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She Served the looks and Ate it! Chloe Bailey Met Gala 2022

She Served the looks and Ate it! Chloe Bailey Met Gala 2022

Chloe Bailey Met Gala 2022

Dressed in a stunning Gold dress that unapologetically drew attention at the Red carpet, Chloe Bailey was giving goddess vibes at the Met Gala 2022.

Of course, Chloe Bailey always breaks the internet with whatever she does; especially with music. And now, Chloe Bailey Met Gala 2022 cannot be talked of enough because she served the look and ate it splendidly.

chloe bailey dress met gala 2022
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At the Met Gala 2022, Chloe Bailey admitted that she was a little heart broken that her sister wasn’t present and that she would be repping both of them for the night.

After premiering her second single “Treat me off her upcoming debut album, Chloe is getting  all her flowers!

chloe Met Gala 2022
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Chloe Bailey was a beauty to look at at the Met Gala 2022

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Song Theme

Chloe Bailey says the concept of Treat Me is to show that if you treat yourself amazingly as a lady, then why should any man treat you less.

Or in fact, if you treat yourself so well, why do you need any man.

The beginning of Treat Me alone sets the tone for the song, Chloe Bailey does some tuneless vocals in a sexy voice saying her man goes broke trying to handle her.

He says handling her is a lot of responsibility and he would have to step up his game because she is a lot handle.

Therefore, she asks that he handles her well and treat her right.

Chloe Bailey chose the right song theme because it is different; you don’t hear it every day and this retained some originality in the song and made us interested in it enough to want to listen to it.

True, Have Mercy established Chloe Bailey as a sex symbol and showed that she was showing control of her body and didn’t care what people were saying, but Treat Me not only establishes her as an independent woman, it shows she appreciates herself and it doesn’t have to be in a sexual way.

It becomes trite when women have to show that the way they can be appreciated is only sexually.

Have Mercy did this, but Treat Me shows that she can be appreciated all round because she is a successful woman who needs a real man.

Also, Treat Me has better replay value than Have Mercy because of its catchy chorus of “Treat me like I treat me” which Chloe Bailey has cemented into the head of her listeners prior to the release of the song.



Chloe Bailey seemed to do some intentional “Tik Tok” thing to Treat Me. The beginning is perfect for a Tik Tok challenge.

This will make Treat Me enjoy some amount, if not a lot of popularity.

It sounds like the perfect Tik Tok sound.

This is a smart move from Chloe Bailey because even though Treat Me sounds Tik Tokey, it doesn’t take away substance from the song.

Also, performing this song on stage would be crazy! Imagine Chloe performing the introduction of this song with a mad choreography! We can’t wait to see that.

Chloe really put all these in perspective and it shows she is truly coming up with something amazing with her debut album. So yes, Treat Me will be a successful release.




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