while going around pretending to sleep with men and vacationing on Islands and beaches.

Glamour Girls Remake also tells the story of how these girls try to hold it all together while deceiving men and relieving them of their valuables.

“Growing up it was one of the films that I watched, and it was such a classic, such a beautiful story. It’s just amazing that now I’m older, I’m an actor, and I get to play one of the leads…. Sharon Ooja tells Bella Naija.

For Toke Makinwa who plays Louise, she says: “The character Louise is a handful. She gets want she wants. She will stop at nothing till she accomplishes it. She is a loving wife, an awesome mother, and a hustler.”

Watch Glamour Girls here

Old Glamour Girls Movie

Before the remake of Glamour Girls, it was a 1994 movie which revolved around a two-part Nollywood film about independent single women forging their own paths in a patriarchal nation like Nigeria. It became extremely popular in Nigeria.

Liz Benson, Ngozi Ezeonu, Eucharia Anuobi, Pat Attah, Ernest Obi, Zack Orji, and others starred in the film.

In the first part of the old Glamour Girls movie, Sandra (Jennifer Okere), a destitute call girl, travels to Lagos after a close friend Doris (Gloria Anozie) pledges to help her regain her footing as a senior girl,’ frustrated by her limited achievements and inability to maintain a steady connection with attractive suitors.

Sandra meets the wealthy Chief Esiri (Peter Bunor) with the help of Doris and Thelma (Ngozi Ikpelue), who proposes marriage and offers her a job with his bank, but her new status is jeopardized when Dennis (Pat Attah), a struggling job-seeker several years younger than Sandra, takes an interest in her.

In Glamour Girls movie, Sandra is split between the two men, but ultimately chooses Dennis, much to the dismay of Chief Esiri, who promises to destroy Sandra.

Doris, who has since had a falling out with an old acquaintance as a result of an argument, supports his decision.

Jane (Liz Benson), a Lagos “senior girl” who went to school with Doris and Thelma, is engaged to Desmond (Sola Fosudo), a wealthy businessman who remains devoted to his fiancée despite a warning from her scheming stepmother, who reveals details of Jane’s past as a promiscuous woman with a secret love child.

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